KC:D crossword puzzle - win hoodies and hats

Hello community!

Today I have some new competition for you and you can win hoodies and hats.
First price will be a hoodie and a hat, second price a hoodie only, and third price a hat. :slight_smile:
Closing date was Thursday the 8th of December, please do not send any emails anymore.
Thank you all for participating in the crossword puzzle.

The lucky winners are Marek P., Mario S. and Korel G., congratulations from the Warhorse Team!
For all other participants: this was not the first competition and it will not have been the last one, maybe you will be more lucky next time.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here are the questions which will lead you to the right solution:

  1. What were the prague Groschen made of, the currency in Kingdom Come Deliverance?
  2. What is the name of the monastery in Kingdom Come Deliverance?
  3. Which day of the week is the release of the Weekly Torch?
  4. What is the name of the lower castle in Rattay, located in the south of the map in Kingdom Come Deliverance?
  5. In which town was Warhorse Studios developer David “Yeenke” Jankes born?
  6. In which month was the release of the first Kingdom Come Deliverance Alpha?
  7. A type padded armor, which Henry can use in Kingdom Come Deliverance.
  8. In which city was Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV born? Father of King Wenceslaus and Sigismund.
  9. What are the main enemies in Kingdom Come Deliverance called?
  10. What did the bailiff of Samopesh lose in the quest which can be played in the Alpha and Beta?
  11. What animal is shown in the Coat of Arms of the House of Luxembourg (The Family of Wenceslaus and Sigismund)?
  12. In which Village will you find the Church from Video Update #11?
  13. What is the true name of Reeky in Kingdom Come Deliverance, played by Petr “Baz” Ondráček?


I hoped the solution would be the release date… :smile:

The solution is:

to easy. :wink:


I thought that you would find it too easy :smiley:
But be honest, did you solve question 5 without looking? :smiley:

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No, BUT in this answer isn´t an alphabetic character you need for the solution… :wink:

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Hi, could someone help me here? I dont really get what I need to do, do I just write the answers and send it? and with the picture or no? and what does the picture even mean? Thanks in Advance :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for all the questions :stuck_out_tongue:

The answers has to fit into the quares of the picture,
In some squares you will find small letters. (A B C D E F G)
If you fill the letters from your answers into the Box in the lower right corner, you will get a new word. This word is the solution and you can send it to info@warhorsestudios.cz to participate in the competiton.

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Ohhh, ok thanks, I get it now, thanks for helping :slight_smile:


I liked this one, a bit easy though :stuck_out_tongue:

Do more of these in the future, is also a fun learning experience about history.

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Winners being selected from a pool or is it first come first serve?

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This would be Blacksmith obviously… no, it will be a pool, and you can participate till Thursday 8th of December with an qual chance to win. :slight_smile:

If we would do a first participant serves first competition, then we didn´t need to make them, and I could send it to Blacksmith directly :smiley:


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Nice looking hoodies, i prefer the gold one^^
But i’m to stupid against all the historical Backers here :smiley:

Good luck to everyone!
Keep up Warhorse


Got it :stuck_out_tongue: I needed only four letters then I guessed it lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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It actually was kinda easy lol

Not goint to waste my time for this, sry. And I don’t like the new merchandise generally. Just for a start - why it must be all in black? I dont really enjoy wearing black t-shirts. I don’t wear t-shits at all. I wear no hoodies and caps as well. What about some more fancier stuff? :confused:

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Like a full set of plate armour?


This is kind of difficult. It is very expensive to have diverse elements, and in the beginning we had white and black t-shirts, but the white shirt did not sell very well.

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Again… sell this awesome cap with logo on it or only the title :heart_eyes:

BUT with the same length of zip like in KCD,
available in different colors…

I prefer the yellow/black Gugel (Ronovci dynasty (Pirkštejn) :sunglasses:

My own purchased Gugel was created in India and the price was 31,70€