KCD and RPG cliches


Few years ago a YT channel listed top 10 RPG clichés. I checked them and compared with KCD.

Link to video:

Cliches list:
10. Blackhole backpack
Not in KCD. You are limited by weight and horse saddle. Even when backpack is little bit bloated, you are quite limited.

  1. Standard achetypes
    Nope. You cannoy play as healer, mage

  2. Heroes get away with anything.
    Not really, even when you dont get executed.

  3. Destroyed Hometown.
    First hit.

  4. Repetetive NPCs
    Well, game worlds are limited. Second hit.

  5. Rats, bats, spiders and skeletons.
    No generic critters here.

  6. Magic macguffins
    Not here.

  7. Amnesiac character.

  8. The chosen one.
    Nope here…

1.No one else can do anything
Hmm. Some events go further without you, if you ignore them. I can say its a hit or miss
I would say “No” but I would accept at least half a point.

Mentioned cliches:

  • Oversized weapons (nope)
  • skimpy armor (nope, hope Theresa wont get something impractical)
  • Magic stomach syndrome (nope)

So out of 10 cliches, KCD contains only two and a half. That why people say its like a fresh air.


You lost me immediately, I feel I can carry a significant amount more or at least as much in this game as you can in other games…I can carry like 300lbs of stuff (granted I move slow) and still have a bunch of stuff on my horse…other games your character can’t move at all once encumbered.


also, not too long into the game you can talk your way out of most anything


Having weight limitation, which later slows you down is in contrast with no limitations on carrying items in other RPGs.

If you invested in Speech skill and perks yes, but the cliché is about totally uninterested guards who wont move a muscle when you are found in somebodys house.


And, after only like maaaaaybe a week or two “in real time”, Henry goes from nothing kid to master with a greatsword taking on leaders of established bandit camps and that’s not even that far into the game.

It’s great, but it’s still an RPG. There are no spiders because, well, its realistic and giant spiders and trolls aren’t real. There could be wolves, but you have missions to hunt which is basically the same if it’s a rabbit or a spider


Most RPGs have a weight limit…most of those don’t let you carry nearly as much as you can and still move in this game

Most RPGs I’ve played, anyway


Unless you’re speaking to the fact that you don’t just get overencumbered and instead you get heavy and slow before immobilization, in which case I suppose that does contrast with most other games.


Encumberment in KCD is more realistic, as on top of worn armor you cannot carry much of other gear. Most important upgrade in this regard is horse. In lets say Skyrim or Witcher 3 you can carry far more items before hiting any sort of limit.

also please be so kind, write one comprehensive post instead of writing 20 and replying multiple time so yourself.


I suppose…again, if by encumbered you mean absolutely unable to move…with a couple points into the Mule perk you can carry a completely unrealistic amount comparable to you’r allowed weight (at least until you pump crazy points into Strength) in Skyrim. And the level cap and leveling up in general in Syrim is easier so if you scaled the leveling/skill points to match KCD I feel the carry weight would be comparable.

Don’t get me wrong, again it’s an awesome game and it does a lot of things better but it definitely falls suspect to a lot of elements that most RPGs run into.


That is faint praise. Yesterday, I got on Jenda with over 1000 in load. No mods. Hardcore mode. No penalty applied when shooting the bow… to kill yet another NPC to loot his gear and get back on Jenda.


Havent we talked about primary character, not “beast of burden”? :slight_smile:


The RPG cliche I had issues with recently is ‘heroes’ robbing the dead all the time as if it’s right and perfectly legal and is the main way to make profits in a fantasy world. It never occured to me that this doesn’t make any sense until I played KC:D. Altho KC:D allows player to loot corpses and sell their stuff the same autistic way, at least it’s kinda wrong in this game and some quests and mechanics made me think about it

No, encumberment in KC:D really sucks. It’s not realistic and probably wasn’t meant to be. Realistic would be gridded inventory like in diablo combined with weight limits. Even if Henry is strong enough to carry around hundreds of pounds of stuff, just imagine how much space should it take. And Henry doesn’t even have a bag to put it in


I don’t think encumberment in KCD sucks. It’s just simplistic and not realistic, just like in most games.

Anyway, I certainly would have preferred a more limited carrying capacity and a game that doesn’t reward looting corpses as all games do. I would like to have better ways of making money, like a more profitable alchemy, better paid tasks, higher stakes at dice or whatever that beats the old gamey looting the dead frenzy as any clickfeast game.


Yes, not really sucks, but kinda, because of other features. Imagine how limited inventory would add to survival mechanics. For example, if you actually would have to save space in your bags to have some food with you just in case. Or choose between carrying lots of gear/ammo or lots of potions. Or buy new, more capacious bags. Would also reduce this corpselooting issue


Well the point of “Bottomless inventory” isnt whether the system is good or bad, rather if its present or not.

IF people argued “Henry can carry more than would be realistic” - ok.

Yet the clich=es were describet in a “black and white” manner - like you can have literally bottomless backpack, and no restriction, being it size or weight. KCD definitely does not have this “black” bottomless scenario, yet it clearly does not have super stricty limited inventory.


Yeah, no burden so he’s just a hoarder


Not sure I agree as the first DLC is based on the premise of Henry being a grave robber and thief



Heh, the other day I looted the entirety of vranik, and stored it periodically in one of Erik’s chests. When I was done, picked up something like 6000 weight in gear, and moseyed on down to meet with Zbyshek on the horse I had waiting at the poop dump. Nice free ride to my personal chest in Rattay. Have to agree that encumbrance realism isn’t really one of KC:D’s strongpoints.


20 strength :wink:

Having a pack mule tied to Jenda… meh, I could deal with that. Otherwise, in hardcore mode, I hope WH put a more reasonable cap on Henry’s load


Probably would be good for hardcore, yeah. Otherwise, I’d like to see an inflating backpack on Henry that adds noise per the items in it. So, looting an entire armor shop with 15 different breastplates and leggings would almost certainly notify all the guards in the region and prevent you from getting through the shop door. Also disable transfer to horse from indoors. Just the big sack balloon would be a kick though.