KCD Future Content and Beyond

I love KCD, but what is next after they roll out the bug fixing patches? It would be naive to think there is not a content team already working on future game content, with that said here are some thoughts after playing the game for about 100 hours on some of the things I would like to see Dan and his team consider.

Gameplay Expansion

These are just some thoughts on some of the areas I would like to see expanded on to improve the longevity and replay ability of the game.


There should be a quest for Henry to become a knight to where there is a accolade ceremony and your character gets the title Sir Henry. This could also add tournaments to the game where you can take place in the joust and also foot melees. The joust would be a major focus of this with the ability to use lances in combat and new armors to include amazing tournament helmets and horse armor which could be used in combat as well if you want to look the part. This will also allow the player to have a squire follower and maybe some men-at-arms that can follow you to certain missions.

The Burgher

This would be an expansion that adds Guilds to the game like the Merchants guilds and the money lenders. This would be for Thief focused characters with the goal of becoming a Burgher and a Guild Master. Quest could include things like ambushing a caravan for a merchant, assassinations, intimidation, etc. There would be a merchant bank added so that you can keep your wealth in it and earn interest. The ability to buy a tavern to act sort of like a Theif’s Den and to get radiant quest. New gear that focuses on stealth to include a bandit hood with a mask so that it hides your identity when you commit crimes. Also allows you to have bandit and henchmen followers that can be used for certain quest like ambushing a merchant caravan.

The Manor

This would be a true player home that will cost a fortune to buy but has everything a player needs like a stables, armory, crafting areas, wife, and servants. This would be a place where your followers would congregate at.


The ability to set up a camp so that you don’t have to travel at night.

Game Balancing

These are just some ideas on bringing a little more balance to the main features.

Re-balance Henry’s Perks

It would be nice to see Henry’s perks re-examined and balanced a bit to curve his power mid to late game other wise it gets game breaking silly. For starters maybe the amount of perks you can choose is reduced so that you are not a master of everything but have to pick carefully what you want. I would consider reducing to about 4 perks for skills so it levels at 5,10,15,20, etc. It just seems a little over the top atm.

Fix Master Strikes

Ripostes are too easy to perform for the player and the Ai, I like this skill but it needs to be harder to do so that regular blocking and combos can be an effective part of combat as well. This is something that should only be available if your swordsmanship is really high at least 15 and only used by Ai bosses.

Carry Weight Broken

Carry weight is pretty much unlimited to where your character can carry thousands of pounds, after clearing a certain bandit camp my character was carrying about 3000 pounds of looted gear. Once the encumbered icon fills up you shouldn’t be able to pick anything else up.

New Perks

Archery definitely could use a perk tree, it is my favorite weapon in the game and I would love to be able to develop this skill even further to function like a primary skill. The same can be said for unarmed and polearms.

Night Time

Make nights more dangerous with more bandits encounters even in the cites.

Better Enemies

Make bandits more dangerous so you have to think twice about traveling at night and too far from the cities. If you attack their camp they will pursue you relentlessly and try to follow you. Right now you can pull a few away at a time which makes these too easy.

Mounted Enemies

There really needs to be mounted enemies in the game like the Cumans in the beginning quest that roam the wilderness and the country. These should be very dangerous enemies to deal with and Cuman horse archers should be something to watchout for.

Mounted Combat Expanded

I would love to see mounted combat expanded to be a bit more functional to where you can use a lance while mounted. Also make it possible to enter dialogue while still mounted, so you don’t have to get off your horse to talk to somebody standing in the road.


Light poundage bows should have quicker draw times


Improve polearm functionality so that they can be a primary weapon with perks and able to store them in your horse inventory.


The ability to equip daggers as a weapon without the ability to parry, but you can still dodge and ripostes.


These where major weapons of the period and I hope to see them at some point.

More Unique Weapons and Armor

There needs to be more unique weapons and armor as the current choices are pretty limited.

Light Armor

Light armor was one of the areas I really struggled with as there are not many good options.

Anyways thank you for KCD and I look forward to any future content that comes from the team.


This should be merge with this topic, many of youer suggest already mention there, honestly this forum should has more orgranized, and I really hate autoload when scroll down, it make the later topics become forgotten.


About the burgher, there is no “thief guild” or banks back there in Bohemia, while millers at the mills (Theresa’s uncle) are serve as “thief guild”. That is the reason, miller in history they were not treated well. There are black and dark cloth for you play thief at night, and a perk that make people less remember your face. Mask is really bad thing for burgher, very limited the vision of the wearer, they’re not anime ninja.

Dagger in fighting? No, there is no history records or martial art records that someone carry knife against swords, dagger only was unsheathed and stab to the enemy when the enemy is laying down on the surface. This game is no fantasy with thief-class character who use knife in sword fighting, this is not Skyrim or Japanese games.

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Nothing fantasy about daggers and guilds my friend.

Daggers are featured in many combat Fechtbuch from the period

Nürnberger Handschrift
84r - 85r on combat with the dagger

On Banking in the period

Merchant Guilds

The bandit hood would basically be a scarf covering the mouth/nose, not the eyes


Great post, i like everything you have here.

First things first, I want to see a patch fixing the awful voice acting of sir Divish and that bearded fat f*ck nobleman with the fancy clothes. Divish shouldnt sound like a 26 year old american, and the portly fellow sounds like a cackling old man, theyre both ridiculously poorly cast.

What i would like to see most in the future are proper battles. The engine probably cant handle something like this though. Tournaments and jousting really should be in the game.

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  1. Nürnberger Handschrift
    84r - 85r on combat with the dagger

How this dagger skill perform? Against which oppoments? Which records on battlefields, fights that some one bring dagger into sworng/polearm fight? As same as modern army trainning knife skill but anyone of them bring knife into gun fight?

  1. Banking and Guilds. I don’t deny it exist in medieval Europe, but any name of which bank and guild exits in Bohemia in early year 1403, what is their roles and power? Any record that merchant guild involved in criminal activities in Bohemia at early 15th century?

  2. Cover scarf, I don’t quite remember that any books said thief cover their face with scarf, instead cover with dirts.

This stuff is easy to research, daggers were often carried by merchant as a primary weapon and dagger combat is documented vs multiple weapons.

sword vs dagger

Most merchant banks were small and a lot of them were owned by Germans, Italians, and jews and were well established all across medieval Europe by circa 1300.

The city of Prague under Charles IV

The city had a mint and was a centre of trade for German and Italian bankers and merchants. The social order, however, became more turbulent due to the rising power of the craftsmen’s guilds (themselves often torn by internal fights), and the increasing number of poor people.

As far as mask go it was common for highwaymen and footpads to conceal their identity when robbing if they were not going to murder their victims. The legend of Robin Hood makes references to it, in fact the name Robin Hood can be translated to Robber in Hood. A bandit mask is not a stretch of imagination by any means and is much easier to remove then dirt. I like to keep my character clean:P

This stuff is east to research, daggers were often carried by merchant as a primary weapon and dagger combat is documented vs multiple weapons.

Merchants carry knife as primary weapons? Can you give me source for that information? Also, any records that those merchants against swordman, mace man with knife, or even proof that anyone can parry an attack from Great Sword? Theory trainning is far from actual combats, modern self-defence combat has bare-hand against knife, bare-hand against guns or knife combat, but they’re really effect in actual combat and any records?

Most merchant banks were small and a lot of them were owned by Germans, Italians, and jews and were well established all across medieval Europe by circa 1300.

Thanks for that formation, but that is Prague, not know about the other cities in Bohemia, even in Prague, the public order is not goods because the conflict of those guilds, thus I doubt they can become somehting for you join freely (to avoid spies) and climb to the rank master easily as in Oblivion or Skyrm.

As far as mask go it was common for highwaymen and footpads to conceal their identity when robbing if they were not going to murder their victims. The legend of Robin Hood makes references to it, in fact the name Robin Hood can be translated to Robber in Hood. A bandit mask is not a stretch of imagination by any means and is much easier to remove then dirt. I like to keep my character clean:P

Any source?
In my theory, robbers, thiefs don’t use mask or scarf, because those think will give pursuers plenty of think to grab, exampe, grab the hood and pull back, you’re done for. Because dirts is harder to remove, it can’t be remove by just brab or any reasons while you’re running.

The issue isn’t dagger vs polearm. The issue is whether daggers were used more than stealth kills.

If you really want to read about daggers in Medieval combat there is an entire book called Medieval and Renaissance dagger combat by Jason Vail dedicated on the subject.

Medieval and Renaissance Dagger Combat

Dagger in battle 1400-1425

Daggers were the most common civilian sidearm during this period and knights carried them as back up weapons. If you want to see it in writing buy the book above. Or you can preview many of the pages for free on amazon and it talks about this in the forward as well as gives period examples.

As far as Merchant Banks and Guilds go if it happen in the capital of Bohemia it would have spread to the other cities as well and I’m sure if you looked for it you could find sources. This is something that is historical for the time period and there is prof it existed in Bohemia which is more then enough to justify a game feature. They should be hard to get into but with your connection with the millers you have an insider to give you a good reference as they would have had their connections for sure. They always talk about knowing somebody who knows somebody, they could easily fit in guilds to the game.

Yes for Knighthood, the Burgher, the manor.

and for better enemies, and re balancing WH stated this

and most of the other were contents that didnt make it to the game

and for camping it seems people ask this in every game, but i think a mod will help for that.


Can you quote in the books that when knife is used in real combat? Knights carry knife, but most of source I read only use them in chaotic situation, it mean too close to the enemies in a group is fighting chaotic and the sword become too long for fight or after take the enemy down by wrestling or half-swording then finish with knife. Rather than kieep distance, dodge the attack and stab the enemies like a Japanese fantasy games.

The issue isn’t dagger vs polearm. The issue is whether daggers were used more than stealth kills.

The issue that he want equip dagger as main weapons and tank the enemy who use sword, axe, mace and polearms.

Don’t know exactly about him, but I would like to use them in situational combat. Good grief man. Torch is a ‘weapon’ slot item in KCD

@Panzercracker You don’t even have to look hard as there are literately hundreds of examples in that book. In chapter 1 page 4 there is court records from the 14th century about two merchants quarrelling at the wharf and they pull out their daggers and fight and one of the men is killed from a stab to the heart. That book lays it on so thick and backs it with historical manuscripts, period fighting manuals, art from the period TO include the book cover, and other historical archives. There is more then enough evidence to support daggers as a weapon that was used in the period from more them stealth attacks.

I only buy a book if it is good enought, 10$ is not cheap for me. That is the reasons I told you quote more of examples of actually combat of knife in sword fighting, mace, ax, polearms. Two merchants only equip knives is not enough sample, it can’t become reason for Warhorse decide let player equip knife as primary weapon in sword fighting.

Also, about the banks and merchant guilds, there are records that 1403 Sassau, Pattay, Tamberg have them? Because Prague has them but don’t mean they can spread out easily and work well. Also, guilds are hard to accepted outsider to their guilds, they may has connection with millers, but they only hire you as freelance thief, thug at best, because hire criminal-relate person is very risk, especial in medieval era.

This is pretty clear as day, sorry Panzercracker but daggers would have been worn by almost everybody during this period as they are easier to carry around then an axe and swords were expensive. Daggers would be primary defense weapons for civilians and footpads. As far as a weapon used in battle it would have been carried as a secondary weapon for archers/crossbowmen and would most likely be back up weapons for infantry and knights if for whatever reason they lose or break their primary weapon. WH has to recreate a world based on facts and sometimes trivial things like daggers and guilds can be overlooked as they were as common as wiping your ass. Yet I dare you to prove to me that peasants wiped their ass during this period? Seriously dude their is an entire chapter dedicated to sword vs dagger combat and and with the info that has been presented in this thread more then justifies the use of a dagger in this period.

The way I would implement daggers is I would give them to some wayfarers, merchants, and some bandits, I would also like to see a variety of daggers added. As far as combat goes they would be limited AND you of course would be at a disadvantage vs swords, axes, and polearms. You wouldn’t be able to tank and blocking would not be possible, you would only be able to dodge, clinch, and reposte on rare occasions. However it would still be a simple way to defend yourself and would act mostly as a backup weapon for archer characters. How dagger use could play out in combat, for example you fire your bow and injure you opponent at range and as your opponent gets close you draw your dagger. The enemy swings his axe at you and you dodge his strike and stab him in the kidney, as the enemy lies on the ground you use your dagger to mercy kill the opponent.

Just like your picture, daggers can only use in a chaotic brawling, and your drawing show that all of them are unarmoured people, don’t need polearms to deal with them. And in some book “The Battle of Agincourt” of Anne Curry, there is a descripted of French archers drop their bows and engage English soldiers with sword, hatchet, mallet, not sight of dagger as archer’s secondary weapons.

You keep saying there is an entire chapter dedicated to sword vs dagger, then, give many any reported in an battle that a group of thief-class dagger warriors running toward sword soldiers? Or only when the blocks of soldiers make contact and the space is too tight, thus knife only become useful in that situation?

chaotic brawling, spontaneous fights (esp in closed quarters such as taverns/alleyways), assassinations, parrying dagger… situational combat

@Panzercracker Daggers were used at both Crecy and Aguincout

Combat between two knights from the Hundred Years War

The knight spurred his horse on in an attempt to ride down Guescelin who was dismounted, Gueselin moved out of the way and stab the Knight’s horse in the side with his dagger. The horse collapse and trapped the knight and Gueselin used his dagger to open the visor and forced the knight to submit.

Medieval and Renaissance dagger combat Chapter 1 Page 3

King Philip of France writes in the 13th century -

He was impressed by the readiness of the towsured clerics of the university “they are hardier than knights for even armored knights hesitate to engage in battle. These clerks, having niether hauberk nor helmet, throw themselves into the fight armed only with daggers.”

E.R. Chamberlin.Life in Medieval France. page 115-116

This link has some pretty good info about daggers during the period

Weren’t there special daggers for stabbing through gaps in plate armor? I feel like there should be a sort of finishing move for armored opponents, where you strab into the armpit or groin. It’s currently unrealistic to take down an armored opponent with a sword.