KCD Future Developement?

New to the game and i haven’t finished the story as of yet but i read somewhere that the last dlc that was released was to be the final and no further development is planned for KCD apart from bugs fixes/patches. Is this true? Does this mean that there is also to be no follow up game eg: Kingdom come: (Creative title here lol).

absolutely loving the game it has completely ruined my sleeping pattern and I just wanted to enquire about this as there’s always more enjoyment if you know in the back of your mind that there is more to come!

Appreciate any assistance,
A gamer who has waited along time for a company that puts so much care and effort into RPG games, especially historical based.

Officially nothing is confirmed, apart from the fact that Women’s Lot was the last DLC. But it is known that Henry’s story was at first laid out for 3 separate acts, and later first two acts were joined and released as KCD. So the story of act 3 (the biggest one) was never used, and is generally expected that it will be the base of KCD2, which is maybe already being created. But again, nothing was officially confirmed.


I really hope they will finish it. All we know is that they’re not working on it right now.

We can only hope. While i have absolutely no experience or knowledge on these sorts of things i do feel the second game would be an even bigger hit then the first. The main critiques with the KCD that ive heard was 1) Way too many bugs near release. 2) Poor Save system ; Both of which can be mistakes learnt from and fixed/modified for the second game. Statistically the first game was a big success, i heard after a year they had sold 2 million copies. Seems like a good investment if they still had the interest.

Anyway as i said, we can only hope!

I hope there’s at least one big patch 2.0 coming with some hotfixes 2.x that adds some community wishes like HUD customization, volumetric fog etc. and due to the fact the game still feels unfinished.

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Well, if to search for an analogy, first Witcher as far as I remember was pretty specific RPG. I mean, sure, it was wide known in less than so wide circles, but real fame came with second and third parts of the game. Anyway, even first game of the series gave devs the credit of trust.

KC:D is in some sort of similar situation. Even better in some aspects. Game was sold and found it’s audience, Warhorse became well known. So, with the money, that game has made, there is no sense not to make sequel. It won’t be that hard to find publisher, the whole concept of RPG-immersive sim was proven to work well, and there is target audience which will preorder KC:D2 automatically.

There is also such nuance that whole game market is in some sort of structure crisis - well known studios and publishers declare that “singleplayer is dead” and various stuff of similar level of absurdity, legendary series become more and more casual to the degree of retardness (yes, TES and Fallout, I speak about you), and while niche of crowdfunded (or reviwed by small publishers) old-school games has already been active for some time, KC:D already was something bigger, and hypothetical KC:D2 would be something, closer to AAA series. Well, at least, it should be such.


You can hide HUD and enable volumetric fog via console command. In my opinion it looks better without v.fog, it’s too gray and foggy even in the brightest day, it doesn’t look natural.

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Console command is not a solution. Console command is like cheating/hacking. There has to be a proper option for it. And they could tweak/optimize the volumetric fog.

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If it solve your problem, it is a solution. It’s no cheating or hacking (lol), it just turn on graphic effect (which is already implemented in the game).
It’s exactly the same, like things in the options menu, you just don’t have on/off button for it. It is valid way to enable/disable these things, even Dan Vávra showed it on his profile as a tip for players who want it.


No. This is not a solution. Console commands or hidden developer options are of course cheating. I want a proper option in the game menu.

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I recommend lying on the ground and hitting it with your fists while screaming angrily.

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Actually the game made didn’t make a lot of money. It sold 2 millions of copies, but the development was very expensive, so it paid for itself and made something on top, but not nearly enough to fund the sequel. That is why they needed to sell the company to THQ Nordic.

I’m worried about the sequel for two reasons:

Fist is. that THQ Nordic may go bankrupt (which is possible if you look at their risky business activities).

Second is, that THQ Nordic needs to sell much more copies of the sequels, to make their money back, so they might push Warhorse to make the game more accessible to larger audience (mainly console players).

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THQ Nordic already ‘went under’ and got fully aquired by koch media. While Koch does many questionable decisions, them going under is really unlikely (lots of financial stability from mobile & f2p last i checked).

While you point - expensive development - is correct, funding was (i think at least) not the real issue (after all there would still be crowdfunding and other forms of credit). It would IMO be more accurate to cite financial stability as a more correct motivation. Revenue for sold games - especially on steam does come to a decent degree in the long tail of the product live cycle, which - if you want to keep developing and need $ you can plan with - sometimes sales just arent going to cut it (personnel costs can be a B*).

The development cost only around 6 million dollars. With 2 million copies sold a 30 dollars per copy that makes a 10-times profit. They have now 54 million dollar for the next game.

Sorry, but this is not possible.
Source for the 6 millions dollars?
As far as I know it was 37 million one year ago!!! But the have paid 120 people 16 months more… for bugfixes and making DLC. >> Now the Royal Edition!


Maybe 6 M per year on avg - and - if people stay employed you have to keep paying them … but in the end that is all BS.

We have no inside information aside from that budget number. There could be other costs, projects and so on… And yes, while things exist on a spectrum from where one could make and educated guess it is just that … a guess.

edit: Koch AG is publicly traded, ofc numbers are available for subsidiaries - i am a moron.

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