Kingdom Come Deliverance: act II

Can we have an honest answer from WarHorse about this? KCD Act I is finished and has been well optimised and a lot of DLC released which is great and I’m thoroughly enjoying all the DLC (I paid for as a backer & as a thank you to WarHorse I paid for it again.) So, can we please just be told that KCD Act II is indeed on the table and that you - are - planning for it now and have started work towards it, as we know you are thanks to Daniel Vara. Such as in his tweets he’s got his design teams looking at areas around Trosky and has a rendering of how Trosky Castle would have looked. Even some basic information would be appreciated, like what size the map would be, would Prague be in the game, given it’s proximity? How about Semily district?


Every time someone asks Vávra about it in interview, he says “I can’t say anything now”.
But it’s obvious they are working on the sequel, just nobody knows when they will announce it.

“I can’t say anything now, my studio won’t let me talk… here’s loads of tweets that confirm it though!” Love his thinking lol

KCD is actually Acts I and II.

A possible KCD2 would be Act III.


I don’t think the game is still optimized and polished in optimization enough for big cities as Prague.
there still room from improvements.

I think it will be more like ‘Kingdom Come : “New title”’, than 'Kingdom Come : Deliverance 2 '.

Agreed. We know at least thanks to Daniel we know they’re continuing Henry as the protagonist as the direct continuation of deliverance. What is after ‘deliverance’? Retribution? Get that damn sword back? Punish Markvart Von Aulitz and get the sword back?

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I thought so too. But can you remember when Daniel said that?

Considering when Henry set out with Hans, they were heading to Trosky Castle, and all the development work they’ve done like designing Trosky Castle and the surrounding area, it’s kind of given that’s confirmed. That, and Henry hasn’t got his sword back yet nor his vengeance and the story hadn’t ended. Also, kinda when the Kickstarter was up that was the premise that he’d be our hero boy for all installments (with the optional female character).


Happy to link Daniel’s Twitter for you to check them out if you want

Thank you. Yes. For example, I can remember the drone photos of Trosky castle. And yes, for the sequel it might be possible, that Henry is arrested, tortured and injured (maybe in this castle) and therefore has to relearn many of his skills. I also think that there will be a sequel with our Henry. The research was already very far.

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Prague with same amount of detail and authenticity as Rattay, would take Warhorse 20 years to build.


and no pc or console would be able to run it

If we do get to see Prague ingame, chances are it’ll be just a small slice of it, like maybe the area outside Prague Castle or something, with a bunch of set dressing to disguise all the invisible walls. It’d be impossible even with near-future tech to render the entire city.

It has to be, it’s so close to where they’re confirmed to be making. It’ll be either in cutscenes, or a tiny slice of it. It’d be reasonable to assume they visit Prague on the way to Trosky Castle as Hans Capon would want to pay respect to whoever held it at the time as is custom. You never know though, they may surprise us and give us a whole Prague as just the map xD

I don’t know Trosky Castle is further from Prague than Rattay so it doesn’t seem so close.

Well, maybe Prague is too difficult to create, yes. But maybe we will get Kutna Hora. Because in the game so much was talked about Kutna Hora. And a lot of NPC’s went there, too.

I wouldn’t expect to see a massive city like Prague. If the story is continuing with Henry I am more interested in how they will deal with skill levels. No matter your skill level and play style, when you get to the end of the first game Henry is no longer a drooling bumpkin. Sequels are fine but each game still needs to stand on its own merits. Carrying over from game to game is not something I would expect as it is not friendly to new players unless you give them a bunch of skill points to spend, which I suppose is fine for most games but the skill progression system in KCD seems a bit more integral to the experience. So for balance we might start out with a weaker Henry than we ended with previously, with a broad range of average skills, perhaps with a few points to spend. Or maybe he’ll get knocked on the head and forget everything and get scurvy to become weaker, who knows. So I am looking forward to finding out how they will deal with this.

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I am highly interested in how they achieve it too. Perhaps they’d get caught by cumans? Be ironic if Hans for captured again. A little bit of torture, and volia, dying low stat Henry. That’s what I hope would happen (sorry Henry!) Or perhaps by Sigismund’s allies? It’d make Hans much more motivated to aid Henry with killing Markvart Von Aulitz and defeating Sigismund. We know we’re expecting a major battle in KCD from all the promos from Kickstarter showing those epic scenes… I hope it’ll be in the next game!

Yes, maybe someone will put Henry in jail, where he’ll spend some time and he will come out weak again. Perhaps negotiations with Otto Bergov on Trosky will end up badly, or they could be captured on the road. There are many options.

To battles, Vávra said they wanted battles at least with 100+ soldiers, but it was way too heavy for current hardware (with Cry engine). So I don’t know, how they want to make some large battle, without changing the engine.