Lack of weather diversity, and Rain While Sunny


I normally wouldn’t go through the trouble to do something like this, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an exceptional game. The landscape and lighting is amazing and beautiful, but one issue bothers me about the environment. I play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Xbox One, and almost every time it rains, it does so while the sky is sunny. Now I know this is a phenomenon that sometimes happens, but it has to be a bug with how often and with the intensity that it does in the game. I never see any other weather, fog, overcast skies, wind etc. and I know there are the capabilities for such, as in the Prologue sequence. I have seen previous posts about this same topic, but it seems most people have just accepted it, because many people argue for the “Sun showers” as if 14th century Bohemia only had rain when it was sunny. I was hoping that the 1.5 patch would fix it, but it has not. It seems also that on PC, the weather is more advanced and this is not an issue. For Xbox one It seems like it would be an easy fix, and one that has been overlooked. Please just give us overcast when it rains!


Or just an overcast gloomy weather with no rain.


It rains probably everyday in my game. Even inside cave. Not cool man. But sunny while rain. Phenomenon? It’s not unusual to rain only on little place while other have the mentioned sun or while it’s not actually terribly clouded.


Well the game is set in England apparently. It rains and is gloomy all the time.


This reminds me of snow in summer when evil Cuman spoke their devilish language.


Heck even rains when bight puffy clouds and the sun are out.


It’s also not set in England lol. It’s set in medieval Czech Republic.


You missed the word “allegedly”. Everyone has British accents.


sarcasm missed its mark. :wink:


Kingdom Come Deliverance is an amazing and beautiful game, but the weather system doesn’t do it justice. It must be fixed or improved. They are already working on fixing the pixelated rain, lets hope this extend to “clear raining sky” bug as well. Fog would be pretty romantic too, considering the beauty of those landscapes.


Except for all the ones with American accents


You missed the word “allegedly”. Everyone has British accents.”

Kizz: Other than those silly american accents…


Don’t disagree but would prefer other elements fixed or improved upon firstly (fully functional polearms, crossbows, mounted Cuman, group of soldiers forming a line and attacking as a team)


I have version 1.7 and the issue has STILL not been adressed! It seems most players don’t even care! I think this is unacceptable, older games have a more impressive weather system.

Again, I’ve seen people just chalk it up to “Well they must have wanted it that way”, but I’ve seen lightning during a bright sunny day, with nothing but wispy clouds in the sky, it is clearly a bug that is being overlooked because of so much player complacency. Why even have rain, if it’s not going to be realistic?

How do I formally submit a ticket for a bug fix, with the Xbox one being the platform on which I play the game?


Please send an email to Warhorse (and their ticket system):

Thank you!


It’s not going to be fixed because it’s not a bug. If they enable fog and weather effects like that on the consoles the game won’t run at a decent framerate and would become unplayable. Volumetric effects can’t even be turned on on some lower end pc’s. You can see there is indeed fog and cloudy/dark weather in the game when running on a high end pc


You’ve not been to Czech have you


Wow. I have a pretty good PC. How can I enable these effects?


I think it’s just one of the settings on Ultra…


Well the guy in the video didn’t list any specifics on how he is running it other than on ultra, but I don’t believe enables volumetic fog necessarily… The easiest way just to turn that on is to open a new file with notepad and add this line…


Use save as and save it as user.cfg and put it in your main Kingdom come deliverance folder the one with system.cfg in it… then go to steam and right click on the game and go to properties, click the set launch options botton and put in +exec user.cfg

That will turn it on. However, that is just one of a ton of a different things you can change. This is what my user.cfg file looks like…

sys_job_system_max_worker = 8 – Sets the number of threads to use for the job system
sys_main_CPU = 1 – Specifies the physical CPU index main will run on
sys_physics_CPU = 2 – Specifies the physical CPU index physics will run on
sys_streaming_CPU = 3 – Specifies the physical CPU file IO thread run on
e_ParticlesThread = 4 – Enable particle threading
ca_thread0Affinity = 5 – Affinity of first Animation Thread.
ca_thread1Affinity = 6 – Affinity of first Animation Thread.
r_WaterUpdateThread = 7 – Enables water updating on separate thread (when MT supported).
e_StatObjMergeUseThread = 8 – Use a thread to perform sub-objects meshes merging

r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 8192
sys_budget_videomem = 8192
r_TexturesStreamingMaxRequestedMB = 2
r_texturesstreamingDeferred = 1
r_TexturesStreamingResidencyEnabled = 1
r_TexturesStreamingMipBias = -4
r_TexturesStreamingResidencyThrottle = 0.8
r_TexturesStreamingResidencyTime = 120
sys_budget_sysmem = 8192
sys_streaming_in_blocks = 1
sys_streaming_requests_grouping_time_period = 1
e_PreloadMaterials = 1
sys_PakStreamCache = 1
sys_preload = 1

e_svoTI_SpecularAmplifier = 0.82
e_svoTI_TemporalFilteringBase = 1
e_svoTI_MinReflectance = 0.19
e_svoTI_DiffuseAmplifier = 1.12
r_Sharpening = 0.9
r_ChromaticAberration = 3.7
r_HDRGrainAmount = 0.44

The first section optimizes cpu performance, but don’t just copy and paste that into your folder. It depends on your processor. Mine has 8 cores in it so if yours does you can do that. The second section optimizes your hard drive and changes some graphical effects… and improves texture loading… the first two lines depend on your system

r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 8192
sys_budget_videomem = 8192

the first option is how much total system memory you have. I only have 8GB’s which is technically 8192MBs
The second line is how much vram your video card has. If you change those you can copy and paste the rest into the user.cfg folder. I can’t guarantee it will make your game look better, or like that video, but it definitely makes mine look better.

Thats just a few things you can do. You can also you use reshades… There are a bunch to choose from but i’m going to attach a before and after of when i was using the apex reshade… If you will notice the FPS in the top right you can see it caused a 22FPS hit but I was fine with that because it makes it look a whole lot better, and Ihave a 60 hz monitor so you can’t even really tell the diffeence between 54 and 60fps… Well I thought I could attach them anyway… So here are the links… before