Lack of weather diversity, and Rain While Sunny


Oh yeah… I should of just started with this to begin with but I don’t know how comfortable you are with modding… It’s really pretty easy and he gives step by step instructions… but this is what I use now… It has 50 different preset options on it that you can change in game whenever you want and it also changes your graphics effects options in the main menu so you wouldn’t have to turn volumetric fog on through the user.cfg file. You can just do it in the advanced graphics menu.

If you have never used a reshade before, follow all the steps he gives and then when you are in the game you press F2 to bring up your reshade menu. There is a dropdown box there that you can choose between all 50 of them. select oneand it will load it. I can’t remember which number I’m using right now but just flip through them and see which one you like best… then hit F2 again to close it. If you want you can also enter a button in there to turn completely turn the reshade off and on on the fly in game.

Sorry I’m a little slow today lol… That is the mod just to install the graphics setting options… This is the reshade…

I just noticed he added a video to youtube showing the installation of the graphics options mod…

You’ll also notice in this video when his game starts up there is a gray bar at the top… That means he has installed reshade.


Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try!


No problem… If you have questions just hit me up and i’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can.


As Matt said, it’s not a bug.
It is possible in real life to have rain with sunshine (and there is often a rainbow in this case). It is obviously possible to have clouds and no rain, or clouds and rain. (in real life).
It is possible to have a corner of blue sky and rain, because the rain comes from further than 50 meters above. When you take a plane you can see that the clouds are really really high. Plus the wind in the sky can reach hundreds of MPH or KM/H, and it moves the clouds really fast. I hope that you understand now.


So they just removed it without an equivalent solution? How is that acceptable? Why don’t they just remove the weather all together then?


These are the types of comments that I’ve been seeing that make me frustrated. I have a pretty good grasp on meteorology, and I understand that it can rain while there being sunshine. However, there still needs to be rain clouds in the sky, not wispy cirrus clouds that are much higher in the atmosphere (20,000 ft) that do not produce rain. Cumulonimbus clouds generally sit much lower and are puffy and at a distance can appear darker, because they are filled with rain, non of which I have seen in KCD.

In KCD I have seen a thunderstorm complete with lightning effects with a sunny sky texture and maybe some cirrus clouds. What’s even more damning is at night when a steady downpour of rain occurs with a sky filled from horizon to horizon with bright shining stars…while its raining.

No sir, you are wrong. This is CLEARLY an oversight by the developers.


If it bothers you so much either don’t play it or buy or build a PC… Otherwise just wait awhile until consoles get to where they can accomplish that. That was the only way you were going to be able to play it on a console. What would you have them do?


LOL an oversight by the devs… Dude you don’t know what you are talking about just stop.

The game wasn’t orginially even planned to be on console… They delayed the pc release so they could put it out on consoles… They had a few options… Decrease the textures more than they already did, or make some changes to things like we are talking about now. I’m sorry your xbox can run games at 4k and every single graphics effect a gaming PC can. It’s life.

Also since consoles have some sort of 2k or 4k upscaling now or something they have to take that into consideration. If you are playing a game on a console at 2k or especially 4k you are going to see a MASSIVE drop in framerate without graphical downgrades.


Why can’t they just make the sky overcast when it rains? That seems like a relatively simple fix. You can see the lighting textures in the environment change when it rains to a less saturated gray diffused sort of light. Like literally all I’m saying is why don’t they have a gray sky texture when it rains.

In fact while playing KCD on the Xbox I have seen the sky textures change to gray cloudy ones before. The only reason I am so frustrated is because they already have a working realistic rain environment in KCD, it just seems that this is only a rare occurrence and the other 98% of the time when it rains they sky texture doesn’t match and it’s super sunny. Why can’t they just have a trigger, that once it rains the sky texture needs to also change accordingly.


You would have to ask the devs that question. I really don’t know. I’m sure they did what they could to get it to run and look as good as possible. I do know that open world games like this that have dynamic weather effects is a little more difficult than other type of games. For instance a game like uncharted… You play a certain level or chapter the weather is going to be the same every single time you play it. In games like these it changes randomly so it’s a little more difficult.


That doesn’t make any sense.
As mentioned above there is storm and cloudy weather during the prologue and it can run on lower end PCs and consoles.
Volumetric fog can’t be turned on in settings that means that it is not officially in the game, it is just graphical effect, if you don’t have volumetric fog, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fog in game, you can it just won’t be volumetric.
I’m playing on PC and weather is clearly broken, if I try different settings the issues are still the same:
-raining during sunny weather
-rain is often very short like 1 minute (I know it could happen, but it should be rare)
-no other types of weather


imo, that was one of the best uses of weather in an RPG mission ever. i miss the diversity.


I also have the bug “rain while sunny”.


Good lord I’m getting bombarded with stupid posts, I can’t keep up with them all. What do you want to argue about here? The weather effects on consoles vs PC? I dont really feel like it since I’ve already done it. Just look up a little ways and click the link already posted that showing the weather working in the game. It works on my game as well. So I don’t know, man. Maybe just me and that guy got the 2 lucky copies it works on. I don’t know what else to say about that. All I know is when I play the game sometimes it rains for a long period of time, days even, and sometimes it runs for a short amount of time. Sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s even overcast. This is just my personal game as to not to offend anyone who’s game it is not working on. Like I said, maybe I just got lucky and got the working copy of the game.

I never said volumetric fog = fog. Maybe you read it that way… I didn’t really feel like going into detail on how volumetric fog and lighting works in that post because I didn’t see the point. I’ll post a screenshot on how exactly it works. Maybe you will be satisfied… I doubt it, but read as much as you like and if you feel like coming back here and explaining it in detail feel free. Just so everyone understands now… volumetric fog doesn’t mean it turns fog on and off. You can read all about it here if you like…

happy now??


I really don’t know where you got the notion that I need explanation what volumetric is?:roll_eyes:

You are arguing that different weather is not on consoles and lower end PCs, because it is too demanding.
I wrote that this argument doesn’t make sense, because you can have different weather even without demanding volumetric effects.
Is it clear?

Saying that something is not a bug and doesn’t need fixing, because it doesn’t occur in my game. That is what I call stupid post.


fwiw, different weather was evident in earlier versions on PS4. one time, the simulated storm was so realistic that someone watching me play asked if i was watching a movie. that weather pattern has pretty much disappeared…

additionally the mist, heavy rain, and lightning/thunder have been evident from Rovna to Skalitz in all PS4 homecoming missions i’ve played.


Just to let some of you know,you can adjust the weather yourself to whatever you want ,well on PC master race stuff.You can adjust well just about anything you can think of.

Here Here there are 7 different weather presets/profiles + Time Of day in the game

in level.pak Open mission_mission0.xml with Notepad++ or similar,weather preset/profiles starts at line
1 = cloudless_sunny-Starts at line 447
2 = semicloudy_clear-Starts at line 2602
3 = cloudy_no_rain-Starts at line 3033
4 = cloudy_frequent_showers-Starts at line 878
5 = foggy_drizzly-Starts at line 1740
6 = foggy_storm-Starts at line 2171
7 = dream-Starts at line 1309
8=Timeofday-Starts at line 17

Here is a pastebin of the file also


Really? I never said that you couldn’t have different types of weather without volumetric effects… My God, do you even read the posts??? That was an example of one the effects that had to be turned off… I really don’t know why I keep responding here. I’ve already shown you video of the weather system working. I told you it works on my game, and even that maybe me and that guy just got lucky… I honestly don’t know.

I said it wasn’t a bug on consoles and you are playing on PC and saying that I was talking about your game… Now that is stupid post.


This guy get’s it.


You don’t know much about Czech do you?