Lack of weather diversity, and Rain While Sunny


This thread is clearly about weather system not working, properly, if you didn’t realise it, it’s not my fault.
You reacted on someone who was complaining about weather not working properly, not someone who complains about weather effect, by writing that it’s not the bug. If you misunderstood his post, again not my fault.
Than you are explaining volumetric effect (which no one asks about).
And you are the one accusing me of not reading the post? Really?

I really don’t know too. You are just bringing up not really relevant things like volumetric effects and consoles vs PC, making the discussion off topic and confusing.

I believe you. If you just wrote that it works on your game, it would be constructive addition to the discussion.

A bit arrogant aren’t we? You are clearly just desperately looking for something that you can call stupid.
I just wrote that your argument doesn’t make sense, because it is not problem of consoles. Nothing stupid about it.
One advice if you don’t like your posts called stupid, don’t call others people posts stupid (even if you think so) just state your arguments.


This was my original response to someone who said that it still had not been fixed…

"It’s not going to be fixed because it’s not a bug. If they enable fog and weather effects like that on the consoles the game won’t run at a decent framerate and would become unplayable. Volumetric effects can’t even be turned on on some lower end pc’s. You can see there is indeed fog and cloudy/dark weather in the game when running on a high end pc "

I wrote that in response to this…

“I have version 1.7 and the issue has STILL not been adressed!”

Then you chimed in with…

“That doesn’t make any sense.
As mentioned above there is storm and cloudy weather during the prologue and it can run on lower end PCs and consoles.
Volumetric fog can’t be turned on in settings that means that it is not officially in the game, it is just graphical effect, if you don’t have volumetric fog, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fog in game, you can it just won’t be volumetric.
I’m playing on PC and weather is clearly broken, if I try different settings the issues are still the same:
-raining during sunny weather
-rain is often very short like 1 minute (I know it could happen, but it should be rare)
-no other types of weather”

Now what about my original response can’t you understand or doesn’t have anything to do with the topic??? You said that the weather is clearly broken on PC right after I posted a video showing it wasn’t. And mentioned that volumetric fog doesn’t mean you can’t have fog when I never said anything like that. Yet, my post doesn’t make any sense? Ok man…whatever you say.


I’m gonna chime in here. Matt you have been fairly polite to me, but I am going to have to agree with Zub. I’m not sure if you understand what my complaint is. I am arguing that there is a mechanical issue with they way weather effects are scripted. I believe that the developers have overlooked “triggers” that cause the sky to become overcast whenever random rain showers begin, rather they remain the same day in and day out regardless of whether it’s rainy or a clear day in the game. The game does have weather effects, but they are not implemented the way they should be. But all you’ve added to this was that “it works on my game because I play on PC and I can change the effects to suit my needs, and have a computer that is really powerful to run graphically demanding effects.” I don’t care about any of those things. I am not arguing about PC vs console, I understand PC is more capable and powerful. I am simply arguing that the weather is broken, there should not be a bright blue sky while pouring rain. That doesn’t happen, and this is the first game I’ve ever seen do that. Whenever it rains in KCD the sky texture should change to the gray overcast sky that KCD already has, but it never seems to be the case.

My second frustration is that it seems most are complacent and just accept it. Some even try to argue that KCD developers have this ultra- realistic sense of uncommon meteorological events and have purposely and intentionally implemented them in the game (ie raining while sunny. Sometimes it can happen irl but no where near the way KCD depicts it). As far as my knowledge Czechoslovakia doesn’t have super rare uncommon weather compared to the rest of the world. The game just doesn’t nail the weather effects correctly. A few small changes would fix it all.


Perhaps my usage of “effects” has become ambiguous. When I say “weather effects” I am just differentiating between the rain, wind, sun, and fog in a general sense. I am not necessarily talking about graphical effects (although I know one goes in hand with the other) like lighting, volumetric effects, anti-aliasing, texture quality or any of the sense.


You could be right. All I know about the way the game plays on consoles is from what I have heard. I thought I read that someone said there was never cloudy weather or overcast skies, maybe it wasn’t you but someone else so that is what my response was based on.


You also mentioned that it’s rains for days in your game. I’ve read that before somewhere else. My game doesn’t do that. It will rain for a good part of a day, but never for multiple days in a row. Perhaps there is truly a difference between different copies of the game on PC and on console. I know your PC can play with max graphics, but can you discern a notably overcast sky when it randomly rains? Ie is the sky texture actually gray and overcast?


Yep sometimes and it occasionally it rains forever… I at first thought it was a bug because it rained for like a week… I’ll try and take some screenshot next time I play and its overcast skies


I actually said I used to have variety in the randomly generated weather on PS4 but no more. Homecoming is still mist, (heavy) rain, lightning, thunder on PS4, and the game has performed well with those effects

The reduction in rain and heavy clouds coincided with popins. Popins are now (largely) fixed, and rain also no longer is Missile Command like. Now time to fix randomly generated weather


The game looked its absolute best during Homecoming. it is really a damn shame you only get to experience that in this one slice.


It will if you play long enough.

It’s not scripted ; it’s random. I sometimes have one day rain, sometimes many. Sometimes rain with clouds (either grey or dark), sometimes without clouds.
In conclusion, your lack of knowledge leads you to say things that are the fruit of your imagination. It’s not the truth. For proof watch my youtube playlist :


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"But all you’ve added to this was that “it works on my game because I play on PC and I can change the effects to suit my needs, and have a computer that is really powerful to run graphically demanding effects.”

Oh also that wasn’t my point at all. My PC is actually pretty mid level at best. I was just saying a lot of effects had to be disabled to run on consoles, which is what I thought you or someone was saying. If you are getting overcast skies without any rain everytime and sunshine every time it rains then it very well could be a bug. I thought you were saying you got sunny skies and night, and that was it.

Just a bit of miscommunication… No big deal. Just email the devs and see if they get back with you. Hopefully they will.


have over 600h in 2 playlines


Bad luck for you then !


At least if you are going to spit out rubbish like the fruits of their imagination or lack of knowledge. Get some knowledge yourself and bother to Read the damn issue.

There is evidently an issue Albiet on consoles what has that to do with bad luck.

Your playthrough is clearly on pc. FFS.


On Console or on pc it’s not scripted, it’s random. You should have knowledge in development before telling rubbish yourself. For proof for Mr sterling please watch console youtube videos…


I said random. I said ‘had it’. After one of the patches, the aesthetically pleasing heavy rain with storm effects morphed into noticeably pixelated rain. It got worse and became straight up Missile Command rain. Then, as I said, it (heavy weather) doesn’t appear any more (at least to any prolonged degree) except during Homecoming in which the weather isn’t random. The Missile Command rain appears gone… so too the variety of weather. I’ve used playline 1 since release.