List of Console Commands [Use,Cheats,etc]

That command should be set at 0.1 as default if you ask me! try it! :smiley:

I know it’s an old thread but I got stuck outside the play area… can I use the goto or playergoto commands to get back in?

In the march 2016 beta, just find the ‘holes’ - some at Sazava some in the old mines in the hillside to the far side of the river from Samopesh (to the West)

You will ‘fall’ into the world at one of several places (Talmberk Quarry, Merhojed pond).

Unfortunately I’m trapped in between some invisible walls and have no way out. Is there like a teleport command or something I can use to get me out?

No, dosn´t work in the beta…

will the console be disabled in the final game?

im not sure and im even not really optimistic…cause even modding/modability is not stated yet. so a big wow guys are still looking in this thread but still makes me sad how beta politics went in this game as console-politic happened… in the end i hope they’ll enable it…es since 3rd person would be really easy this way…

@ProkyBrambora Good sir do you have any insight on whether or not the console is disabled in the release version?

@ProkyBrambora We are waiting for you at “our” place with @McWonderBeast. :wink:

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Dear god go to sleep.

No, 2 days without sleeping is fine.

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As far as I know the console is not disabled.
But many commands are.


im definitively gonna rewrite it
as soon as i get info what will run and what not


would be great to bind Keys for certain commands if anyone that is already playing the game could try to see if it exists


do the console controls still work?

otherwise where can I find the functional commands please?

a link to share me? it would be really nice ^^

Not sure if there’s a new list already… but many should work like g_showhud 0 to remove HUD

since my KCD wont start (may be caused by my system - support didn’t answer yet) i cant work out myself which ones are working! If there would be sb so nice, to test the workingones out, id write the list new…

I can test in the evening today, if no one else already has

ok thanks :slight_smile:

Hi when I type command nothing is happening, any help?