List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


This is a thread for people to discuss what mods they would love to see people create when the modding tools come out.
Pretty simple and straight forward.

Remainder: I nor most people have an exact idea what developers have already planned for the single player. This is something fans would love to see, but not burden the developers with as it is not very serious or majorly important
(ex: 3rd person is a very serious and important discussion)
(ex: anything that goes against the developers vision, like dragons, or undead, etc)

The mod i would love to see be created is

  1. Fart on command (with NPC reaction :smile: )
  2. Magic spells
  3. Fighting Tourney and Joust Tourney!
  4. Assassins Guild
  5. Ma’iq the Liar (from elder scrolls)


Should this not be in the modding Category?

I like your mods.

Id like to see a PEW mod made for this game.

Zombies.Cliche.But would be super sweet in this game.


OMG i had no idea there was a category yet made for this… haha, thank you so much! it has been changed accordingly.


TLOR Overhaul
Light sabers
Mountable bears that you can ride into battle
Build your own house or castle
Dual wielding (not sure if this is planned in the game already)
Dismemberment (not sure if this is planned in the game already)


Light sabers! A Long Long Time Ago in Galaxy not so Far Away.


Absolutely this. And also armor for those bears. And bear-jousting.


At least Brown Bears are in the making:


“realistic” version of ma’iq the liar would really be fcking awesome! just as a building system. how about adding some enchanted items (like flaming swords or magic-bursting arrows) even thou i am looking for a realistic, immersive medieval game, slay ennemies with magic stuff is always cool


That’s cool! Hopefully it means that modding them to make them mountable might be easier?


Yep, could end up being as simple as using a bear skin over the horse.


no, it would likely require exporting the two models, then replacing the bear’s bone and rigging with the horse’s then reimporting the bear and add a new entry or replace existing horse entry


Maybe there are some changes in the properties of the bears. Maybe you just need to replace the horse’s skin and model with the bear model and you’re done. But I don’t think it will look any good. I’m expecting lots of clipping.


I would like to… I would like to… I would like to build my own town! :blush: Lead some folks to the perfect spot on a blank unexplored map, set up the layout, build walls, roads, houses and castle and lead it through ages. From the Dark Age, through Industrial Era to the Modern times! As a feudal ruler, control each person in the town. That would be fine for me.

This is by the way why I liked ol’good Flashpoint so much: I made once Morton a megalopolis full of skyscrapers, markets, port, football field, industrial areas, or converted Lamentin into one huge fortress with hundreds of defenders! THAT was fun! :smile:


Soon Soon my Dear the dreadful Fus Ro Da shall return.
Edit: As will the guards with their arrow knees


Yes to the arrows to the Knee!

But for the love of Sheogorath No Fus Ro DER. Speaking of Sheogorath the Wabbajack would be a sweat mod.


how about Sheogorath with the audio files from oblivion and skyrim, i am pretty sure they were voiced by the same guy. and just remodel him to fit in the game. He can just be a knight or lord that you fight with while he is saying crazy funny things.


Not going to happen for the same reason the same the mod always gets canned - Tolkein’s blood-sucking offspring and Warner Bros say: You will not pass!

The only mod I care about is a Baldric NPC.


Not sure why Warner Bros. would care about a mod in this game, but okay.

Maybe not a complete overhaul, but it would be great to have some of the stuff like weapons, armor, rings, etc. from the movies in the game. There are mods like this for Skyrim. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for Kingdom Come.


There is a long history of folks trying to mod various games into the LOTR-verse only to have the Tolkein family or some other publisher step in and crush it in the name of IP protection… most recently Skyrim MERP.

The Morrowind attempt got particularly nasty…


Ah, I wasn’t aware. That sucks.