List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


dragons of course :wink:


Game of Thrones conversion mod, drools…


You mean something like this by a chance? :smiley:


Overhaul mod to:

Mount and Blade warband setting
The Burgundian Swiss war or the French Burgundian war
The Italian wars
100 years war
Northern crusades


As a clothing-historian, I would like to make a mod with realist clothing. :frowning:


Yes… yes… and more yes!!! I love that everyone seems to be very hands on at wanting to make mods for the game :slight_smile: but I would very much like to see first and foremost ‘realism’ and ‘historical’ mods.

Also, I follow the dev blog and youtube channel. If this game is successful they will produce more!
Historical games have been done before, and I really hope this is a step forward to making history interactive. Cause honestly if it doesn’t do well I don’t know what game will :frowning: and assassins creed really doesn’t count…


It is not good enough unless it flies.

(I admit that the second one seems photoshopped).


Didn’t we have this discussion recently?

Anyway, pretty sure the first two mods to be released would be:

3rd Person Camera
Turning Henry into Henrietta

As for mods I’d LIKE to see, I’d love to see a non-story mode that lets you create your own character altogether, including gender and appearance.


the game already has realistic clothing

female mod will fail due to performance capture and voice.


I’m not saying it’s not going to have ISSUES, I’m just saying it’s likely to be one of the first that’s released, no matter how problematic it is.


I want the first mod to be studded leather armor, and a Katana added to the game. :sunglasses:


I want a Luboš Dragon shout with a randomized effect.



Children (custom voiced) and babies
Alternate life: no main story, different roles to start, e.g. Farmer, Nobleman, Woman(doesn’t need voice over, I can talk myself)
Temperature and wetness penalties, cold nights, wetness from rain
Expanded Map and more quests, also with some “mystical” content regarding superstition
More interacting with the environment and crafting, e.g. fell trees for wood, create coal, plant&harvest …
Build your own shack, hut, house, manor … castle?
A 13th century overhaul mod


Build a Campfire, realized with a script.
You will choose the campfire in inventory, it disappears
and you will see a ghost marker or skeleton of the object (campfire)
Press left mouse button and it’s placed.
Maybe you need some resources to build it.


If you do not launch the official version?

What hope and a basic combat system we are following priorities

1 - Use shields
2 - Horseback Fights
3 - Arc System improved, for more trouble
4 - Axes and Spears
5 - Longsword

In social:

1 - People spread rumors
2 - react to what you see, for example, if they saw him breaking into a place.

Ability to fight more than one opponent at a time.

Now what I expect of a mod that I know they have not released the official version, given your goals. In matters:


1 - Ability to better manage their own house
2 - Create a business
3 - Having a family
4 - Winning titles for services and relationships, and can even become a vassal of a noble
5 - complex economy, with buying and selling of resources to distant cities
6 - Politics, war between kingdoms, not something that follows the chronology of the story, and army attacks or bandits anytime.
7 - Guild of Thieves
8 - More goods, items and means of production
9 - cars for transporting goods between city
10 - Improving the system of need for food or rest, to be real.
11 - The character felt cold and need to seek shelter or build a campfire
12 - People observe fires distance and can respond to such acts and spread rumors.

Well, I’m not exactly original or wanting something to change the whole story. But things could be added to the medieval environment without escape the limits of the work itself.

Things that developers might not have working due to schedule is tight and that could bring more reality to the world being created. Specially regarding to making sociadade as realistic as possible, with the closest to the actual AI.

So I hope a mod, you can play along the original or other mods, with no mismatch.


I like the same of he, but without start if a nobleman, or build castle, I do not think the basic political of the world is for that, and if want to do this, you need to change all game.


Am I blind? I’m pretty certain I read somewhere that in the game there will be tourneys? If not, fingers crossed that there will be a mod for it!


You’re probably thinking of tournament mode, which allows you to do sort of a custom battle. Since Henry is not a knight i highly doubt he would be allowed to take part in a tournament.


What if he gets knighted? :stuck_out_tongue:


Highly unlikely in Act 1, it takes place over a few months time.

Not impossible just unlikely.