List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


I would love to see a crusader mod. I could go for any mod involving crusaders. Possibly a game overhaul where the game takes place in the holy land. Also, just character remodeling of sorts where the characters appear as crusaders, Templars, hospitallers etc.


I would be interested in this Scenarios:

Italian Wars

The dawn of the Templer at 1306 as a member of the Order.

The begin of the Reconquista with the possibility to choose your side.


Hey guys! New player here but this thread caught the eye.

I’d love to see a mod with old Norse fighters, particularly Berserkers. Other groups that would be interesting to see would be Visigoths/Vandals. Or maybe Carthaginians… it’d be awesome to storm a battlefield on an elephant.


Just yesterday I saw his video:


Interesting. It’d still be nice to see them in game regardless of fact or fiction. Especially since they were fighting another interesting group, the Saxons.


A Mod for childrens (and for dreamers like me)
to play the Story of the following movie in King dom Come (the intro, cuted by myself)
With all the animals as npcs and for the player!

P.S. Movie seems not under license anymore! Disney :laughing:
Not like “The Ren & Stimpy Show”


Nude mod please. We need to make it our priority to have naked boobs in at least the first 15 minutes of gameplay!


I guess, this kind of replacer will be one of the first mods :smile:
As in many other games with mod support :blush:


Almost certainly right after a mod to turn Henry into Henrietta, and a 3rd person camera.


Oh yeah nude henrietta in TPV with the little people and POC mod, on mountable flying bears that breathe fire.


Hey all, so I would absolutely love it if Chesko took up modding this game or if someone made some mods resembling his mod series for Skyrim. A frostfall (cold weather survival and camping mod with tents and fires) mod would be godly. Also, a realistic needs mods for eating sleeping and drinking. Something like Cheskos WIP mod “hunger in the north” to make food more scarce and increasing the difficulty of survival would be amazing as well. These along with a mod to allow slow recovery from wounds (such as days to a far as months for full recovery) would be cool too. I could go on but this is getting long so basically anything that adds more realistic aspects to the game and makes it more immersive is the best for me. Thanks all.


I usually install mods to get rid of HUD intelligently for better immersion. Especially in First person games I take the HUD as necessary evil and in KC it is Way in your face. I like stylized inventory and map, but I like to forget about in-game hud while playing.
I dont need compass. I am OK with checking the map for directions. Stamina + Health bar should only appear while in combat. They have some nice visual / sound effects representing stamina, hunger or tiredness already. I am not sure how to deal with other effects like bleeding, overcumberesness, buffs from potions and crime notifications. But I would prefer some more discrete visual information.


Well since third person view will be only matter of changing “TPV=0” to “TPV =1” it surely will be among the first :slight_smile:

But I hope for 1st person during herb picking and dialogs. The changing from the “immersive” mode where 1st person camera react to every Henrys movement when getting on horse, to 3rd person cuts feels inconsistent to me.


Mod for medieval colonization / city-building would be fine. Simply to erase all the existing settlements on the map and build it again with friends like in LiF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was trying to get my wife interested in KCD. She was really put off by all the f-bombs. Can there be a language sanitized option?
Speaking of language, where’s all the medieval language? Thou art a varlet and scurilous dog! Fie upon thee!


Sorry couldn’t help Myself :smile:.

If a Modder wished to make this option absolutely. As of the time being there has been no information on whether or not there will be filtered option.

There has been much discussion on this topic, the gist of it boils down to Shakespearean not being used in common speech (people did not walk around speaking like Shakespeare’s characters), Old English can be hard to understand and it is not accurate for the setting of Bohemia, and Old Czech is hard to understand even if you are Czech.

In the end the developers thought it best to go with a more modern English. The dialogue in the alpha is for the alpha only and is not representative of what the final dialogue will be however this game is focused on telling a mature story with adult themes so hat=rsh language is to be expected.

It is also worth noting that many terms we perceive as curse words today were common language in these times.

You read more on the subject in the links provided below.

Keep the Shakespearean language. Your fans aren’t stupid!

Language style: Old or modern?
Voice actors… Who’s voice do you want to hear in the game?
Cudity Level: Too Much or Just Right?


If someone really wants to make a name of them self or even make money from a mod for this game, I suggest making a Game of Thrones mod. or possibly make a DLC for Game of Thrones if HBO allows it, something that would be cool is something like medieval total war strategy play for army battles, but also able to select your man to go into battle.


Someone must be putting saltpeter in the food. Ain’t no kids anywhere! Or on a different line, no dogs or cats either. And with no cats the place ought to be overrun with rats. Perhaps the Pied Piper recently passed through the area and Jerry welshed on paying him?


Not sure if I’m thinking too inside the box here lol… but the first thing I wished for while playing the Alpha was the ability to toggle an autoloot setting. That and maybe a wider FOV when sword fighting so you can see your sword a bit better.


But you know that you can change fov from console right?