List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


I would not expect that in full version to work though.


For what reason?


Have you heard Viktor Bocan at GDS 2016? He said that every option given to player is failure on the designer side (or something like that).
Those commannds are for developers and I think they will disable them as they did with flying.


I kind of agree with that. But changing parameters from console is sort of a step from normal menu options towards modding. And they want to allow that so we will see…


Disabling some commands for alphas was done for other reasons I think. They did not want you to cheat yourself a sword when sword fighting was not even implemented to presentable level. As well they did not want you to fly away from the area and show some ugly unfinished graphics… I reckon anyways


Console commands were disabled becuase of false bug reporting.

Highly doubt that they will be disabled in the full version, especially the fov command which still has been enabled (unlikely for it to cuase game breaking bug, or reveal content before its intended release).


I always thought a StarWars mod like the one Mount and Blade: Galaxy Conquest would be quite cool, if you could become a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, or just a soldier in the Rebel Alliance or Empire, also it would be cool if the characters in it were similar to ones in canon like Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and the Emperor (or even characters from the Prequels or the expanded universe).
I know this would be a major project but it would be so cool!


Wouldn’t it be cool to have binaural ambiance sounds (3D sounds) like forest, water flows, countryside, etc. ? I don’t know if it’s hard to implement, but I think it would greatly enhanced the immersion while playing with headphones!


3rd person camera.


The Viking era. Imagine a map set in Norway, or Denmark, and being able to build a longship, recruit a crew, and pound across the North Sea to raid Northumbrian villages and monasteries. Norway/Denmark and coastal Northumbria would be two different maps, and Northumbria wouldn’t have much depth inland to allow the coast to be as long as possible. Crossing the North Sea wouldn’t be easy either, it would take time and risk bad weather and simply getting lost. And perhaps back home in Scandinavia, quarreling jarls result in battle and bloodshed at home.

More of an entirely new game than a mod, though. It would require lots of new assets, all new armor, clothing, and weapons, new combat tactics cough SHIELD WALL!!! cough, not to mention a boat/ship system. But I can dream, can’t I? It would certainly be more refreshing and interesting then a medieval reskin like the Hundred Year’s War or the Crusades, and the naval aspect would be immense.


leaving gameplay mechanics like AI to DEVs and giving new story, era to Modders like Viking era someone mentioned here.


Realistic Blood and Gore, 1,000,000 Gold Currency in Inventory, Better Combat Animations, Better AI, New Medieval Weapons, More Horse Breeds!


Keep in mind you didn’t really have distinct horse breeds in Medieval Europe like we do today. Horses were instead identified by their purpose (IE Destrier vs. Courser vs. Rouncey, etc.) more than their breeding. So what might be identified as several distinct breeds today, during the 15th century would all have simply been considered a Palfrey (a horse defined by its ambling gait, of which there are several modern breeds that would qualify).


The face of Alpha/Beta Henry.:blush:


Will there be multiple horse breeds/types in vanilla? As in, will we see draught horses ploughing fields, destriers carrying knights, and coursers/rounceys for general purposes? Or will we have to rely on mods for this? I only ever recall seeing courser/rouncey type mounts KC:D media.



Sorry no, I don’t want that but I just thought someone had to say it…


Depending on the final game i would like mods similar to iNeed, Frostfall, Campfire and survival mods like that (i know many of those features will be Inga-Lena). À mod that makes it possible to tame wild horses. Battle drogs. Personal pet dog.
I dont sant any fantasy or magic mods, i have Enderal for that.


The Black Death Mod - would play in Europe from 1348 onwards


Mods , yes i want that and that alone will make this so much better, a success.

But…in order of relevance: 1) Gameplay mods, gameplay is not really that good for my personal taste. 2) content, fantasy mods, like dragons and other things. One can use them or not, it’s up to the player. 3) graphic mods… not really needed with this graphical showcase, the best graphics right now.


what no black Adder :slight_smile: