List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


More siege and open battle mods


That is true, somwehre or not^^
But it is not mod friendly if the command will be removed completely from the code!
Of course not if you want to have a mod support like the witcher 3! XD
uhh ohh better, if you want a mod support like Dying Light!

  1.          Functional 3rd person camera that does not zoom or alter in any way unless I specifically seek it (options settings for different states = In combat, using a bow, sneaking, etc).
  2.         DeadSpace style HUD. Compass and other HUD elements that does not need permanent dislay is hidden unless pressing and holding a key.
  3.          Non-sticky lock-on combat so that I can use the micro-joystick on my gaming-key-pad and retain full control over the camera. (unless that is already in the game. Waiting on a response to that question).


Hardcore or realism mode. Disabled fast travel thing.


Funny, it is a singleplayer game, you could just not use it.


Zombies, Blacksmithing, Medieval sorcery, Bears, Medieval taverns, Medieval inns, Jungle area, and a Snowy area!

  1. Blacksmithing
  2. Jousting
  3. Housing with containers to place favorite weapons and armor
  4. Respawned enemies
  5. Bounty Quests
  6. Executions and dismemberment finishers
  7. Constant seasonal tournaments in every town or castles
  8. Adventure quests, like treasure or relic hunting
  9. Blood and gore


Funny how many of these things are alredy implemented…

medieval taverns and inns, respawned enemies, bounty quests, treasure and relic hunting…



I know, what you mean by that. :smirk:


Barbute helmet, tabards with your own colors and emblems, dye your own clothes. Beards and hair for Henry. Engravings on your weapons :slight_smile:


I know, that this armor is from ahead time, than 1403, but… How can you play medieval RPG without gothic armour? Such a beauty and style. Modders should make this for sure. Just to have. :smirk:


I agree, I wonder how well they will make it, without having it seem off place. For example too shiny, clipping, no shine, looks like plastic…etc


They need to make it with less pattern on armor, and gold decoration- leave.


What are you talking about? Edit: ooohhh


They just need to use earlier Gothic armour(1420-1430) for KC:D as a mod. With less “rich” things.



I guess, with such armour, Henry will die fast, cus everyone from Bohemia will try to get this. :joy:


If this were in the game, I would buy it 10 times

Sadly no :frowning: but I might be able to make it similar in ways


I hope someone from modders gonna be able to make this. But, i guess, it’s not that hard to make. :thinking: