List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


That’s a badass poleaxe…damn


I hope beltstraps and scabarbs will be available, I don’t want to see a floating sword next to him. Let alone a floating bow and quiver on Henry’s back or npc’s for that matter. It would break my immersion and realism of the game a bit.


I guess, WH made scabbards for everything(Swords).


Or a belt loop for an axe handle, polearms can’t be sheathed of course


Just found this… Idk, i’m shocked. How hard was it back then to make something like that? :open_mouth:


viking overhaul it would be cool to have a shield wall formation in bigger battles


Well for starters, everything that was planned, but left out due to time restraints, like Blacksmith, Crossbows, bears and wolves. Other than that, I’ll have to play the game first, before making any suggestions. I do want a pet squirrel, that’s for sure!

Sir Nutsalot:


They call me Sir Nutsalot, hehe you know what I’m saying…


Uh-h-h, Feels bad for Sigismund, cuz he’ll lose his “nuts”. :joy:


i don’t know if anyone wants this other than me but like a leading mod like as a captain or lord or even a king. like i know this goes against their theme but aftergame experience like commanding an empire or building your own castles would be amaaazing or even controlling your own wars, thanks hope someone sees this thanks! maybe even a dlc


Perhaps a modder can clear a spot of land, place a fort or a castle, spawn guards around the walls and towers that will protect the place and of course give you your own personal quarters. Then you can download a mod that will let you spawn enemies in rows and you’ll have your own little siege battle. I don’t know how many npc’s can be spawned without having the game lag or crash. I’ll find out eventually. “Let’s spawn a thousand shall we.” giphy


yeah that would be great! especially guards


Been catching up on Vikings lately and I love the design of Heahmund, the warrior bishop. I would love a mod of his armour and sword in the game: image


I like the character but his pretty boy appearance drives me mad!

His haircut is so modern it threw me off when he first appeared.

Any Vikings mod would be awesome.


I’d really like to have my own castle.
Also a Warcraft wouldn’t be bad, would it ?


I agree with his hair and the like looking too much like a modern pretty boy - but I love the way he speaks, espeically when he goes all old english on people. It just sounds so wise lol.


Yeah I like the character allot, just wish they would have stuck to the historical accuracy.

They have made a few slip ups this season especially with wardrobes, but that’s a topic for another time.


I will pretty sure design a realistic mining village based on 15th century silvermining in Erzgebirge and Harz (both germany) as I have access to archives and locations (even underground)
It looked to be necessary to me after I explored the “mineshaft” in the beta.
I modded a lot for Oblivion so I think it could be possible for me. Consider it to be a mix of historic sight/workplace-quest and dungeon.

  1. third person view mod
  2. third person view mod
  3. third person view mod


Gothic style
Gothic style
Gothic style