List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


Authentic language sync would be a blast!


Berserk over haul mod. The realistic aesthetic would be perfect.


Beards. I’m going to be a traveling warrior/soldier I won’t have time to shave that shit. Plus beards are bad ass.

  1. Blood and Gore

  2. Loads of new armors and weapons like gothic armor or teutonic knight armors, and also from other periods like vikings, romans, greeks, Samurai and maybe even fantasy stuff from Lotr or GoT

  3. Although it probably won’t happen, my absolute favourite would be a total conversion mod set in the viking age. As a german I love that they approach czech and german history, but a game like Kingdom Come Deliverance in the viking age would just be my personal favourite game of all times.


I agree with basically everything said here. Not because I want to play with every single Mod suggested here, but because I can imagine almost every suggested Mod here to become popular.
There is a number of Mods I expect to be released before March, and there are others I don’t expect to come out before summer 2019.
3rd Person Mod Nudity being in the first Category, ridable, flying bears that breathe fire and DLC sized landscape and quest mods that change the setting of the entire game in the latter.

Personally, I don’t think that Mods are either Realistic and Immersive or “giant, ridable bear with rainbow-fur and sword blades as claws, that destroys your enemies with fireballs from his eyes and lightning strikes from his ass” level of ridiculous and silly.

Magic Spells can be done pretty much in the middle of that. (Depending on the technical limitations of course.) Historically, the early 15th century this game is set in was at the beginning of the witch hunts in Europe. It was still a relatively rare and local thing, but nevertheless somewhat worth mentioning.
I highly doubt however that the vanilla game will do that, even as an easter egg, and there are reasons for that both from a gameplay and narritive standpoint.
Using historical witch trials as a basis for the lore, mixing in Norse, Germanic, Celtic and a bit of Greek Mythology, and you have a semi-historical magic mod that, if it’s subtle and high quality enough, doesn’t rip you out of the immersion.
Of course it would be more complicated than just adding Rireballs and Lasers you can shoot from your hands, but well worth it in my opinion.

Also: Sorry for my bad English. I’m from Switzerland.


Dark Souls Drakeblood Armor and Sword


When it comes to armor mods, I definitely want these beauties:


Good news for you. Grunwald is confirmed to be in either KC:D or its sequel (probably the latter).


Yeah, sadly we will probably be forced to fight them, but oh well at least we can get their armour that way.


With this game coming out in 8 days, I have to say I am seriously excited for this. The Mod potential is going to be immense. Warhorse studios would be very wise to take advantage of this opportunity.

Some mods I want to see:

  • Lordship Mod – Allows you to become a lord, run your own castle and manage your own garrison. Set them out on missions to take out bandits and just run an overall Lord simulator.

  • Battle Creator – Something that allows us to make our own battles and fight in them. I’d LOVE to be part of a cavalry charge.

  • Overall immersion mods – I want to live in this game and just enjoy my time in it.

  • Playable bandit storyline (if we don’t already get it in the main game)

and finally…

  • New Lands and Storylines – Modders have the potential to create completely new locations entirely with the possibility of making new story lines all together.


Viking and recruitable companions would be cool and more customization for characters, but I don’t think ill be getting bored of the base game for a while.


War of The Roses.
English Civil War
Mongolian Invasion


I’m still kinda thinking about a female protagonist mod. No main quest line, criminal charges when carrying weapons and 30% less when selling something … and then I’m gonna be a herbalist and poison everyone. Or an outlaw in the woods.


DANGEROUS FORESTS MOD … I want forest encounters with wolfs and other wild animals to be unrealistically frequent and dangerous, later even bandits maybe…
This would be part of SURVIVE THE FOREST MOD which also adds CAMPING , COOKING, MORE LOOT IN FORESTS… and the point of this is to last as many days as possible.


I want a ENB to fix the lightign and fog, and I want a UI mod to remove everything in the UI and make the health bar smaller and off to the side.


And one like Skyrim’s Frostfall which adds harsh weather conditions and wetness.


What should I complain about today?.. How about lint?.. Why is there lint?.. What is lint good for?.. I hate lint!.. Get rid of lint!



Time Scale mod.

Oblivion and Skyrims time scale was 20:1 . You would go into a dungeon for 30 minutes and come out and 2 days have gone past. if you had a needs and diseases mod, in that 30 minutes you would have caught a deadly disease, almost died of hunger, and be a pile of goo by the time you go back to town. So yeah. 5:1 time sscale hits it on the head for me, I can see the day pass by over a few hours but I dont feel like I’m sitting in a time machine.


Don’t want any mods. Really hate mods. Will play on PS4 - mods-free platform:wink:


Currently time ratio is 96 real minutes for 24 hours ingame, which is 1:15. It actually feels pretty good.