List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


Super excited to get in game soon, and then to check out the modding tools!
I would like to see, or make, immersive mods, that is, mods that complement the gameworld and historical setting. Such as:
Camping (tents, campfires, hunting, cooking, etc.)
Survival (Needs)
Weather/Seasons mods
Maybe combat/archery overhauls if they turn out to be clunky
At this stage, not too sure what is already in the game. Wildlife? Human needs? Weather? Weather effects on the player? Changing seasons?
What i do know for sure is that I don’t want to recreate Skyrim here. So, no magic for me, no dragons and mythical monsters. not interested in that. After 3,000+ hours in Skyrim, I’m excited for the history and realism in KC:D. And definitely no sci-fi, light sabers, spaceships, etc.
And finally, of course, graphics enhancers for the already gorgeous CryEngine, like enb and reshade, ultra texture packs, parallax mapping, bokeh dof, etc.


Yes! Survival/camping/wilderness mods are at the top of my list as well.


Nice! I wonder if the Teutonic Knights are in the game?


Survival is already a thing, you need to eat, drink water and sleep. When you get hurt or bleed, you will need to bandage the wound and you will slowly recover your lost health. Possibly in a few game hours and you also heal by resting. You can get sick, so you will need to buy or make an antidote or other potions in alchemy. A camping mod would be awesome.


Great news, thanks!
And since sleep is a real need already, then camping would be a natural fit, at least the ability to make a campfire and bed down for the night out under the stars.
And fishing? That would be great. basically, all the things that people did back then just to get by.
I wonder how the smithing will work, if you’ll be tanning hides and curing leather, etc.


Smithing didn’t workout well, so it was scrapped. They might add in the future, I don’t know for sure. All I know is that you can use the sharpening stone and alchemy station. There are fishermen in the game, but I don’t know if you can fish. Would be nice, since the scenery of this game is quite breathtaking.


Im not sure if fishing made it to the final game or not, but I know it was a planned feature atleast


So, smithing and fishing maybe some things to look at for modding.
With Skyrim, I’m one of those that tried to make the game as “realistic” as possible with the survival and immersion mods. And it’s because of them that I have basically lived in Skyrim for the past 5 or so years, lol. But here, KC:D is already half way there from what I can tell, and it seems a more fitting game world for that kind of play style.
Either way, excited to get my hands on the tools and see what we can do.


The one thing I hate about Skyrim is the person who keeps lighting the candles in the dungeons and caves!! :joy:


I have a STRONG feeling that warhorse will add smithing eventually because that was intended to be in the game.


We should get a black sunglasses mod and a hawaiian shirt for Henry!


1:15 is way too fast. I intend to play for hours at a time, not just 30 mins here and there. After I’ve played for 2 hours almost 4 days would have gone by and Henry would have to eat a whole meal every 30 minutes. Survival simulators should be called Gluttony Simulators.


Yeah, very true, for example in Fallout 4 “survival difficulty” your character gets hungry every 10 minutes. Even after eating a rib eye steak, a message would pop up saying your character is still peckish. Also, I hope there’s an eating and drinking animation. Not just open your inventory and click on the food.


Well as you can see from my statement, you are obvously exagerating. 2 hours of gameplay are NOT 4 days.
2 hours of gameplay are in fact exactly 30 hours, so just over 1 day. That means 2 big meals and snack :stuck_out_tongue: Or not even that with right perks.


A beard mod.

Beards provide a + 2 charisma for the ladies.


You want a mod on Tobi’s beard? +69 to Charisma :wink:


Who doesn’t love a beard like Tobi’s?

If he only he was the main character :cry:


He does have a better beard now. When i’ve seen,it’s just uh-h-h-h… :drooling_face:
Let’s hope we’ll see Tobi as a mod. I want to hear: “Whoresones, i’ll smash your faces” all day.


If only I had a beard as luscious as his. :joy:


He’s just using bleach to have such a vivid and luscious beard. :wink: