List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


Oh! then I’ll go to the store and buy a suspicious amount right away.


After that tell me, will you’ve the same effect on your beard as Tobi’s. :relieved:


No! 7fe6d04daf7c8866f11b2d48be7de4e2


Your beautiful beard is dead.


At first I would like to see mods and dlc’s which improves the game further.
Like crossbows, jousting, seasons with all the things that change with them like weather, work, events, looks of the landscape, length of day and night time etc.



-You’ll start your life of traveler, but someone will shoot you from a crossbow. :wink:


Yeah and do not forget pavise shields for mobile cover.


We need Lichtenauer’s siege instruments. :grinning:


i would like a mod that disables asking for mods on the forum and only allows threads about actual mods being worked on like the GoT mod.


It’s allready out and it name is “selection of threads to read”. :wink:




Knights Templar Mod if you can because I know they are from different times Templars: 1118 KCD: 1403


I really would like a mod what making a censorship with swearing words even with voice… I dont like them at all


I hear Monk Dynasty will be released soon.


They actually have this in kingdom come deleverance.


I hope someone makes an AI Follower/Bodyguard mod.


It would be pretty nice if you can pick up more objects in the game like cups, plates, rocks and use them for selling or throwing. Also, make would be great if someone adds when you hit something with the sword you can see a mark after you hit like cut bushes or ropes make it more realistic. And add damage to doors maybe too?


Please return beautiful graphics with detailed forest, volumetric lighting and thick grass for powerful computers, as it was in the beta version. Is it possible to do in mods? Which files are responsible for fog and lighting? Look at the screenshots of the beta version as beautiful.


a big plus for me would be if the game is made more immersive like pick up anything in the game.


That looks amazing!