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Such graphics were in the beta version.


Is there any way to mod needs (food, sleep) out of the game?

I just cannot be bothered to play it, knowing it will be bothering me about food and sleep like a goddamn toddler. It’s not my idea of fun.

I’d be happy just to be told how to do it myself.


The eating and sleeping is barely an issue at all. In game time doesn’t pass too quickly, so nourishment and tiredness levels don’t drop too fast or become bothersome unless you go several irl hours without eating or napping once (we talking like 4 hours irl). there is food on nearly every bandit/cuman you kill and everywhere you can actually sleep, there is a pot with free food. I have only ever dropped below 60% nourishment once in the 30 hours I have played so far. Its very easy to maintain seeing as sleeping is one of the easiest ways to save the game and there are beds literally everywhere.

Personally I think they got the balance just right, its immersive without being annoying like it is with the Skyrim mods.


Please make random roaming bandits in forests, but make it VERY rare so it will be surprise time to time.


Outfits and Auto-equip

It’s incredibly tedious to change clothing, at present. I don’t know if it’s possible, but the ability to set outfits is vital in these sorts of games.

Alternatively, having the ability to automatically equip the best items for a particular role would be just as good. Where you select, “Armor,” and the game equips all the highest value armour items. Or most importantly you select, “Charisma”, and the game sorts through the arcane Charisma clothing system to give you the most charisma possible.


Hunting Mod: Animals flee easier, faster and further (150-250m, as a hunter I can say this is quite accurate at least for the deer and hare) . Also if possible make shots inflict bleed, not instakill for the big game. Add bloodtrail to bleeding animals. If animals have hit boxes for different parts make leg and gut shots completely nonleathal in gameterms, only add blood trail. Lung, heart = max 30s sprint before bleeding out (adjust bleeding), spine and perfect headshot = instakill (or add mercykill for spineshots). For bad headshot (if possible) just add small blood trail. Less meat gained per kill (around 15-25% of current), 2,5% chance per skill lvl to gain trophies, hide and offal, trophy perk adds flat 25% increased chance, trophies are more expensive. Offal perk adds 50%. Hide perk adds 50%. Meat & offal drops or hide prices are balanced so that hide would be at least 33% of the drop value, not counting trophies.


No deadzone for lock on in melee combat
In other words, a mod that makes it so you have to actively keep the enemy in the center of your view in order to stay “locked on”, but let’s you slide out or unlock from the enemy easily, because it gets rid of the deadzone or lock, that requires you to move your mouse a certain distance/speed before unlocking, in vanilla.


More points for Farkle (the dice game).

I’d love to see a simple mod that raises the amount of points needed for victory from 2,000 to the traditionally played 10,000


More Blood and Gore Mods

Faster alchemy

More Fast Travel Points


Something to help with Reputation would be great


Some more quest mods that involve seiges(like cumans attack rattay and you must defend it or bandits take Skalitz and you gotta retake it)
End game mod where everyone calls you by your proper/new title
Get to rebuild Skalitz and maybe add a w3 type of upgrade where you spend cash/missions to upgrade or rebuild the castle
more gear
craft your own gear or hire blacksmiths to make gear for you


(1) marauding bands of Cuman including some horse archers/lancers
(2) allow inventory to display items by group (eg, armor slot). this allows KCD packrats to view and manage long lists of items stored in Miller Peshek’s home and elsewhere
(3) display mods to horse base numbers as horse buffs/debuffs and origin [eg speed 36 (-4 saddle, +2 horseshoes)]
(4) quest to rebuild Skalitz that includes at least 3 stages of development; each requiring different conditions to be met
(5) village/town resource generation/management (subject to looting by bandits and Cuman; resource sharing between villages/towns)

  1. Make animals more skittish, faster, and harder to hunt. I don’t want to be able to sprint down a deer.

  2. Redo some of the helmets which are based off modern reproductions that are bad. ie. Houndskull helm & German Bascinet.

  3. Crossbows

  4. More polearm use by common soldiery.

  5. Remove strength based damage increases. Base damage purely off items.


Fixes for armor clipping issues would be nice…


I think a mod that either makes the drawing back of the bowstring a little faster or something where the higher level you are the faster you can fire full force arrows


I feel like the damage has to be a little tied to levels otherwise you could technically become the strongest you could get really early on, making progression less rewarding


Really like (2) and (4). It also would be nice to be able to save equipped “outfits” so that you could switch between full armor and stealth setup quicker


Yeah they nerfed the graphics so hard. i guess consoles are to blame yet again…

  • Housing
  • Selling items stored on the horse directly to a merchant
  • Fixing fast travel and waiting script. Right now, the speed of travelling and waiting “wheel” seems to rely on FPS and can be extremly slow, especially the last hour.
  • Possibility to stop a fast travel, just like the waiting system
  • Hire a companion or hire a mercenary
  • More weapons/armors (old relics or other real items)
  • Childs ? Even if I know it can bring problems, it would ehance the overall immersion
  • Cooking and forge mini games/job
  • An hygiene skill tree, to get dirty slower, clean bettter everwhere, etc
  • Fix the way arrows are equiped. Sometimes you only can equip 1 at a time per stack

  1. As mentioned above - rebuilding and retaking Skalitz.
  2. Fixes to game when the story is completed - Talmberg castle should no more be deserted and in complete ruins. It really bothers me personally, to that point that i reverted my game to the moment before battle at Vranik.
  3. Maybe a small land deed for Henry and his own property - Pribyslavitz, for instance?
  4. Rebalancing polearms. They are absolutely overpowered if used with mod which reenables polearms as normal weapons. You are able to take a guard with 1 hit when you are using a halberd.