List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


The only mod that would be important is one that makes this game work.


A mod that, when you unsheathe a certain type of weapon, might show in a corner of the screen the possible or best combos for that weapon !


Templar knight armor


I like the way hunger is managed in the game.
But… something is missing… We need…
A fart simulator!


I’ve seen it a couple of times already in this thread and i want to add my voice to it;

-the ability to gather materials and craft them into other materials which can be used to build your own little town.
(like fallout 4 for example)

or even if it is similar to hearthfire(skyrim)

It would be most interesting when accompanied by a short quest in which you will be rewarded deeds to a piece of land or something.


& actual horse Body armor.
(currently only the head armor and caparisons are ingame)


I just want a fucking hood in this Game, @all modders pls add this as soon is possible please!

This will make the game for me perfect!
They and I hope to see that holding mod :kissing_closed_eyes:


I want cuman armor improved. in a sense that the charisma is WAY to low now. for a armor that looks so good. the lovely colors and craftsmanship are amazing. i wish someone could increase the overall charisma of the items. so i can use them :smiley: now it’s no point in using them at all.


I want some SoulsBorne armor ports. I am already working with a friend on a Demon’s Souls Tower Knight mod for Skyrim and I would like to someday port that mod to Kingdom Come. I don’t know if I will do it myself but I have the files to Tower Knight. he is also been rigged so if anyone would like to port him for me just message me and I’ll send you the files. I would love for KCD version of TK’s set to come complete with helmet vision (optional for those that don’t want it), and his greatlance and tower shield.

I would also like someone to make Sir Radzig’s decorative armor he wears in campaign battle sequences into an armor mod.

here is Sir Razdig’s armor ingame:

here is the picture of the WIP DeS Tower Knight mod for Skyrim:

Thanks in Advance!


Disable slow-motion in combat.

Reduce, not entirely remove, greetings.

Buy a house or something and/or own a business.

The need to drink water, which you can buy from inns and collect from water sources (from lakes etc you gotta boil and filter it)

Ability to make a camp.

More animals and hares with realistic behavior.

Two-handed swords and axes (dont know if they already exist in game)



first of all, nice game.

It would be nice to have a sorting items mod, like Skyrim’s. Vanilla menu is a little confusing.

It would be cool to see weapons section sorted per type (swords, maces, longswords, bows, etc)
The same for armors’ (leg armor, arms armor, chest, head). As of now, both are mixed and sorted in alphabetic order only.

It could be done for the whole inventory. Anyway my main concern is weapon/armor related

Keep up the good work.


Super bump.


Being able to put hoods over your head, and a hotkey for doing so


I would like to see real time when its day irl its day in kingdome come when its night irl its night in kingdomcome
and the eating should reflect that having to eat all the time is dang annoying he keeps saying im hungry i get it already
I would also like to see children its quite unimmersive to see no children
I would like to see lots of wild life
And maybe some truly bad guys that you can hunt down for money like a bountyhunter
i would love to see some bad guys that i can hunt down who wear necklaces made out of ears
or something or rescue some people who have been kidnapped by a madman
and maybe a blacksmith who makes unconvential armor not fantasy armor per se
but maybe something like a tigerstriped armor


I would love ot see some new and innovative perks. Not just some number tweaking like ppl have done already on the Nexus - more like brand new interactions with outside world, more risk vs reward perks and so on.


Camping mod; would be nice to sleep while out adventuring without need for returning to a town.


Open helmets pressing a key and more armors


Or having to stumble across a camp


better fire / smoke effects mod please !


A mod to change the current owned horse color to any color available in the game by placing the color file you want in the data folder. Can’t think of anything simpler for this. And yes i know about the mod that changes all the horses stats in the stables.