List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


This game seriuosly needs more cats! Haven’t seen one …

The cat should hunt for mice in the storage areas, roam on farming grounds, meow when clicked and collectable to put into the saddle stash :slight_smile:


i’ve already seen some mods that change the random encounters both for traveling in game and in fast travel. i wonder if they could add different varieties of characters for the warfarers or even different events completely.

the game has a really robust, self sustaining eco system. i could see myself playing indefinitely if it’s possible to keep adding different types of events and encounters in the game world.


This contains console commands, as well as other things. Search for “wh_” to find Warhorse commands.


Skins for the dogs. I’ve only seen one kind of dog with the same color so far.

Compare equipment.

Sort according to type e.g all arrows in a row, all axes in a row and so on.

Smarter wildlife AI.

A “most wanted” activity that is endless.

Slower day progression.

Bandits/traders etc that have given up to other bandits/cumans should run away, tied up or not , when the player is killing and/or routing all enemies.


Daniel Wavre’s Twitter feed. In the future, the WH will support the mods?


Eating and drinking animations, preferably when sat down at a table, would be great for extra immersion value. Perhaps even using the eating animation from when you are in the monastery? Aside from that, just lots more perks or just 2nd/3rd tiers of existing perks. I would love a greater variety of choice when deciding who my Henry is turning out to be.


More animals would be great. We go into the forest and see nothing. We dont see any wolves, no chipmunks, rodents, insects, birds, wild dogs, etc. And surely there would be badgers etc in the fields of long grass.


They could add foxes,lynx and hawks,eagles,crows,rats.
1)Mercenary mission on foreign land.
2)Fake beggars and fake monks on couuntryside streets. People on horseback,carriages.
3)Barber shop.
4)Medieval tournament
5)Falconry hunt.


Remove character from map in countryside. I enjoy exploration. I already have mods to completely remove the compass and markers but somehow I still know exactly where I am on the map. Removing the character marker while in countryside would would allow better immersion. thanks for considering.


Actually that could be quite realistic. AFAIK the more you go back in history the more cats were used as rats treatment solution.


a mod to add more wildlife


I started a thread in the Steam Forums about cats, too. Some guys posted nice links to “cats in the medieval ages”, I’ll look it up later if you like.


i wanna the old Henry back :frowning:

ink. the old hoods what i have post for about 3 day (into this Thread)


Well that is going to make travelling in the woods/hunting interesting. That would be dope if you could get bait and set traps


A lot of these have probably been said, don’t care :slight_smile:

-Camping: Tent/bedroll, better cooking ingredient options at a campfire(veggies/meat for stew or what not)

-Eating/Drinking animation: At a table/tavern, at a campfire especially…good way to wait and pass time, maybe on a toggle option

-Wood Cutting/Gathering: For sale or for fires, fires should need fuel and as of now they dont, which is silly

-Water Skin: for water for drinking adding to pot for making stews/soups, fill with wine/booze, fillable at streams/clean(not the bathing tub) water sources

-Curing meat: Salt and cure meat for longer/infinite expiration

-Fishing: Either fishing pole/bait and mini game or even ability to buy my own baskets to use at the already available fishing spots, manually placed/manually emptied, can become full/will refill once emptied, can be emptied by NPCs and be “stolen” from you. Prepare fish, cook fish, and cure/dry fish like meats

-Homestead: Your own little farm house, buildable house or not, (maybe Henry doesnt need a castly but his own little piece of sweetness isnt too much to ask).

-Farming: Plots to grow veggies for market, wheat for millers, raise cows/pigs/chickens for butcher/market. Also the ability to pick veggies from existing gardens, even if it is illegal and results in penalty if caught.

-Mining: If you cannot mine because it is illegal it should be a risk I’m willing to take or be a job I can take from someone to help mine so much ore for so much money and to pass time.

-Tournaments/Jousting: Probably not jousting because I could see that being a mess but tournaments 1v1-1v3-4v4, relatively small tournys should be doable.

-Market Pricing: People buy goods at pricing based on what they sell, a butcher will be more interested in meat than he/she would be veggies, and so on (it may be that way, but it does not appear to be so to me)

-More gambling: More people playing dice/more dice tables, higher stakes, a card game of sorts?

-Clothing: More clothing options. It seems I can buy in Rattay the same exact stuff for sale in Sassau, seems odd.

-Weapon/Armor Smithing: self explanitory, should not be easy but should be worth it/do not make it breakable like in Skyrim.

-Family: An option to start a family/live a life after the story line ends (not there yet, may already be a thing).

-Alternate Start/Life: Play as a character who is not Henry during the storyline, progressing on a time line or some such mechanic so you can play along the story line as a guard or as a merchant, hunter, fisherman, whatever. Or make it where you take Henrys place in the story, but you start in Rattay, or whichever city you choose, and the “story” doesnt start until you make your way to Rattay where Sir Radzig went after he meets you again in Talmberg after the initial raid and catch wind of what happened…

-Guilds: Guard/Fighters, Thief and Assassin for sure. Maybe a hunters guild or something?

-Group hunts/Huntin Competitions: Re enterable hunting competitions like the one you have with Hans.

-More Animals: Self explanatory but more types of animals, wolves and bears, but also more animals in regards to population, it seems I walk a long time and then find a like 2 rabbits.

-Harder/More Enemies: Increase the enemy population, maybe by a scaling percentage or something with/or without lootable gear(so it could just randomly generate a basic armored bandit or cuman)…for a harder gaming experience, not necessarily to get more loot/money.

-Faster combat: Some people swing really fast but generally battle is relatively slow, if it is not patched normally a mod to speed the gameplay up during fights if possible would be cool.


Now this is third person done through cheat engine. Third person is working well as you can see. but this dude wants money for the trainer… which is outrageous IMO. but it is possible at least. just hoping for a person without greed as top priority to create the mod.


I can’t understand the point of third person. It’s going to kill immersion and stuff, but yeah, if people do appreciate other things in this game, then fine. At least, it’s minority. Also, this filthy russian asking money for this mod, so he must be sued or rekted. I prefer first. I’m ashamed, that he’s living with me on the same land. :sunglasses:


I’m not alone in wanting Third person.Third person increase my immersion in games (look at Deadspace,One of the most immersive horror games to date) trust me when i say that. Non third person option is even halting sales. But yeah the greedy Russian is just sad. Why not share such an awesome feature ‘‘In my opinion’’ with everyone…


The funny fact, that he just used the console command from BETA or just changed values via cheat engine and asking money for that “hard work”. But, hopefully, he won’t be walking around and asking money for this mod. Also, there’s no problem in the third person, the problem is in loosing immersion, some gameplay features and interactions. The game from the beginning was made for first person, so it doesn’t support some features to be played on third.


What is the console command :smiley: :smiley: ? hehe