List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


I need to check it, cus i don’t remember exactly line. It mightn’t work in release.


Probably not.


Firstly Directional blocking. Secondly Item type carrying limit i.e. neither Henry nor his horse shoud be able to carry more than one set of armor (with all the parts) and one or two types of weapons. Right now Henry is just like any other gear whore in any other open world game that has practically limitless black hole of a backpack and can carry 200 lbs (almost 500 lbs in horse’s case) of equipment. This would severly limit the ability to get rich quick in the game and increase immersion.


I think item type carrying limit would prevent Henry from getting rich quick off of selling the looted armor and weapons and also increase immersion since Henry does not have a cart following his horse just for storing equipment.


He isnt a dude. Maybe something more weird but not cool or a dude.
He is same like CheatHappens! LMAO
I know this third person mod people. He is just a poser.
Such people destroying the mod scene. Same as Bethesda Mod Shop.
I hope people will buy it and get a virus for it, instead of a converted CT table! XD


I’d like if I could play chess f.e. or checkers.


most taverns have a couple of tables than never get used. it would be cool to have a game board set up or a deck of cards, either set up on the tables or able to be in your inventory and set up when you’re sitting at a table. Then when the Tavern is hoppin you set up your game/cards and villagers can come and play. Dice is fun, but its pretty boring already.


Autoloot, something like Bodyslde,reposition hud, physics and NUDITY



Mod Request! Witcher Music Mod!

Like they did for Skyrim!


What I would like to see is more of a variety of situations to fight on the roads, as well as more variety of NPCs to fight.
Guilds. Some sort of organized mercenary or fighters guild, thieves guild, alchemist guild, merchants guild.
Increased inclement weather/ seasons? I would love to see snow and epic mountain scenes, more places for adventurer types like more caves, dungeons, mines to explore. Something like a Carpathian mountain DLC would be awesome, complete with foggy pine forests and snow capped peaks.
In addition to this harsher terrain I think there should be more ferocious wildlife. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks fighting bears, wolves, and boars sounds totally rad.
Animal companion.
More blood, gore, dismemberment, impalement.
The next type of DLC which would be so adaptable would be some type of historically accurate horror based around the same time and place. I think the best adaptable horror arc would be that of Transylvanian Vlad the Impaler. It would be the same time and setting with the same type of architecture and castles, except add in the flavour of a harsh mountainous setting with cold, maybe an inclement weather system, ferocious mountain animals, and rumours of Vlad the Impalers mercillessness spoken in hushed tones.


More dynamic and period accurate breeds of cows




is it? i thought frisian cows were only in frisia at the time


Is this raceist I feel strongly that the cows in kcd are misrepresented and look nothing like the native breeds in bohemia with lifeless dull eyes an poor texture quality on thair hides I hope this is improved by the modding community




That sir is not a holstein friesian


History and Development of Fleckvieh Breed
During the first half of the 19th century, a great number of cattle breeds and cattle strains were bred in the what is now the Czech Republic. The original domestic cattle, typical for central Europe is called Cervinky. These animals were bred on the gentry and church estates. The Cervinky cattle were upgraded by crossing them with imported animals, which came mainly from area of Austria. Since the second half of the 19th century, a Simmental cattle was imported in increasing numbers from Switzerland. At the close of the19th century, the Fleckvieh cattle were living in many areas of the Czech Republic. In 1920, the records of the breeding of pied cattle were consolidated. Some of the top European bulls were bred with cows to start new lines of animals in Bohemia.
Crossing with Dairy Cattle Breeds
In the postwar years after 1945 the breeding of Fleckvieh cattle was oriented towards the goal of producing offspring with triple performance qualities. More than 1/3 of animals was used for draft purposes. This influenced the type of animals who would be the most desirable as well as defining what would be their ideal performance parameters. But, these animals were not able to conform to the desired trait of higher animal body density. Because of this, the population was upgraded by using Ayshires, and later, Red Holstein cattle with the aim of maintaining the double performance (meat-milk) characteristics. The percentage of upgraded animals was from 25% to 37%. However,these cross breedings were not entirely successful.
After 70 years, the large amount of cows which were cross bred to Black-pied bulls led to drastic changes in the profile of the cattle population in the Czech Republic.


I want to change the music in the game, any ideas how? I have some really good medieval music that I want to put in there.


I think rather Godwin an hennry would appreciate this two as it would lead to a more immersive gameplay experience for future historians


I have just watched the trailer for cryfar an I am really impressed with the time and effort which has gone in creating believable an realistic bovine livestock unlike this game they also look far more fed and apper to be looked after by the local inhabitants