List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!



I want ability to hire mercenary and the bull above too


Send me a PM with that music bro!


After skimming through the majority of the recent posts and looking on nexusmods, i could not find a mod for marking certain gear to be part of a “set”.

Would be nice to be able to flag certain equipment as “charisma/speech” gear, another set for stealth and another set for combat. Obviously you can pick and choose your own equipment and just mark it.
This would save me 2 minutes everytime i have to go into town to sell or at night when i want to start stealing stuff. and then the 5 minutes i have to go through my entire inventory to re-equip my combat gear for whenever shit hits the fan (because you can’t do it in combat).

The argument is already made that the game doesn’t really facilitate carrying to much gear to be able to assign sets.
Weight restrictions (so you can’t carry that much clothes) and ofcourse realism are a fair counter argument (I doubt you would see people in the middle of the day swap out their armor for clothes when going to the store, then again why would they go to the store in their armor).
But i’m sure there’s demand for a mod that let’s people flag equipment to create sets for easy armor swapping.
I know I keep wanting this type of mod, when i go to sell or want to be sneaky.


I am afraid you will need to ask the composer himself. I will give you a link to his YouTube channel, but don’t quote me if you get in trouble for this. The music industry is very touchy over copyright.
I wish you luck with the modding:


Increased Jumping Height Mod, Vampire Mod, Must stay in the Shadows during the day to survive and hunt at night to live, Complete with abilities to Fly, Bite and consume Souls (Health), Night Eye Ability, Ability to sense Life around him. Extra Charm, Speed…etc


I) Long hairs for players character model - only sigismus in cutscene has long red haird - i dont mind play with his mode and NPC.

II) Hardcore realistic language mod - game contains all lang data in steam version - bohemia in this age was multi-lang country, so i would like to see voices over for character depends on their origin + english subtitles for all -> so even in english version (=Czech characters) would lots characters speak german… For even more hardcore players, there should be option - multi-lang voice over + multi lang subtitles - by this way you can really learn something form game…

III) More hounds varianty, default dog is a bit creapy.

IV) Some wild dogs or wolf in the forrest, perhaps even 1 bear, boards at least something should be aggresive.

V) Disable stupid not realistic alchemy, for it we need saving bypass.

VI) No respawn all things in store after player stole something.

VII) For civilian murder not jail, but execution cutscene of player (you will be outlaw for rest of the game ) - reuse some animation from executioners quests.

VIII) Speak from horsebacks…

IX) Simple first person only conversations… I dont need see my own character from 3rd person view.


Period or modern language?


If you means lang style from age of game, it would be ultra hardcore:)


Yes, like English of Canterbury Tales (roughly contemporaneous)


Vavra et al did a great(-very good) job of capturing elements of the time. Beggars being greedy… would’ve been nice to incorporate more stories, themes etc of the time. Example Der Ackermann aus Böhmen. Boru9 mentioned stories about people in the woods. Etc


A mod to custom more spawns and random events / encounters configuration, custom places (coordinates), custom types, NPC groups… etc

  • More dynamic persistent world spawns, bandits and cumans travelling, soldiers and NPCs, fishing, hunting, villages assaults, actually living outside of main cities or towns, not only static like spawns.

  • More NPCs interactions, more dynamic behaviour, tavern drunk conflicts and brawls, random violence and criminals (not only… thief… thief and two fellas running).

Radiant quests to hunt criminals and bring them at gallows, carriages and mounted enemies, merchants travelling squads with carriages, nobleman, weekly tournaments at arenas.

In general, more persistent world spawns, and more NPC interactions and routines outside main cities and towns (camps, assaults, travelling)

How to make KCD actually feel more realistic

A mod that changes the horse model to a motorcycle


A mod organizer would be nice.

As of now I have like 5/6 mods installed. They slow down loading times a little bit.

Problem is I don’t know what would be a functional load order; I’d rather let this job to a program.


Speaking from horseback should come with option to end all dialogue with ‘begone, peasant.!’


Or instead of “end dialogue” it’s just “gallop away” and you just leave them in the dust mid conversation


Seconding what was mentioned a few posts above me-- more spawns and random events! And more enemy types in general! Everything feels super empty as of right now.


I’d like a mod that does the following: When you’re searched by a guard, he also searches the contents of your horse.

I dump my stuff by default to my horse to carry, so now I have no fear of getting stopped by guards which has made a large part of the game mute.


Please is there someway to move the dude that you duel with randomly, to a consistent feature at the sword fighting arena would make a ton more sense and shouldn’t be too hard to do .


In controls menu ADD special key for torch