List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


Maybe it’s too much to ask, but I’d like a “Constructor” kind-of mod that would allow you to create your own scenarious, everything from choosing the scene and characters to scripting their behavour, so we could create quests of our own.
I’d really like Wheel of Time made based on this game :slight_smile:


I dunno if it’s possible to change some elements of the game engine, but i’d really really like bushes to just slow you down and drain your stamina to get through them, instead of propelling you into the air and act like mounds and natural fences.


Improved AI mod.

  1. If a character is shot with an arrow, it doesn’t matter if the arrow missed or hit he should react immediately, crouch, move quickly to a side, etc, instead of standintg there saying “who’s there” for a minute.
  2. Multiple opponents should sprint and try to surround you and attack at once where possible.
  3. Better tracking for archers, and at least 2 polearms bearers in any group with increased chance to knock you off the horseback.
  4. Smarter scouts and lookouts. Instead of talking non-stop during night, some of them could wait in a bush, ambush you from behind.
  5. If they lost sight of you, they don’t just hide their weapon and stand there. They should return to their camp/usual place and be alert, almost impossible to sneak upon.
    And so on and so forth, but even these 5 point would improve gameplay by tons.
    Please, make it happen!


Increased Jumping x4, x6, x8 Vampire Flying Mod


You’re starting to annoy me! -.-


A clock on the GUI would be nice so that you don’t have to open the inventory to see how late it is.
And a flag / sign on the GUI to see if you have the weapon out or not (Sword and Bow).
And an own hotkey for the torch, I hate to put the weapon out when I wanted to make some light.


more customizations for horses


the anti hud non immersive crowd gonna be hating on you :laughing:


the inventory broken into types i.e.: clothing, armor , weapons, food, crafting/repair supplies, books and loot junk.
have toggled suits of armor and town clothing.
full horse armor.
pole arms for the player and can sell them as loot. ( not a modded thing but regular.)
mail sleeves so can use in place of full mail to lighten armor weight.





Tap the weapon toggle to use weapons. Hold the same key to toggle the torch. You already don’t have to unsheathe the sword when pulling out a light.


Maybe this Mod would do the trick…


I meant that that is already the default behaviour. You can directly control whether you draw the torch alone, or weapon (including the currently equipped torch or shield), and whether you put away both or the torch alone using the existing keybind.

There is no need to mod anything to get this behaviour, but changing the key does of course aid consistency if you fumble keypresses regularly.


You can just hit the wait button and find out the time.


Most of those have already been made.


Already made…


Here is one, but I don’t think it auto orders.

There is also a mod merger that automatically merges conflicting mods available.


Everybody knows about Roads are Dangerous. I was referring to mods that expand that concept further and make the enemy types have more variety, though that likely isn’t gonna happen until we get access to greater modding tools from the devs.


Roads are Dangerous has a version that adds a few, but I agree that would be nice. It would probably have to come from a dlc expansion pack


Wish there were in game toggle switches to enable varying spawn rates and types