List of mods that you want made! POST HERE!


That would be equal to or greater than the bomb diggity.


My ideas for mods are the following:

  • A mod that adds the possibility to fix broken arrows
  • A mod that adds the possibility to repair Horse Equipment
  • A mod that adds a Rescue Quest around the mysterious daughter of Konrad Hagen, which is allegedly kept as a prisoner by her father
  • A mod that adds carts to the game: a cart is a moving chest that can be attached to the horse. The cart makes the horse slower and attracts assaults on the road from increasingly skilled/numerous enemies the more wealthy stuff it contains.
  • A mod that allows one to offer money to beggars in town, with positive repercussions to one’s reputation in the whole town
  • A mod that makes you glide around trees instead of getting stuck on them
  • More Quests


The only equipment you need to steal stuff are a Monk robe (the one without keys) and Dark Silent Shoes.
This gear guarantees the best stealth stats.


I like to see a kindergarden mode.
Where whining kids who mistake difficulty for bugs can play the game.
Like a bike with safety wheels a helmet and stuff


It is possible in the game!
@Tailor you can repair Caparison
@ Blacksmith you can repair Horseshoe
@Cobbler/shoemaker you can repair Saddle and Bridle

And I hope this list will now end the question and confusion about repairing the horse equipment :smile: :sunny:
If it is still not possible, It is a Bug! I repaired my horse equipment exactly 10 minutes ago today.


really? Since when? I don’t recall it working two months ago, and I didn’t try it in my new run. Thanks for telling me that!


Since relaese, i guess. I was not able to test it before the first patch was out.
In my first run, it took me a long time to get a horse and had it fully equipped.


Uhm, then I guess I only tried using repair kits or I did something wrong.

I usually get a fully equipped Jenda right after being healed by Theresa, that’s how important it is :slight_smile:


You have to unequip it from your horse, and put it back in your inventory. You can’t repair anything not in your personal inventory.


I forgot to say that I would like a quest revolving around the very gloomy Hunting Hut hidden in the forest south-east of Rattay, the one filled with dead corpses of young women who have obviously being tortured.

When I found that place out I was really expecting some quest to be triggered, and I even explored the whole surroundings looking for the possible responsible for that terrible crime scene.

I ended up killing a Poacher who had camp near there, though I can’t tell for sure he was truly responsible for it.


Repair kits work also.
Cobbler kit for saddle etc…


Or more Damaged than your maintenance skill level if you DIY it.


Forgive me if i ask this, but who repairs golden spurs?


you can with a armor kit and proper maintenance skill level and armorers( since it is in the armor category)
can try blacksmith too But I can’t realy remember correctly atm.


This doesn’t sound right.

I have just visited every armourer/blacksmith in Rattay and none of them allows me to repair Golden Spurs.
The item does also not show up on the list of any repair kit among those available.


Well, it seem logical that they would. Admittedly I haven’t found the need or tried to repair them. I use the knight ones ( which I have repaired) and sell the golden as I get performance and charisma from them & not just charisma


Never got one yet^^ I will test it tonight, if i can find some to buy or the item id


That would be awesome, i dont think its true binaural now


What would nice would be to be able to lead your horse by the bridle while on foot.
This would be good when following a blood trail, checking out an ambush or tracking down a treasure chest as examples