Livestream on Friday 23rd of June


This Friday, the 23rd of June we will have a Livestream with Tobi and a special guest on at 6pm CEST

Do you have any questions upfront, which we can try to answer in the Livestream? Just ask here in this thread!


Uhrzeit ? Von wann bis wann ?


We don´t have a time yet, we are still working on the schedule and will come up with a time quite soon.


Second Tobi? Cuz he have a beard. :thinking: 2 Tobi’s = x2 PR skills.
P.S This’s ESO for 100 groschen.


Sooo… did you receive any significant feedback after E3 previews?
Did it shift any of your priorities in final run to release date? (From videos+comments it seems that both facial and body animations - especially during conversations - are most criticized so far).
Are you overall satisfied with how E3 went?
Did you expect more/less covfefe from major websites?
Will there ever be linux/mac versions or are they scratched? (not that I personally care :D)


Well the question is obvious. Why the delay. I get over it, but I think we deserve to know a reason behind it. Thanks.


Will you remove the back quivers?

#8 - 2:40


#topsecret! Don’t look at it!

Oh…you did it? :pensive:


1: Most important: How is the status with the scabbards?
2: When we will see that the bow object is being hung correctly on the NPC models i.e. not glued on the back but hung over the shoulder like in Tomb Raider
3. When will you start to improve the animations?
4. How is the status with the straps for the shield. e.g the shield hanging on a strap behind the back and not glued onto the model.


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But… Everyone know about ESO… :thinking:


did you see Dan’s face? :open_mouth:


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We need to stop this senseless spam(Who have seen a trailer will understand :wink:).


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Psh-psh, i want to continue, but i’m will be so sorry for modders. :wink:

  • What are the biggest problems with optimization you guys are facing at this moment?

  • Any news on DLC’s? Like adding additional quests, armor or weapons (variations) to the game.

  • Any plans on expanding Henry’s story, if that’s even possible? (for example through DLC) Or do we have to wait for kingdom come 2?

  • Do you have a status update on the physical items and their time of shipping?

  • What are your plans on modding support?