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Are the body animations during conversation final? Characters look stiff during dialog.


Are you planning on releasing DLCs and if so, how many and in which price range will they be or how much content will they have (just a new horse armor or a few extra quests)?

Even though someone else here already asked, I have to do it again: What about scabbards? Will they be included in the game for all/most swords? Because I think in the trailers there were no scabbards/sheathes.

How far are you with the animations? Will they be changed a great deal until release or stay mostly the same?

Will you change the behaviour of NPCs while talking to Henry? In the new E3 Gameplay videos the characters are barely moving and standing there kinda awkward.

I am not entirely sure, but I think that in a military context or as a townguard you would almost always use some kind of polearm and a sword only as backup weapon. However in the trailers and the Gameplay footage there seem to be almost too many swords as primary weapons. Is this intended/unintended and is there a possibility of changing this?


After game is released can we have Horse combat and Blacksmithing dlcs instead of useless female character. Also More huge battles.


What DLC are you working on?

What is on the borders of map?

Are you working on Czech voiceovers?

What is the name of character looking like Daniel Vávra?

Does night affect the game any other way than in crime system?

Can you use woman clothes on Henry?

Are you making demo version for game?

Can you command anyone, have companions?

Do you still use faces or voiceovers of your developers for characters?

I know of statue, portaits and memorials of backers. Are there any other hidden mysteries not connected to reality?

Are there any extinct animals living in game?

If I knock anyone out and I throw his body to water, will he drown? (not in Beta)

Can you kill your own horse? Can anyone kill your horse?

I heard NPC will take over the place after you kill the previous inhabitant of village. How many of these generations will happen?

How many hours of cutscenes you have ready?


Good questions. Looking forward to the answers.



I have only one request…PLEASE talk about new stuff, what are you working on and similar things, because if Im gonna hear again stuff like…kcd is open wolrd rpg…these events actually happened…we have full time historian…16 equipable slots…realistic combat, etc, etc…Im gonna kill myself :smiley: :smiley:


Question: Why the game was delayed again? What are the reasons? (real reasons - not just “we need more time to polish the game”)

Why not to show us some REALY new stuff that nobody seen… Like “open field battles”, “sieges”, “tournament mode”…?


Dude, what answer would satiate your hunger for flaming? What makes you think that polishing and finishing game isn´t real reason?


What about GOG release? Or GOG connect support?


The Livestream will be on 6PM CEST :slight_smile:


Yay, The best evening: confirmed. :smile:


This question brought me to something I’d like to know:
How customizable UI will be? Can be possible to change opacity of HUD, or even better, change opacity of different HUD elements?
It is basically widened original question of @Jlyga_u_onacHa.

Also, what was the green shield mark in the middle of crosshair? Didnt see that until now.
Btw can you describe current HUD of KCD? Looks like it changed a bit since beta, so maybe some introduction would be nice? Again, no idea if that was somewhere written/said before.


I would like to ask about, how many types of visors will be in the game for helmets?
Will they change the field of view (I mean the first person image that blocks a certain part of the screen when putting on a helmet with a certain type of visor) or will only the protection class change?
And can you raise the visor if you need to assess the situation in the battle around?

P.S I know, that these questions aren’t for this stream, but i got interested about it only right now. :pensive:


People go too much deep into details that are almost unnoticeable and are completely waste of dev time to create. Neither you notice neither it affect gameplay.[quote=“cr4zydave, post:23, topic:33240”]
Will you change the behaviour of NPCs while talking to Henry? In the new E3 Gameplay videos the characters are barely moving and standing there kinda awkward.

who the hell cares about that at all.


As @atjov01 already noticed, the guest of today´s livestream at 6pm CEST on will be ESO.


Allot more people then you may think actually.

Especially here in these forums where the appropriate color of carrots was argued early on in the project.

There is a majority of early backers who supported this project because of the attention to fine details.

It would be more of a waste to not correct these immersion breaking elements then to leave them in. why 3D scan faces, apples, feces, etc. if only to skimp on the animations of the world?


Půjdete pak na pivo? A kam? :smiley:


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