Livestream on Friday 23rd of June


yep, the love story of all time has just begun


Tobi with beard, so manly…

@McWonderBeast here’s generator, have fun


Thanks for answering my questions.


Stream was exactly the same like half year ago. Again… nothing new was shown and no important questions were answered.


Great stream!


Thanks for stream. I’m glad, that there will be visor mechanics. :smile:


I enjoyed it :wink:


Will have to catch it later.

Still have a pending decision based on the stream.



Stream starts at 19:51.


Time machine???


Yes, could be.

We all have seen the same quest half year ago. Also every backer seen combat thousand times.

The game is nearly finished so there must be a lot of stuff to show but WH realy do not want to show nothing new. Why?


They don’t want to spoil the game?


For example, I do. I noticed on several occasions during the 15 minute gameplay that some (not all) characters really look stiff. If you want more details, I will give you a link to youtube with proper timing. Obviously, I’m not the only one who noticed this - probably game animations aren’t final, maybe the delay @warhorse took is because they want to deliver great game, which goes through fixing small irritating things like that.


They probably specifically polished this section of the game for conventions and shows, I suspect the rest of the game is not this level of smooth/finished.


This is the tutorial section. It is controlled/contained (and I suspect may be similar to the console ‘preload’ content).

I’d far rather they totally demonstrated every wrinkle of this section a dozen times than gave more spoilers for other quests in the later game. I don’t think that in depth coverage of significant amounts of other ‘new’ content would be beneficial - the story is so integral to the experience that keeping some mystery is important.


Exactly, like when they streamed a while ago and gave the clue how to get inside the church and spoiled all the fun part of how to plan your things on your own. I think it is still good they show players what to expect from game, but they really should not go so deep in, not that they do with other videos I saw.

Especially when closing time is so soon and after it gets released, people will just run through, because they will know exactly what to do from these streams. Not that they would not know from later play through, but it does not need to be part of the show for fans who are neat for details that will easily spoil themselves. Not that I care much about spoiling myself a little, but you are right about this one.

I asked Tobi on this stream about demo. I know that they do not want any other early access, what I actually meant was if after they have game finished or released, if they put out a demo too, but clearly it is not their plan. As they had to create intro for PS4 before installing full game, I thought they might make this “demo” for PC as well.

Just side note for Tobi, “Are there any extinct animals living in game?” Someone mentioned some nowadays extinct animals which were living in that region in past could appear in the game. Not that I meant fantasy stuff, but there were animals hunted by locals which disappeared.


Hey nerds! :slight_smile: I hope you liked the stream. Unfortuantely we had a 15 minutes delay… weeeeell technical resons! However, we edited it and I just uploaded the stream, so for those who missed it or want to check it again… here you go:


You can look at three things forever:The movement of water; How the fire burns; How Toby tries to sell you the game. :wink:
Thanks for streaming yesterday. :smile:
P.S Nice beard actually.


Hey Tobes… I noticed on the Livestream where you went to confront the guy who owed money to Henry’s father for the new hammer, you got beat to about an inch of your life. *which did seem to be a reoccurring theme on the stream now that I think about it :smirk:

Anyways, after the fight you were walking around and quickly chatted to a merchant. During the conversation you could clearly see that even though there was blood around the edge of your vision on-screen (because of how close to death you were) Henry himself didn’t have a single mark or scratch on him. He looked fresh as a daisy

Which leads me to my question; is in-game damage actually going to be reflected aesthetically on the characters? Will said damage be visible in some form or representation?

Cheers :beer: