Livestream on Friday 23rd of June


Yes this will be in the game. It is just not part of this build yet.


Thanks Doc… good to hear




What an odd and dismissive statement to make. “Neither you notice neither it affect gameplay” Obviously someone noticed and thought it was unimmersive, since you are replying/commenting to their post, I for one agree with @cr4zydave and @umar that it doesn’t look right.
Lastly your opinion on what is details are worth the time of the developers does not hold for everyone concerned/interested with the development of the game.


Any word on how will that stuff work? Never seen any specifics mentioned anywhere


There will be visible damage and blood stains on the clothing/armor


Will that damage appear at the point of impact or is it a generic damaged overlay?


This visible damage is not physically calulated as the the impact is.
So it is more of the damage overlay you are speaking about. But it still looks great


Well, that’s unfortunate. A generic texture (as pretty as it could be) is just not a good response.


Lets wait and see, sounds not so bad as you might think.


Unfortunately it is as bad as I think. It means you’ll see exactly the same response every single time, with the difference probably being only different overlays for armor and clothes, and perhaps the texture will be split into limbs, torso and head. The bottom line is that this stuff will not deliver good feedback at all.

It’s somewhat better than absolutely nothing, but will never deliver that feel when you’ll see a wound\cut\blood soaked area\dent appear at the point where you hit the character.


Maybe there are diffent Layers depending on which weapon was used and which direction the hit came from.
Just 7 Months and we know more.