Low FPS problem SOLVED

I need help, I´m having problems with my FPS I have
AMD FX 6300 which I OC to 4.2 GHz
GTX 1050ti

I heard and seen a lot of people with my same specs that manage to get 30 to 40 FPS on medium settings, but my PC struggles even on all LOW settings


PS. I get 6 to 8 FPS on city and at most 20 fps on a plain field

Well you can try this Mod by ovni,I added a bunch of stuff to it but it has a read me for install and if you do not like something in read me,there is how to get rid of it.

Put these settings in ogp_override.cfg in the mod folder if you do not like it darker ,these are adjustable
e_svoTI_SSAOAmount = 1.4
Allows to scale down SSAO (SSDO) amount and radius when GI is active(Higher The Number The Darker And More Detail In Ground Textures

e_svoTI_SpecularAmplifier = 0
Adjusts the output brightness of specular component.If using full GI set to 0.

e_svoTI_DiffuseAmplifier= 1
Adjusts the output brightness of cone traced indirect diffuse component
(0 is Dark ,Higher Number Lightens screen If Areas Are Too Dark When Full GI mode very experimental)

e_svoTI_DiffuseBias= 0.05
Constant ambient value added to GI .
Helps preventing completely black areas
If negative - modulate ambient with near range AO (prevents constant ambient in completely occluded indoor areas)

r_DeferredShadingAreaLights = 1
Enables/Disables more complex area lights processing.
Usage: r_DeferredShadingAreaLights [-1/0/1]
-1 prevents loading of area lights
Default is 1 (enabled) causes flickering

r_ShadowCastingLightsMaxCount = 24
Maximum number of simultaneously visible shadow casting lights.24 Light is Ultra setting and helps prevent shadow flickering with some settings.
10/12/16/20;/24;/16 [16]

Google Drive- optimized_graphic_presets Enhanced Edition with 19 AA Modes + Change Weather on the Fly and more

Hey, I tried your mod, but when launching the game it does take more time, and not only that, but when I continue to play flickers appear here and there, and it seems to be caused by motion blur when turned on. Any way to avoid this?

Try setting this command,you can put it in ogp_override.cfg in the mod folder.
r_ShadowCastingLightsMaxCount = 24
Maximum number of simultaneously visible shadow casting lights.24 Light is Ultra setting and helps prevent shadow flickering with some settings.
10/12/16/20;/24;/16 [16]

When I run the game my GPU is at peak 100% even with low settings, which I find very odd, CPU stays at max 60%. It´s annoying, I get 8 FPS sometimes. Any clues?

When I change motion blur, flickers do not happen, so that might be the solution, problem is; whenever I quit the game and launch it again and whenever tabbing out, it won’t save that setting, only the motion blur setting. Any solution to that?

Could be motion blur thanks for that.Anything is possible.
This mod is an old mod,in the read me is how to do it yourself to save settings.I did not bother fixing the mod just added a things like ,Vanilla settings,AA modes,cheat system with hotkey for instant change weather LOL I am rambling anyway.

Trouble shooting

If you are not able to change and save textures in game advance graphics menu follow instructions below

  1. Navigate to: C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\kingdomcome\profiles\default
  2. Open the file attributes.xml with a editor (like the windows editor or Notepad++)
  3. Change<Attr name=“wh_r_HDTextures” value=“false” />to<Attr name=“wh_r_HDTextures” value=“true” />
  4. Save the file ( set it to read only if you want)
  5. Go to Kingdom Come Deliverance\Data Folder
  6. Open pak.cfg with Notepad ++ and add the line “data\zzz_optimized_graphic_presets.pak” (without quotation marks) at the end of the file and save.(set it to read only if you want)

Yes your CPU is not very good for this game and I am surprised it is not 100% usage.Your GPU should be 90%-100%.
Your 1050TI is also not good for this game,but in the screen shot i showed the GPU used is a GTX 465 1920 x1080 which is way worst than your 1050TI and can still run the game 30FPS-50FPS with better setting than low setting with that mod I posted.You can try it if you want.
Also try different resolutions it may help with your CPU.

Do you also know why Cpt. Bernards armor is green?

Hi @SWARM419 did you check this post? [SOLVED] Performance - 40 FPS, LOW Settings, GTX 1080 Ti
It could be the same issue.

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Problem solved, GPU was not installed correctly thus making it pcie 1x and not 16x, FPS skyrocket, I get solid 60 on medium. and 45 med-high on towns. Thanks to everyone!

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Yes I do ,I left Armor sets in the mod,did not know CPT Bernard would wear any of it that fucker.
I removed that green armor.