Making of video

When I preordered this game almost two years ago, it said among the digital rewards it would include the “Making of Video” of this game, has that reward been released already, if so where can I find it?

Look at your profile page on Kingdom Come. It should state something like “coming soon”.

It would still be nice to know whether “soon” means next week, next month or next year.

I think i remember they stated on twitter that the “making of” will cover the release day too. So, it would take a while more to finish it.

Several month already passed by, the video should be done by now. I have the same question, when is the video coming? I paid for the making of and I was super hyped to see it. I don’t want to wait another half year. Please keep us backers updated.

The Video will come in late summer/early fall

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I find this rude. There is already a new DLC out and the backers still didn’t got what they paid for.

The summer has ended and the fall has started, where is the making of video?
It’s about time and I don’t want to wait any longer. We paid for it, now deliver!

Yep, according to the roadmap in the image, the making of DVD should have been released before the Hans Capon DLC. So, can you please update us on the current plans?

Yes, according to the roadmap it should be already there. The roadmap isn´t set in stone, so details can change, especially when it comes to the release dates.
But we are working on it and here is a glimpse at the making of video in production:


Sir Hanusch from Leipa is looking good again!

Thanks for the update. I can totally understand that plans can change. But on the other hand you should understand that we’re waiting for the video since February. It would be really great if you could update us on any change to said plans.

So, any estimate on when the video will be available?

I understand completely, thats why I posted the picture as an update. But unfortunately, I don´t have an estimation yet.

Some other things would be more helpful, but yes, it’s important to see what…
Forget that!
F+ ay

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Aren’t there any updates regarding the making of video?
Would be nice if you post them here.

I was just able to “try to” register the making of video on steam from my KCD profile, but something went wrong and it’s now saying only “Activation of Making of video in Steam failed, try to log in later.”. Anyone else having this issue?

Easy…Making of Video is not released yet.

Same error message for me in regards to the making of video. As everyone knows by now it was just released.

Yup, hopefully it will be fixed later today, looking forward to watch it in the evening.

When I view my profile now it says “Making of video added to Steam profile” however that is not the case. Emailed support in case they have to solve the issue per account. Some people may well have gotten it.

EDIT: just received this reply from support (man that was fast)

“Hello, we know about the problem and we are working on it. Please wait, it should get resolved for you automatically after a while. We are already in contact with Steam. Thank you.”