Martial art used in hand-to-hand combat?


So, I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right category, but I was wondering if anyone knew on which martial art/discipline was based the unarmed combat in the game.


I think that techniques were taken from medieval manuscripts, like Thalhoffer etc.


Devs told something like "if you fight with fists (like now) you can break your finger…with broken finger you will have really big trouble in middle ages (your finger was permanently crippled or amputated) :slight_smile: So they fight with palm (my friend told me interesting thing. :smiley: You can break rib with it…really easy)
And sorry for my “cripple English” :smiley:


They didn’t look at manuscripts while making Cumans, though.


I’m pretty sure they did, they just didn’t base themselves on manuscripts of the time, for design purposes.


Let me introduce you to the Cumans’ problem of the game:


I’ve already read this, my answer is the same. If you want, you can continue debating in that thread, but not here, your qualms with cuman armor design are not what this current thread is about.


I agree. You guys put a very good point there, but please understand that this forum is not entirely dedicated to you and your Cumans-armament-rant.


I’ve been doing a little bit of research, and the characters’ stance when fighting reminds me a lot of pankration. Still, I have doubts that it’s actually the discipline used in-game, since we’ve been shown so little hand-to-hand combat (not enough evidence to come to a conclusion)


But by 1405 Antique Olympics were dead for more than 1000 years.


Well, all martial arts are similar, in their way. The techniques that work have been found hundred times. Sure, the same technique will be performed differently by judist than by wing-chunist, but it is still the same technique, same mechanism.

For example Robert Waschka (czech martial artist, who also worked on KCD combat system) has the idea that pankration was the basis of chinese kung-fu. Because Alexander the Great brought pankration to India, and from India it spread to China.It is possible, because earliest Indian martial-arts codex was written approximatelly in the time of Alexander’s departure from India. And Chinese themselves traditionally say that their martial arts came from India.


Stumbled upon this today:

I think this just might be it (kampfringen)