Missing cutscenes in 1.4.1?

Hey folks

Just restarted with patch 1.4.1 - complete reinstallation and removal of old saves.

Everything seemed ok until I returned the items to my father, then the cutscene with father examining the hilt then Sir Radzig didn’t play. Suddenly Theresa is there - I give her the nails and again there is no cutscene and suddenly I am running away from Cumans.

I know missing cutscenes was an issue with earlier builds but has anyone else had it in 1.4.1?
Anything I can do about it?
This is the GOG version, and I have reverified the files.
I have a i7 5820, 32gb RAM, 1080ti, all SSD’s.

I think you may be right. The game-breaking bug I’ve just run into is entering Straw’s house during the plague: the screen dims for a cutscene and the game crashes every time. Perhaps other cutscenes don’t break the game and just don’t play.

There is another cutscene later on that quest and that one crashes me to desktop also.

I have the same exact thing as Boru, i open the door to old straws house, enter and immediately get a fading screen and my audio gets choppy (happens every time i crash) and “KCD isnt responding”


There are definitely issues with the cutscenes.

Second the drop to desktop when entering Straw’s house. Makes pestilence unusable.

I did successfully get a cut scene when I started Questions and Answers, so it’s not every scene.

I was able to finish the quest Questions and Answers using the method suggested by @ronthepipe in other thread, but this time the game crashes at a certain time one day later, probably when the other quest, Pestilence, updates. I think I will simply wait for a fix.

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It could be that Old Straw or his wife is bugged. Try to finish pestilence and you crash when you enter his house. Don’t finish Pestilence and it crashes when people die a day later. 1.4.2 … coming soon.

Really, they need to take a deep breath and avoid panic fixes. Somebody needs to thoroughly test at a minimum the main quest. I don’t have insights into their development process but one would think that they would develop a test tool that walks the quest transition points. If not that might be a good use of a developers time.

That’s right. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and I know that the devs are working real hard, but I have some experience in programming, and one generally tries to build things in a way that fixing one thing doesn’t immediately break twenty other things. Some of these new bugs are quite hard to understand, especially after several major patches. I just hope this one gets sorted soon.

Same here. I really like this game and will absolutely stick with it. I will also buy the next installment provided WH pulls it together. I write software for a living (30 yrs) so I get the difficulties in putting something like this together. The code is mostly solid. It’s the testing that they have to get a handle on, and with a piece of software that has this many conditions, automation is key. No human or small group of humans could possibly go through the game manually in any kind of comprehensive fashion.

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I’ve got the exact same issue as the OP. I think it starts with the sword fighting training, which end rather abruptly.

After that, when I return all the items to the father, most cut scenes are missing. The miller’s daughter shows up out of nowhere and when I give her the nails I suddenly find myself on the run.
Since I haven’t played the game before, I consider this game-breaking as it completely ruins immersion.

I’m also on the GOG version. I’ve downloaded the HD German language pack and HD sound pack. Already tried verifying game files twice.

I must say I’m disappointed. I held off on playing the game so the bugs could be fixed, yet it seems more were introduced.

Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer then.

Yeah, it’s annoying.
But as PatrickAWilson said earlier it’s not every cutscene. I mean, the opening cutscene played perfectly, as did the cutscene where we all throw crap at Deutch’s house. The first odd thing I noticed was definitely after I gave the cross-guard to father - no cutscene. Reluctant to continue playing until this is sorted.
Also, what are the chances of this kind of bug causing corruption in my save? When the cutscene issue is addressed would it just be better to start again… again?

As I assume there is missing data published with 1.4, because when you compare the setup sizes of 1.3.4 and 1.4.1, then you will notice that 3,6 GB of data are missing (30 GB instead of 33,6 GB). Something got massively wrong with the 1.4x.
They should rollback to 1.3.4, fix all the mistakes that came with 1.4 and publish the patch again, as a complete and polished update. Otherwise there would be corrupted and/or mixed data from different versions in the game.


i have same problem, jamieboo. i am back to 1.3.4

How did you manage to revert?

Maybe he has the 1.3.4 setup files from GOG.

Another reason to love GOG. I wish backers could have chosen between Steam and GOG…

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GOG is the best thing to buy your games. I always prefer to have my games on a disk, but at crazy times where we only get a Steam version on a disk, it becomes absolutely useless for me. Then I buy on GOG instead. DRM-free is always the ultimate best thing. The only problem with GOG is that you have to wait longer for patches.

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They should probably pull the console version of the patch for Sony and MS ASAP. No use making those versions go through all this too.

Nothing to do with your PC system. Everything to do with the ineffectiveness of the patch/hotfix.

haven’t experienced this yet. But real time in the game continues to pass as the black loading screen is still running. In the past when this happened during a random FT encounter, Henry would end up getting murdered by bandits & Cumans. Now it just takes forever to load. But this is good info. Now I know I’ll be wasting my time if I start over. :rofl: