[MOD] Better Combat and Immersion Compilation

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I made a video comparing the normal combat in KC:D to the combat when using the mod.

A new part has been added that changes the clock for immersive medieval timekeeping:

The mod compilation has been updated to version 1.8.1

(Unfortunately I’m unable to edit the title now…)

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Ive been playing the combat lite version of your mod. Two things I somewhat dislike,

  1. Winning cliches is impossible, about 90/10 in the AIs favour. I think 50/50 win to lose ratio would be more

  2. Combos are now much harder to pull off than base game. I just spent 4 rounds of sparring with Bernard and only managed 2 combos. Plus these rounds are much longer than base game. At one point I spent 3/4 of a aqua vitais potion trading perfect blocks with Bernard before a normal block occured. This basically means its impossuible to chain the required attacks for combos as perfect block is waited too heavily. This is not immerdive.

BTW im someone who always combos, and manage about two per enemy.

I do like the mod however, Im curently figuring out how to open Tbl files to modify the aforementioned pionts.

I updated the mod compilation just now, and it does lower the AI’s perfect block probability very slightly, but I like that it’s not too easy to combo (just like none of the other combat options, like the clinch for example, should be easy) though learning and using combos (especially three step ones) is still vital when you use my tweaks.

Also, I might write a guide to make it easier for people to make tweaks to their own liking.

PS. the update also includes tweaks to bartering, making selling prices significantly lower.

Somehow i get an instant ctd with the last version, not sure why, so i rolled back to previous, wich works just fine.

That sounds odd. Do you mean my mod compilation version or the base game version? I can’t see how using the updated compilation could cause a crash. If it does, try removing the whole folder and re-insert it from the zip file (the renaming of the first pak file would mean that you could have duplicates if you simply overwrite the old folder with the new version - not sure how it would make you crash though).

Was simple overwriting (the last version over previos and then backwards), and I’m not sure what caused cdt either.

Does the new version work for you if you remove the duplicate (old 1st part) pak file?

I’ll try that tomorrow and post here the result.

Interesting. I’d be nice to give it a try.

Thank you!

I tried it out, and running with both paks didn’t cause a crash, but it did result in loss of the new values in rpg_param.xml including the new changes to selling prices.

I uploaded a hotfix that includes a “dummy” pak file that makes sure that the old values do not interfere when you overwrite a previous version.

Ok, tested - clean install - works fine, ovewritin’ with deletin’ the old pack - works fine, overwritin’ with not deletin’ the old pack - still works but with old rpg_param.xml. No ctd so far… So i’m not sure what caused it to crash that time, guess not your mod’s fault after all) Thx for you work btw, can’t play without it)

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Updated for 1.9

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Another update today. For those of you who haven’t followed it lately, there’s now a few more layers to the compilation: namely tweaks to regeneration and digestion.

PS. I would very much appreciate if a moderator removed the version from the thread title; I’m not allowed to update it myself anymore, and showing an old version number is no good.

EDIT: Thank you, @Blacksmith!

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Btw, have a question. I noticed energy now drops faster even with “insomniac” perk. Is it due to mod adjustments?

Yes, that’s part of the new tweaks. The version as of today makes energy drop slightly slower again since playtesting lead me to realise that the increase was too much (you’d be sleep deprived too fast unless you also took a nap during midday). It’s more balanced now.

Figures) That was obviously too fast drop pace - without getting food/drink boost Henry become sleepy in about 7 hours with mentioned perk active. Without a perk he propably should sleep at least 3 times a day?)