Mod support for PCs?


It’s probably a bit early for this, but I’d like to put it out there. What makes games like skyrim, the witcher and the like - which kingdom come will be similar to - so much better on PC is the moddability. The ability to have user-created DLCs, massive graphical improvements and so on is a must have for a game like this, that centers so much around user-input.

I don’t know what kind of effort is required to create mod tools for the game, but I do know that it will only generate more users, as modding will make the game a lot better.


From all the videos coming from Warhorse, they mentioned that they have a set of creation tools that they hope to give out the modding community. They fully understand the want for mods and are all for it.


Brilliant. I guess there isn’t much more to it then.


This is very good to hear, I have dedicated all of my fee time to modding Oblivion and now Skyrim Combat for the last 6 years. (I made the Duke Patrick Archery and Heavy Weapons combat mods). Skyrim disappointed me a great deal as they did not open their combat hard code to the same freedom of modding that Oblivion did. I pray this game will not have the same limitations to combat moding.


you probably won’t even need combat modding. only crappy games with simple mechanics like skyrim need it.


Modding is definitely in. In the video they said that the tools will be released to the community.


As an artist who is interested in making mods for games I am wondering if we will be able to sell our mods like is now possible in some other game like DOTA for example. If the mod quality is bad people don’t buy it and this tends to raise the overall quality of available mods and attracts better mod developers. There should be a quality control system in place where a mod developer needs to submit their mod with any historical information to back it up before it becomes available for sale to the community. Warhorse would obviously take a cut of any money made for selling the mod.

I would like to be able to add more horses to the game for example.
This is one I made a few years ago while thinking about making a jousting game.


i hope not. that type of system kills modding. i’d like to see modding in this game be at least as good as the arma series.


How does it kill modding? The DOTA modding community is live and well with some very high quality mods. People that want to make free mods are still able to but I for one will not work on any mods for hundreds of hours and then just give it away. That should be my choice. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Simple.

Only people who don’t appreciate the amount of work involved want mods for free. As a professional artist I expect to get paid for my work. Take the Apple iOS for example… sure there are free apps and a lot that are cheap but don’t expect to get given the best apps for free. Developers tend to also like getting paid for their work.


I think you try compare pro-devs with a non-pro guys who like make mods for games. Many games have a support from modders, and live long life, without any money from users. Dota 2 bad example, becouse it multiplayer game without any single-player expirience (except really bad tutorial). Any mods breath new life to any game, and give big fun for all players.


the dota modding community is awful. every single mod in that game can be made in 5 minutes, yet they dare charge people for it? that’s the type of environment monetization brings. less effort, more profit.

modders chose to mod not because of money, but because it’s enjoyable. i find it more true that people who have zero or very little experience in modding actually think it should be monetized because they think more money means better quality. not so as proven by the dota example. more passion and enthusiasm, without any anticipation of reward, is actually the primary factor for quality in modding.

look at red hammer studio for arma 2/3. that’s professional quality. never asked for money once or a chance to monetized. they probably have a humble donate button, but they’ve never advertised it once, so i’m not even sure about that. look at the huge community for the total war games. even without official mod support, those guys cracked open the files and went to work. no expectation of reward.

to equate modders with developers betrays an utter ignorance about their separate natures, which brings me to ask, what mods have you created that gives you authority to make statements like this: [quote=“Kiwi, post:9, topic:3047”]
Only people who don’t appreciate the amount of work involved want mods for free

if you want to become a developer and do this as a profession, fine, don’t equate what you do with what people like i do, which is the majority of the modding community. i find it insulting. i didn’t take classes or shape my career around it. i spend countless hours studying on my own time, and countless more making these mods, and never will i desire or expect monetary return. that degrades the purpose of modding.


I have worked in software development teams for the last 20+ years including game and film production tool development for large company’s like EA and Weta. I am a professional and I do value my personal time very much. I am also a gamer and love games like what is being developed here and can see that I could add value to it by creating high quality mods. But I also have a family that I need to support and if I am to invest hundreds of hours of family time into a professional game mod then why shouldn’t I be able to sell it?

Here is a mod space ship that I am working on for Star Citizen. It is still a WIP because I am focused on the mod competition right now.

Kahu Katana spaceship mod

Mod Competition Page


You need to remember that game company’s and professional artists don’t work for free. It is utter ignorance and and lack of respect to think that we should do this for free. You may personally want to make stuff for free because you are a fanboy but that is your choice just as selling mods should be my choice.

Crowd funding is changing game development and that also includes modding. You can live in the past if you want to and I respect your choice for that but the future of modding is in crowd funded mods like it or not.


@Kiwi - Love the work that you are doing for the Next Great Starship :smiley:
I did not know that you were making a spaceship as a side project.

Personally I agree with you - I think that if time, effort money goes into a mod then we should see some money back. But that is up to the mod developers.

I am currently working on my own project with the CRYENGINE. I would like to see some money back from it however I just like to make free projects that others can enjoy regardless of their financial situation.

John Cage - Honestly - I disagree the DOTA/TF2 modding scene is not terrible. There are allot of skilled people that make a living off of selling selling cosmetic items. Which are not required to play the game. As to making the item in five minutes or less. That is 100% false. Try a week for a single item a month for a full Item set. That is if you want it looking really good and picture perfect so to speak.

Honestly I think @warhorse should allow monetization of mods but at the same time put restrictions on them
I think that they (Mod Developers) Should be able to however with a few restrictions -

  1. Paid Mods should be cheap (less than 10.00 USD)
  2. Paid Mods need to give X Amount of money to Warhorse.
  3. Legal Jargon about copyright laws here
  4. Mod developers cannot accept pre-orders. (Due to the high risk of modification failure.)

My closing argument (For Now) is look what mods did for minecraft. It made it a powerhouse of a game. People in theory can charge for their mods but most don’t.


@HeadClot - I agree that mods should be very cheap if they are sold and I would be happy with that. A small fraction of what the game cost is enough to make it worth while. No matter what happens though I will continue to work on mods but it does become hard to justify to my family the hours it requires to do something AAA. I would have to look at doing something much smaller if it was just for fun and that would be a shame.


@Kiwi - It really would be a shame if we cannot charge for mods/Custom DLC.
Personally I think that it would keep the mod team focused. With the prospect of money at the end of the road.

If @warhorse could comment on this it would be appreciated. I am very much for charging for mods however I am more than likely to give my stuff away for free.


@Kiwi @HeadClot
Maybe it’s that i’m poor but 10$ doesn’t seem cheap for three or four extra horses : O
I would only pay that amount of money (10-15$) for an entire expansion or a redone of a game. ie: Gekokujo, Floris (M&B) or something similar at Blood Dragon (Farcry3).

So or you are planning something big, or I don’t see why people would pay for them in a singlePlayer game.


I am not baking cookies to sell. This is hard work and takes a lot of time so $10 is nothing for the amount of work that goes into creating the top quality models and textures and setting up all the scripts and animation. If that is expensive for you then don’t buy it. It is that simple. But don’t try to take away the option for those that want it just because $10 it is too much for you.


We are talking about a 30h single player game, that currently you can acquire for 15 pounds. As a possible customer of mods, I opined, of course you are free to charge whatever you want for your product but in my opinion you are not being realistic, no offense.

Assuming that the release version price will be around 50-60$ (For an entire game!) you are trying to sell me three horses for 1/5 - 1/6 of the full game price. No way.

So, don’t take it as a personal attack, I’m just sharing my modest opinion, some kind of feedback. I know the processes of making software/mods and their time cost, keep calm.

If you are able to gain money, or at least be happy with a return for your invested time selling mods at this prices(In this game) I will admire you and give you the reason. For now i’m mistrustful about your success.


@ Modding and money

I don’t want to see that every mod will cost you money in advance. You never know what you are getting of mods without trying them out before. On the other hand I might point out the Nexus which every modder should already know. There is a possibilty to donate some money to people to honor their work. But you shouldn’t be forced to pay money for every mod and such kind of fees. Every modder should be fine with 0.10 - 1 USD if their work is really great and I am pretty sure that most people would donate for really great mods and their creators. But it is in fact the wrong way to pay in advance for a mod which might even not work properly.
That might be if reallly one or two thousand people use the mod and want to honor it the modder will get some good payment… but it should always be free at first.

@ Modding itself:

Modding is very important vor the most games in the past. Project Zomboid, The Elder Scrolls games, Starbound and Mount & Blade and others for sure :smile:

It remains to be seen if and how good the tools will be but I am pretty sure the team will find a good way to make them good enough to be compared to those games above. At least it would enhance the game over the time and maybe there are also great modders who might be hired by the team later :smiley: