Mod support for PCs?


If the installation and maintenance complexity of multiple mods is anything close to the current state of Skyrim then I doubt you will see modding capability enabled for consoles.


What are you talking about?
Who said anything about consoles?

Regarding consoles, I don’t think it would be too complex but consoles are closed systems so you can’t modify shit. :wink:


[quote=“Cerberus, post:42, topic:3047”]
I don’t think it would be too complex but consoles are closed systems so you can’t modify shit.
[/quote] That’s not entirely true, Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 had mod support (and Mouse + Keyboard support). I downloaded heaps of custom maps, modifiers and skins though these are all very basic mods compared to what is being discussed in the other mod topic here.

My favourite UT3 mod was a custom character skin that allowed me (and the other AI bots) to play as a banana stick figure just like this one…

16 bug-eyed bananas fighting each other with rocket launchers, flak cannons and mini-guns… it was truly an amazing sight to behold. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Modding is really important to me, too. So I am glad to hear that they mentioned support for that somewhere.

I just wished they would have put that on the Kickstarter page, just before I found this thread I wrote them a mail and now I feel bad about stealing their time.


What is this talk about Modding and charging money?! Modding should be free, money can bring quality but can also bring a lot of restrictions, restrictions on time (Total conversions would be all but impossible), on content (more quality less content), restrictions on adult materials (be it nudity, harsh language, mature storylines, gore, etc etc) restrictions on the ideas you can use (because of licence and legal problems), it will certainly lock you to the lore of the vanilla game etc, if you want to gain money from your work then go indie and stand alone that’s what all commercial worthy mods have done in the past.
Imagine if people add to pay for the Amnesia fan missions, instead of 100+ missions so far, some really different than the original game, and some even with simple graphics but very good gameplay, then we would have 20 or even less higher quality but really just clones of each other because risks and new ideas do not give assurance to a successful sell.


As long as charging for a mod does not violate the EULA for the game and as long as other modders still have the option to give their mods away free, I say more power to them. I don’t think it will be profitable, since the modding community in general makes high quality mods for free and I don’t see that changing. But if someone can create a successful business model out of premium content, then I say good luck.


Horse really looks good.


This video on user generated content is worth watching and it mirrors what I was saying in a lot of ways.
Valve presentation on the value of UGC


Modding should be free if the artist and developer want it to be free not because you as a gamer want it for free. I want free fuel for my car but that does not mean it should be free or ever will be. Someone has to do all the hard work and if they want something for it then that is their choice not yours.


Then you have to call yourself a paid-content creator, not a modder. I’ve been making mods for elder scrolls games for ages now, and not once have I considered charging anyone for it. To begin with, the simple aspect of being able to tweak a game’s world to your liking is reward enough for me. I do agree with your points, if you are making something, you can charge for it and that is entirely at your own discretion. However, if you are going to charge for your work, then by all means, as a modder, I refuse to let you call yourself a modder. You are a paid-content creator.


Simple is that VALVe breaks Mod codex with his poor ugly Greenlight.
Or where is BMS?! I think thats an idea of minimal results.
For small Indie it is good but not for Projects like BMS or similiar size modifcation.
If someone like to get money for his "Mods"
than call them Total Conversion aka Dark Messiah. ^^
I think this idea was born as a DLC Contest or something.


I just want mod tools plain and simple.


I just want this to happen:

Hope you modders out there are up for it :slight_smile:


I just at wanted to say coming from a self confessed layman with no Dev/modding experience just solely a gamer, I would pay for mods but only of that mod was 100% worth being charged for. For instance legacy of the dragon born for skyrim was imo worthy of an asking price same as falskaar. But others that add mundane little things should be free. But saying that the mods asking a fee must be just as easy to install as any dlc.

If I’m paying for something I wouldn’t want to have to download X amount of patches and X amount of other mods just to have it not work straight away, paid mods would have to be 100% professional with a proper installer that would work regardless of other mods installed.

Hope I’ve made sense lol I’m not very technical


Paid mods what a can of worms, people that buy mods (rightly so) expect them to work out of the box with no problems. Now here’s the problem, as anyone who uses mods will tell you some times it takes a bit of work on the part of the user to get them to work. Things like playing with load orders or changine lines of text in inni files, thats just the way it is. So in short a voluntery form payment after use of a mod is fine. Such as the system used on the Nexus site. What also would be aceptable would be some way for modders with larger mods could apply to the original dev to sell their mods as official DLC, using the devs/publishers delivery system.


Tell you right now
The second paid mods become a thing pirating will too. 90% of the downloads will suddenly disappear and pirating sites will increase by that 90% that disappeared


A game you can mod only increases it’s value!


Considering there were several pirating websites for the Alpha 0.1 when it first released I really don’t think the Pirating market will be affected much by paid mods being a thing or not.

Pirating has been an issue since day one.


Well the actual game being pirated can be regulated by the Warhorse
I don’t expect the mods to receive the same amount of work to prevent mod pirating.

Also there are a lot of people who paid for the game who won’t pay for mods and will look for alternative ways to get the mods. This will be pirating for some.


I would hope that any modding of this game will be similar to mods for the. Elder Scrolls games, and that they will be available on steam workshop and maybe the Nexus site. I have understood but may be wrong that some form of creation kit will become available at some point. As for paid mods, it all depends on the quality and amount of content to say what is justifyable. One thing that does need saying is if there are some form of paid mods then a try befor you buy system would be a must for me. Lets face it modding is riscy thing what with mod incompatability or save game corruption, or to put mildly just out an out bad mods. There is a system that is used fo e-books that allows a download with a limited use life span if you dont buy it it stops working after a set time, should you buy then it is reactivated and you can keep the book. This would seem to me to be a suitable system for paid mods as well. Things that would for me justify paid for mods would be quests, new territory, or total make overs. Small things like single weapons or armour sets would for me not be worth paying for. I any of the devs is watching a fuller description of what form modding would take for this game would be appreciated please.