Mod Tool Capabilities

Just looking for a quick answer from the developers – most of the documentation and information on the KCD CryEngine editor seems based on viewing and learning from the raw game data (world) but without specifically mentioning capabilities or our ability to edit/export it.

  • Is it possible to modify the existing world (e.g. replacing one building with another) or to create a new one from scratch?
  • Is it possible to strip the base game of quest data to build a “sandbox” environment?

It’s been confirmed that adding additional 3d assets and quests is possible, just looking for specific clarifications on the two questions above.

I will be digging through the SDK this week and will post updates on capabilities as I find them.




Without that, the shown footage of the Dev Update video makes less sense to me.
I mean in terms of the amount and size of the tool in it’s current state.

But i am excited what you will find out and reporting!

If you understand this, please find out whether it is possible to return the vegetation and forests that were in the beta version of 2016, also there the volumetric lighting and fog were also better, if all this could be returned, it would be good. I have a powerful PC and I would like to play with graphics that was in beta, I’m even ready to donate FPS for beautiful graphics and forests.

My man, you have been posting about this for a over a year. Literally every time I log into this forum it’s a new post asking for the old forests.

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I’ve been playing around in the Editor today. Looks pretty simple and straightforward. This part (written in the documentation) is a cause for concern though regarding world editing:

“Warning – exporting level is not supported by modding tools, you might have to figure some stuff out by yourself. This guide is here to give you a fighting chance”

My understanding is that we can view the game data and see how it’s built, but there’s currently no method to export the level .pak file into a modified, playable version.

That sounds not nice. If we do not have the ability or option to transform/decrypt and modifing the rataje level.pak maybe it can be a part of an update (?early release due to deadline?) or the whole level will be a part of something in the future!? But okay after downloading and setting tools up, i will start to recreate the terrain of and around my hometown as much in detail as possible with hand drawing method. As long i can use the game assets for my first versions everything should be fine to a certain state. I hope it is possible to create a complete new world? :sweat_smile:

Okay, so I’ll ask further as I think it is topic related.
Any programming/scripting is now possible? I have set up the tools and finished first video tutorial but that’s not what I am looking at the moment. I’d like to write own logic and for eg. spawn new NPSs in the runtime.
What’s the starting point with this one? Should i start looking to the CryEngine docs?

You have all the tools to create NPC “souls” and script them but I’m not sure if it’s possible to place them in the world until I do some more experimenting. Everything comes down to whether or not we can compile a modified level.

My findings after spending half the day in the SDK… I don’t think it’s possible to compile the world yet. I tried exporting using the Editor, didn’t work. Then used the command line in the documentation, but the process crashed while generating a “.133” file type. I opened this with WinRar and it appears to be an incomplete .pak file.

So I renamed it as “level.pak” and tried in game, with this result:

Bottom line… we’re going to need more documentation from WH. The guide is very vague and provides contradictory information. Adding new weapons and armor seems like a sure thing but I don’t have much confidence world editing is possible at this point.


So atm it is the state i’ve often predicted. Logical :expressionless:

Here too. Spend half the day playing with it and nothing what could be worthly. I can setup animations, yay.
I found no way of adding custom lua/c++ code. :frowning_face:
That’s strange the level “rataje” is empty, according to the screenshot in sdk :thinking:

Limited frame of reference so patience please. In FO4, we use Archive2 (Beth native) or BAE (community version) to extract files so they can be edited. Is that what’s missing?

All of the game data is there and accessible in the Editor, but exporting only results in a partial file (comparing the .pak files, it looks like some files are either missing or substantially smaller). Another issue is that the player spawns well below the map surface.

The “disclaimer” in the documentation about exporting is correct. The best we can hope for is an updated Editor with export functionality, or some sort of documented workaround.

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Wish WH did webcast to answer some of these basic questions


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Found that after i’ve tried to find something about a game on google,

Update here – success! It’s definitely possible to compile/export the Level.pak with any changes you make. HOWEVER (big however), it’s extremely important you have enough RAM and processing power or the Editor will crash. I was able to do so with 16 GB of RAM and after adjusting the virtual memory on my PC.

Total compile time: around 50 minutes


For those - who open the Level and see ONLY a Terrain - no Objects. DO THIS.
In the Rollup Bar Press the Fifth Icon - the last one - Layers Icon - next to the TV screen icon.
This will then show you all the Layers - they are all Hidden - thats why you cant see anything.
Go down the list to a layer that you want to see - eg Rataje and PRESS the word LOAD.
Wait Wait Wait and you will then see the Objects and can jump into that part with cntl + G.
to Escape - press the exit icon on the hud - dont save.

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How? What have you done? What things I have to do that I can create a pak.file that will load correctly.

First, just make sure your PC is capable of handling it. 16 GB of RAM seems to be where the bar is set (a number of people in Discord tried with 8 GB RAM and had no luck)

Second, open the Editor. Then load rataje.cry.

Third, use the command line in the Nexus documentation to export. I saved the command line to a .bat file in the rataje folder and just opened it from there.

Compiling will go through a number of stages and take a while, depending on your PC. Check the editor.log file for any details if it crashed. The new level.pak file will be generated in the data/levels folder and should be around 710 MB.


Really nice to hear that, I have successfully installed modding tools from WH, andtried a few things there. I will try to load rataje.cry as soon as I come home from work, my pc should be able to handle it. Thx for hints :wink: