Modding in 2019


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I want to open a new topic for modding in 2019 before the release of the mod tools. The last big thread i read was at the beginning of 2018, as the game came out. Since than a lot happened. We have the option to use Reshades and even Enb’s, we tweaked the user.cfg’s files, we even figured out that we can retexture objects (dds.files) with the use of Photoshop and Converters. But I have the feeling that a lot of the charme that bring mods with them aren’t there, because there are no mod tools out there. And we don’t know when these will come. My wish is it that we can collect our new modding experineces in this blog, so that everybody can learn how to mod. Maybe we will have this way more and greater mods.

If you want, you can add your questions or your new knowledge in this thread. Have fun!
A question from me:
In the last few weeks i wanted to change the water color and to add trees to the landscapes. As some of you know, you can insert the model files of KC:D into Crytek as a brush. Is it possoble to insert for example the hole map? And for the water color change: Is it possible to change it? I think the water color isn’t affected by the dds.file’s, but you can change it if you tweak your Enb files. But how? Is it even possible, I mean I can’t find a section that is called “Water” in my Enb docs.

My wish is it that we can one day return to the graphics that we had back in the beta days.
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I ask me why beta versions look always better than final game. This happens to a lot games. Shouldn’t it normally be vice versa?


I also really like the beta version, especially the forest and undergrowth, as in the beta version of better lighting, it is more voluminous. I hope in the future it will be possible to return the graphics from the beta version. When I played the beta and thought it would be cool if the whole map is beautiful with thick realistic forests, but when the game came out was disappointed in the graphics of the game.


wow the beta was better forests then this is? Amazing. I never played it so that amazes me.


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WHat would make me buy the PC version since I have both a copy for the PS4 Pro and Xbox X is a Increased Jumping Height Mod (Where I can easily jump on top of Houses) 3rd Person Mod and a cool Vampire Mod complete with Feeding Blood for health/Strength and flying would be dope


Yes, the final game is way more stable and polished. In my opinion it also has improved lightning. But in terms of the grahics I would prefer the beta Version, especially the vegetation.


In terms of graphic and vegetation, yes. You can easily enable the fog in the final game, so you have at least the distance fog that was enabled in the beta version. Here is a great video that shows the difference:


0:53 /2:17 Beta doesn’t look better, there is just less trees since then, check the time.


The beta version looks much more natural, realistic and overall graphics are much nicer. Here are some examples. It’s strange that you don’t notice.


It is just more foggy which I did not like back then.


Fog has nothing to do with it, the forest and vegetation are different, the forest looks more natural and real, the colors are more natural, I do not understand how this can be overlooked. The release version of the forest more toy and rare. (google translate) :laughing:


Beta looks way better. Nettles looks so good and vegetation overall this current is horrible its way too green should be more brown.


Thank you for your interest and I’ve really enjoyed this conversation. I see that the general discussion is about my desire to restore the charm of the beta with mods. The graphics and differences between the beta version and the final version are like Reshades or Enbs and are often a matter of taste. That’s why I can understand each one of you. However, I find the changes to the vegetation less contestable. I have been thinking for some time how to insert parts of the world map in Crytek. At the moment I am also working on a Texture Pack, which changes some important textures. I will keep you up to date.

In addition, I want to explain all the basic things that are important for modding in the next few days. To shorten the waiting time a bit, I’ll list here a modlist that was created by me. Note that it was developed for version 1.6.2. Actually, all mods should still work. Download the new version of the horse mod, do not download the dof-Shader and adapt the outdated file user.cfg and you are good to go… a newer version will also be released shortly.



Consoles ! And you can choose, a bad AI (especially day routines which can be simple like in skyrim) or brilliant graphics. Which was heavily attacked because everytime the story will be crippled for this. And here it comes to the questions with money^^ A real based game dont need any kind of good graphic effects and such things.
As we saw that many times in the past.


This is not a reshade, in the beta version, other models of trees and vegetation, as well as more bushes, trees and grass.


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Nice and thanks for the share, I wanted to do the same back then, but you have to be careful what of mods you upload on your own. Some creators don’t like it if you “steal” their work and publish at on your own.


Don’t understand what you mean, sorry. :neutral_face:


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