Modding in 2019


yes, much more grass and leaf ground cover in the forest. Not certain it is that much better. But I can see why those who played in it see the lack.


I guess everybody can see the differences now. The thing that annoy me the most is the fact that global illumination is totally gone.

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From what i’ve heard, modding tools will be the last thing released for this game. Around autumn/winter this year! I’m a pretty experienced skyrim modder and i can’t wait for the modding tools! As for now i’ll wait.


Here i’ve posted a picture of the roadmap.


Thanks @FiZhy -I saw the roadmap back in early 2018, but it drive my crazy that we don’t know exactly when the modding tools will arrive.

But in the meantime, I continue to try things out. It’s often a try and error process, but non the less, it’s great to keep trying.

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Or what you can do with it. How many support will you get?

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@qwaribo Yes, exactly. I hope we’ll get information after A Woman’s Lot.

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And what about “Gothic 3”? There never was a console version and it looked so much better in the pre-alpha from 2005!

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There was a debate with Daniel Vavra who mentioned some missing stuff like helmet from the end of 15th century, Hanush s brothers/sons or modern armor of Kobyla which I would more than welcome modded.

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It’s not, I don’t understand how, can you not notice that global illumination is still in the game.

Even worse is that, we don’t know how will it look like. Everyone is expecting full support with SDK Tools and everything, but that might not be the case.
DrFusselpulli posted this in another thread:
Yes, I can confirm that Mod support will come. We can´t say at what detail yet, as Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very complex game, but we want to have modding support as open and community friendly as possible.
I don’t like that “We can´t say at what detail yet, as Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very complex game“ part, that suggest that modding support might be quite limited.
And they still don’t know, that probably means that they are not really working on it yet and that. it is not big priority.
I remember that they said in the past that releasing full SDK, might be a problem, because they would need to basically release modified version of Cryengine and that they would need permission from Crytek for that.
But we don’t know, if Warhorse have the permission, or if they even approached the Crytek.


Oh, sorry, I did not just mean the GI, but also the level of detail and the shader. Respectively everything that makes the forest pictured in the background look so unnatural and ugly.

Yeah, that’s true. It reminds me a little of the time when we waited for a release date at the beginning of 2017 and for half a year we did not receive any information. I just hope for us and the many modders who are excited about the game that a useful modding tool will appear…


These Screenshots are from Sasha Heinrichs, which he created in 12 days for the GC 2005 and they are render and not gameplay like the KCD alpha/beta. You can read that in the Art of Gothic too. Nobody played or saw real gameplay in the state of the shown pictures. And i was on that GC to get autographs from PB. Gothic 3 was the biggest fail from a Publisher (and i am talking about the whole pr and everything other crap) and in the end a big minus for Piranha Bytes. Gothic 3’s history depends more on missing time for his finalisation and optimzation.


True! And thank you. That’s the point.
I think we will never get full SDK / MDK support. Why would Crytek do that when all developers leave their studio to make better games than they do, and then the leaved ones want to give full mod support ?! LMAO
Makes no sense! Only if Crytek had loosed her brains and are idiots :smile:
And i can’t remember other game than Crysis who got a Sandbox Editor like the Original^^

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the paradox of history is that there are some great stories to tell but what one uses or doesn’t use in the telling of a story is fraught with difficulties and limitations. i don’t envy Daniel or WH. more historical fiction (beyond just Henry) would emancipate Daniel and WH from some of these issues.

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Christian stating KCD is a complex game sounds an awfully lot like a concession that ‘full support with SDK Tools and everything’ (Creation Kit but better) isn’t going to happen

even if it were possible, why would WH do so? what incentive is there to provide full support. as an outsider, seems like a substantial investment for limited yield. not sure what end it serves for a company that’s been reluctant or incapable of making minor tweaks to the game. (come on can’t even create a Talmberg/Skalitz bouche/heavy heater shield at the Pribyslavitz armorer so how the heck is full support going to come to pass). WH just has to make good on mod support, not full support. and that unfortunately is likely all that’s going to be delivered

on the tech side, something’s gotta give. the engine and the hardware been used just can’t deliver large scale battles along with everything else currently in game much less cover all the other Kickstarter targets. new engine? maybe not but until the new game and its reqs (including engine capabilities) have been hammered out, it doesnt make sense to go all in with full support… if for no other reason than the opportunity costs

KCD is the foot in the door. the next game offering (not full mod support) will determine whether WH stays around and becomes a player


This is wrong. Gothic 3 was the greatest success for Piranha Bytes. And it always was a brillant game, only bugged. KCD was also bugged. And the screenshots were always called to be in-game, until they finally said they were rendered.


“Sorry, no news about it yet, still in development.” -Comment from Warhorse Studios about the modding tools, one hour ago. :neutral_face:


these “Screens” were produced for Press and Media, they were made in a very erly state of the game where there was no engine at all


Yes, but in 2005 nobody knew that. These “screens” were shown as true screens from the current pre-alpha.


Why would Crytek do that when all developers leave their studio to make better games than they do, and then the leaved ones want to give full mod support ?!

Why not? The Cryengine as of now can be downloaded and used for free already, so "Modding Tool"s could simply be the cryengine as it is right now with all the KC:D assets and some quest creation/scripting and dialogue tools in the way they exist in the creation kid or even the redkit 2.

On Warhorses part, after the Womans Lot DLC they’ll stop releasing KC:D content for now, so mod support is a way to keep players playing the game and large variety of mods can lead to new players buying the game just for playing it modded like they exist e.g in the Arma Communtiy.