Modify timescale and pots nourishment value - help please!

I’ve been playing KCD for around 30 hrs and thoroughly enjoyed it more than any other game I’ve been enjoyed for many years! But, there’s some simple things that have started to bug me a bit that I know I’d enjoy the game so much more if I could change it.

It’s mainly the food & timescale aspect. More precisely the pots’ nourishment value of 25 I find balance breaking as you can probably survive the whole game just by eating from pots. It should still be a reasonably high nutrition value as the pots are stationary and filled with soup but it shouldn’t either make other food almost worthless so you still have to consider having some food with you when going on a trip from town. But that also leads to another slight issue I have with the game is the spoil rate of food is a bit too quick making it very micromanagement heavy (a bit too cubersome IMO) and how your newly hunted food is almost worthless when you come back to town. Also I find the day passing by too quickly, making you rush to do the things during day or night (sneak into bandit camps etc). By doubling the timescale I think i’d get a suitable balance between how quick a day passes by & how quickly food spoils (I’d like the food last twice as long so) without breaking events that are dependant on ingame time to become too long.

So anyone could help me as I’m new to KCD modding or could point me to some helpful articles in how to get this changed:

  • Pots nourishment value changed from default 25 to maybe 12 - 14
  • Slow down timescale 2x (without changing ingame speed)

Help is very appriciated! :slight_smile:

As i know from Crysis times, timescale (without changing ingame speed) can only be modified with dev tools/sdk/editor.

What about Lieste’s solution in this thread: Timescale 1:1

I don’t understand fully how that change affects the game. I’m mostly just wanting to avoid NPCs moving faster and such. Also where’s this rpgparams.xml file?

If timescale isn’t possible to modify at this point, how about decreasing food spoil rate by 2x? That’s the 2nd best option for me then.

Ignore the pots, and purchase food that is preserved better… dried meat, and such.

But that’s not a nice solution, I want to avoid relying on one type of food and also avoiding some because its overpowered is also an annoying solution as I want them rather to be fit in place with the rest so they can be used as well. Ideally I guess I’d want to rebalance the whole food aspect so all the types of food are slightly more exaggerated in their useages than right now apart from meat/cooked meat that is fairly good as it is but for example I’d make fruits provide generally slight bit of health (a bit more so than currently, up to 5-6 health points for the best fruits), pastry type of food I’d put slight amount of energy bonus up to 5-6 or so so their useageness for different cases are more pronounced that it’s worth to go visit the various shops in town to perhaps carry around some of them all so it becomes a thing you do when visiting a town much like you frequently visit shops at the start to repair armor. With the current spoilage rate the dried fruit and meat is also a bit overpowered but with a 2x slower spoiling rate across the board they would be more in balance so it’s worth having something else than just dried food in your inventory.

But the biggest imbalance is pot nourishment value and the spoilage rate so that would be nice to get balanced.

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I don’t see your problem at all… People are having critical bugs and a lot people stopped playing until these bugs get fixed and now you show up complaining about the in game food and spoil rate. The perfect solution is just to ignore food pots if you find it OP but you also find the dried food OP so there is no advise left for us to give.
Also the time scale is not so much different as other games. I think this should be a mod request and not something the devs should look at.

This IS a mod request, that’s why I’m posting in the mods section as I want to mod the game as I want it to be like. :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to find any help how to mod it to my liking though. Only met with people with misunderstanding, I said I would like it EVEN MORE in the OP if I could change these things


You don’t think it’s more realistic to pick certain foods when going for a hike in the woods? Next time you go on a two or three day hike, pack a bunch of stuff that spoils quickly and see how you do.

Oh, my bad :blush:

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Check this mod…

Yea I saw that one actually but 4 is a bit too drastic change for my liking. You’re talking with a mr. perfectionist sort of type, for me that mod overcorrects the issue, for a stationary food source that you have to come across and cannot be used all the time and from an immersive point of view 4 is also a bit low in value for eating from a pot filled with food. I’d prefer it more to be somewhere in the middle in the chain of meat in nourishing value, as putting it down to 4 again it changes that I have to buy & use a considerable amount more food to the point it might become too much of a burden again. I like all things to be in balance so it’s not a constant micromanagement thing but also not a thing that feels of no value to the game, a good balance between.

I tried to open up the file in that mod but seems it has a lot of data in it (all the food data?) so I’m unsure which value to change that nourishment value for the pot only.

there is a mod that slows to stops the spoil rate

it is a bit out of date update wise but could be useful of taken up and updated.

Never saw that post before. I’ve added it and will test it later, maybe tomorrow
But for me, the default timescale has a good balance in combination with Alternate food spoil x2

I bet if you download that mod you could probably open the ini file and tweak it to your liking. (Or whatever file type it is). Just open notepad and change the numbers. Also, you may consider messaging the mod author and ask if he/she has any advice to give you to tweak their mod.

There’s an xml file but the “item id” is very cryptic for me, if anyone knows how to identify which item id whit what it’s in a non-hebrew language then that would be cool. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to come across the id name ingame if enabling the console perhaps? Often games show info like that from console.

Pots nourishment value changed from default 25 to maybe 12 - 14
I know what you mean, that’s why i created a mod. 12 or 14 was still too high i was continuing to eat from pots, even 10. At the end i began to avoid them most of the time with 8 or 9 food. Here is the link (choose realism food) []

This is close or might be just good enough but yea I also know how to edit the value to my liking if needed now.

Curious if @rataj got to try out the timescale setting yet? How did it work?

I just about don’t use the pots and carry a stock of food. Then again I use a mod that allows a very large carry weight so storage is not a problem and the human dustbin perk.
Perhaps as a play thru I do the game with only 3 small mods: console, bow dot and beds as a challenge.

Just wanted to say I went for this mod:

As it allows timescale change easily with the command cheat_set_time_speed and it works as intended, only changes timescale. Also has a way of autoloading the commands at start in case the commands are such that doesn’t stick after a restart. Default value is 15 but I went for “7” so roughly 2x slower.

Also modified the pots value to 12 in the above mentioned mod by comparing the values of the pots with the wiki food page to know which is which so I’m good for now. It’s interesting how subtle changes can make pretty drastic differences to how you enjoy the game.

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The cooking pot is Item ID: 6198800d-2524-4b66-b9ca-b640e2ae99f5 in food.xml.

These mods also disable the cooking pots:

Blood and Iron Overhaul:
Medieval Munchies: Food Rebalance: