Mods don't work for Epic Games?

I got the game form Epic when it was free and wanted to install mods specifically the more weight and unlimited savings mod but it never works. I’ve tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling to no prevail. I check the console and it says game version is not specified so it will not be enabled. Is it simply because mods don’t work anymore or am I doing something wrong. I’ve watched countless videos on downloading mods but they all are outdated and the same. Help.

First off, welcome to the forum.
Second, the Epic version doesn’t support mods, because it installs in a different location than it should be, and Vortex mods can’t find it.

But how come i see tons of people saying that mods work on Epic. If epic doesnt allow mods then is there a way to bypass the issue?

…okay, see, the thing at the bottom of my post is a link. Click it, and it will take you to a much longer thread on the forum about getting mods to work on Epic.

I could have worded my original post better to make that more clear; my bad.

Yeah that didnt help. All the forum says is vortex not detecting the game when i just want want to manually download mods and for them to WORK in game. So Epic just doesnt support mods I see. bummer.

Anyways, thanks for helping, I’ll try the vortex way once break starts :slight_smile: