Mods not working


When I install mods they don’t work even though I have them in the data folder. Specifically the unlimited saves without schnapps one but also some others like a bow reticle one that doesn’t require u to make a file and paste code. Any insite would be appreciated.


Well, the two mods you mentioned are quite different from a technical perspective. I wouldn’t even consider the bow recticle a mod, as it’s basically a functionality implemented by the devs and activated by a console command. Not sure why they shouldn’t work if you followed the instructions, though. Especially the save mod is pretty straight forward to install. What is the name of the file you put into the data folder for the save mod?


I feel dumb for asking this but did you restart your game by any chance ?


Did you extract them from the .rar archives? That’s a rookie mistake. For me the best bow crosshair one is the one that uses Reshade:

If you did things right this is how your data folder should look:


The reticle one is a mod to my knowledge. It’s different than the one where u write a script that’s supplied in the description. Not home at the moment or I’d give u the exact name. As for the name of the unlimited saves it the one that doesn’t require savior schnapps.


After installing them I started a new game. Should I start the new game save and then load the new game?


Yes I unzipped them into the data folder. Initially I made a mod folder for them so I could keep them straight from the other files but when it didn’t work I deleted the mod folder and put them directly into the data folder


Oh, okay. I see. I didn’t know about that one.


Ya there’s actually a few different ones now extracts as a Pak files or whatever it’s called. It’s cool to see there are beginning to be a nice list of mods out already and when the devs release whatever they said there going to for mod support it will be even better. I hope they do a steam workshop to make it easier. I don’t like having to deal with nexus.


Oh god, please no… The steam workshop is an absolute pain in the arse… :smiley:


I can’t make mods work when they are installed in Mods folder. I have steam version and created mods folder in game directory as it is said in a mod description. When I try to install the folder with content into that folder the desired mod does not work but when I put mod’s pak file into Data folder everything works ok. May be I’m to add or enable dev mode?


Are you using the correct file structure? Each mod should have it’s own folder, in the mods folder. Like with the unlimited saves, it would be Mods/UnlimitedSavingNS/Data and the pak file goes in the data folder, mod.manifest is in UnlimitedSavingNS, not in the data folder.


For example I used this mod
it removes trails from arrows. I unpacked it into Mods folder and got No_Arrow_Trails folder with a manifest and pak file. No result. But when I put pak file into Data folder it worked. :frowning:


It’s because it is an old, outdated mod that has not been updated for the new file system. With those, you have to manually make the proper folders.


Could you please give an example how to do it. How to update it.


Sure, give me a few, I will download the mod, and post screens of where the file should go.

Edit: Okay, looking at that arrow trails mod, they simply left out the data folder. Just create a folder called Data, and move the pak file into it so that the file structure matches what i have in the pics.


With 1.3.5 they changed the file system to try and help stop mod conflicts. It use to be all you had to do was put all pak files in the game’s data folder. With the new system, every mod has to have it’s own named folder, in the Mods folder, and each folder, for each mod, has to have it’s own data folder, that the pak file goes in.

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Oh and if it still does not work, remove the underscores they put in the folder name, so instead of it being No_Arrow_Trails, it would be NoArrowTrails. I have had 2 mods where they put a “.” between words, that didn’t work until I removed them, not sure if underscores will be the same.


Thanks a lot. Everything is ok.


No problem. I went through the same thing. I struggle with this game due to mobility issues, and had to add the saving mod. It is hard enough for me to get through something once, let alone over again because of a crash or bug lol. I had to figure out how to fix it when they changed the file system lol