Mods support

Hello. Have you heard about the support of mods and what plans Warhorse Studios has in the future?

They’re the next thing that should come according to the roadplan. But as you can see for yourself, all quiet on the mod front…

The devs ignore what we want.

In a recent Tobi livestream, he was asked when mod support was coming. His answer was something like ‘the programmers are all out of town right now.’

It seems to not be a priority for either WH or the new owners. My guess is early 2020 or not at all.

If no mod support comes or no HUD options I asked since February 2018, then I will buy the next Kingdom Come game only when it’s on a sale after years. No more $70.

Is there any news on mod support?

The mod support promise has always been a bit shaky, it was the only thing not marked clearly on the roadmap and there has been no significant news for a long time. At this point in the dev cycle KCD will only be losing players, many of which could have become proficient mod creators. It’s unlikely IMO that introducing modding options would raise future sales by a significant amount.

Not much has been said about possible licensing issues regarding releasing the mod tools to the public. Bethesda for example had to cut their mesh exporter, speedtree related parts and (I think) the lipsync generator as well from their modding suite. I’m not sure if Warhorse has already handled this or if they even had to, but it could be an issue.

Anyways we could certainly use an update from WH on the matter.

Mod support should come with patch 2.0.

Yeah I quit playing bacause I want to wait for mods to do my 3rd playthough.

Chessqueen do you have a source and/or eta on when that patch should drop?

No. It’s only my assumption.

@qwaribo same here

@Feek given the following, not holding my breath:
(1) Tobi moved on to other Deep Silver stuff
(2) reports/rumors associated with WH not being able to work on new product given office (building manager) issues
(3) ambiguity regarding how much flexibility CryTek would give WH has never been addressed publicly

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I think it’s weird. total silence for so long…

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Maybe at gamescom 2019 there will be some news for the release of mod support. Will the developers be there?

Will Warhorse even be present at GC2019? @TobiTobsen
I can’t find them on the GC website

Maybe they could pull the modding support for KCD1 and focus on supporting mods in KCD2 from day one? Would be far more beneficial than sinking money and time into releasing tools for this instalment imo, given how long from release it has been.

It’s not about a benefit. It’s about keeping a game alive.

I went through the game somewhere by 10%, I really liked it, but the graphics disappointed, in the beta version of the graph and especially the forest were much better and more realistic, so I hoped that the whole map would be as beautiful as in the beta version. I still have hope that the forests and vegetation that were in the beta version will be able to return with the release of mod support.

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It’s not only the forest. The complete lighting was better in the beta. No simple blue sky. There’s always volumetric fog and the world feels to have a true distant. More depth. For me the atmosphere is the most important thing of a game and the beta had a lot better atmosphere.

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I agree the atmosphere was much better.

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interesting idea. certainly strategic if WH were to change the engine, etc.

it’d also be a disappointing precedent. many were drawn to KCD because modding support was said to be part of the implementation plan.

@AndrewvonByzanz Tobi is going but believe for a different game/studio

@Chessqueen for me, without mod support, the game is in a coma or some other state of stasis. got a PC for KCD modding and. yeah, i can still mod and play another game (which i do) but still it’d be a shame if KCD mod support never came to pass.

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