Mounted Gameplay Expanded

Just wanted to throw some ideas out there if this area is ever expanded on in new content down the road. I really like having a horse and hope to see this aspect developed a little more to embrace the knightly style of gameplay with more horse action.

Mounted Enemies - It would be nice to see mounted enemies like Cumans and Bandits roaming the wilderness on mounted patrols that fight with bow and sword while mounted.

Friendly Patrols - Mounted patrols from the local garrison roaming around the country as well as mounted travelers like merchants and maybe even a bard.

Lances - Be able to buy and use lances while mounted and most importantly be able to store and keep them on your horse so you don’t have to drop them on the ground like a polearm.

Jousting - Have jousting tournaments where large amounts of coin can be gained as well as improving horsemanship and polearm skill.

Unhorsing - be able to unmount an opponent with a lance or unhorse the opponent by kill their horse.

Polearm Perk Tree - Add a skill tree for polearms to include lances even if it is just a small skill tree like maces/axes.

Broken Lance - Make lances a one or two use weapon or break on impact.

More Horse Armor - More armor available for your mount that can be purchased, I have only found the head armor so far.

Improved Mounted Combat - swinging your sword can be a bit wonky mounted so any improvement to that would be great.

Talk While Mounted - Be able to enter dialogue while mounted so that a knight doesn’t have to get off his horse to talk to a peasant. THIS would be a huge improvement imo.

Horse Races - Have horse races held where the player can participate to make coin and improve horsemanship.

Anyways thank you WH for such a great game and I look forward to anything you guys do in the future!


Yeah you don’t see anyone traveling the roads on horseback - this is unfortunate. It might have been something they wanted to add but time constraints didn’t allow them.

Mount and Blade Warband has good horse combat. Even for an older game.

Also during “Run!” You can indeed unhorse enemies by shooting their horse. Look Here

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Yeah could you imagine how menacing 2-3 mounted Cumans or bandits would be if the player was on foot and 1-2 of them had bows! Sounds dangerous and might be hard to escape, you would seriously be running for your life and would have to use the landscape to your advantage.

You’d be surprised. As long as you have a bow in this game you’d be able to unmount them - according to this game. A simple shot to the horse throws me off as seen in that video. I’ve been having some fun and testing things out lately.

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@zeltchoron It would be nice to see more encounters like in the video you posted, where did you get a bow for that quest?

Just go here lol

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You are a sick man my friend! lol

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I’ve got some things in mind to test out and see how this game responds. Looking forward to it.
But no more here. Back to horses.

I like idea this man had above. Horse races would be a reach though.

How so? there are several historical references to horse races in this time period

The first organized horse race in England mentioned in historical references took place at Smithfiled in 12th century. It was sponsored by King Richard the Lion-Hearted who offered forty pounds of gold for the first prize in the three-mile race.

Yes but was it an everyday thing as you proposing it should be?

OH MY GOD i would love to see this in game those tournaments would be so much fun!

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@zeltchoron Basically like the archer competitions are handled.

I literally just made an account to resurrect this thread. If the ideas listed above were a Mounted combat DCL I wouldn’t even wait for a deal on g2a.