Multiplayer POSSIBLE

I will start with idea from different topic (What will be the saving system?) It is about how to get social and how do I imagine Multiplayer part of this franchise.

Even singleplayer game can be social. I don’t like Facebook, but sharing such info (statistics, etc) there would still be the most intelectual content. And you can compete in for example who is better duelist, who is better at solving puzzles, you can share your solution to a quest and discuss about it, and one day we will actually get some multiplayer stuff like dueling, and I can imagine “king of the hill” and such. :slight_smile:

I can’t see any way how to put MP into storyline

, but it can be separated. Kingdom Come is gonna have ultimate combat system and duels or larger-scale combats have enormous potential. :slight_smile: I can see it happen in the future, it can all be like medieval BattleField. Imagine that! But the highest prequisity for this is it!s not connected to the story.

EDIT: I am frankly surprised that there is such a strict posting limit, so let me try it this way.
I definitely focus myself on SP experience. But this way of MP is not interfering with it at all, which I stated, so no SP crippling. :slight_smile: And also, it’s possible and probably easy to make. We can expect it after the last act (hope it will not be the III act :slight_smile: ) to expand the user experience - just because the game will have such great combat system. :slight_smile: Modders would probably do that, but still it needs to be enabled by WH.


In the stream they said they won’t do it, but didn’t say if it was only for Act 1 or for all acts (or I can’t remember)…

Whether it is possible or not Dan Vavra, in the recent live stream, stated no multiplayer for Act I and probably no Multiplayer for Acts II nor III.

AND I LOVE IT. No matter what other people say, I want to experience a solid singeplayer instead of a wishywashy singleplayer and a so-so multiplayer.


Well he stated there would be absolutely no mmo quality or co-op. But he did say that they would be looking into a battle arena type mode which I believe is what Tobias is talking about. He said they can’t promise that but he wants to explore that option with the later acts.

No MP. Nuff said. End this.


Yes, please lock this. There are enough threads demanding MP already. Even one requesting MMORPG, how silly is that?

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Been thinking about potential mods for this game.
A multiplayer mod could be fun, but I wouldn’t put it in the story, or general flow of the game.
Here is my idea. Imagine a mod that allows the player to travel to a small map outside of the story. It would be a map consisting of a city, during a tournament. The player would be able to sign up for it, and would be pitted against other players. It would be within reality, and not intrude on the story.
It may be possible, considering the combat system, and the way the player is treated by the game, and Cryengine have done multiplayer before.

yeah yeah, everyone knows about a thousand ways mp could be implemented “properly”. everyone’s an expert.

Again? Is your purpose on this world push multiplayer to everything? We don’t want MP, we are pledging for pure single-player RPG with strong story. Not some MP crap.


Multiplayer is even now a very old history. Each card game, chess, Risk, Monopoly, all multiplayer. The purpose is the element of surprise, the unpredictable. In a single-player NPCs need to simulate the other (human) players. The more intelligent they succeed, the more satisfactory the gaming experience. It is not impossible to create such a thing, but it is enormously complicated in an open game world, because, in principle, for each NPC, which should play a key role in the story requires a mini-chess computer (in the figurative sense). A question of KI so. Let us surprise us, I am definitely looking forward already to the tournament;)

Multiplayer ist ja nun eine uralte Geschichte. Jedes Kartenspiel, Schach, Risiko, Monopoly, alles Multiplayer. Der Zweck ist das Überraschungsmoment, das unvorhersehbare. In einem Singleplayer müssen die NPC´s die anderen (menschlichen) Spieler simulieren. Je intelligenter das gelingt, um so befriedigender das Spielerlebnis. Es ist nicht unmöglich, so etwas zu schaffen, aber es ist in einer offenen Spielwelt enorm aufwändig, denn im Prinzip bedarf es für jeden NPC, der eine Schlüsselrolle in der Story einnehmen soll eines Mini-Schachcomputers (im übertragenen Sinne). Eine Frage der KI also. Lassen wir uns überraschen. Ich freue mich jedenfalls schon auf die Turniere :wink:

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I think i stand for the majority here in are words:


we don’t want multiplayer, i believe there team hasn’t got most of there experience there if anything if THEY did want to put something in at a later date for another game or act etc thats fine but id rather there resources went to the game now

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Another multiplayer thread? Really? :frowning:

I’m not going to bother reiterating all the points I’ve made in the other threads, I’ll just leave at this…


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Yea i kind of want to use a cricket bat on them to man, its really annoying me im guess 90% of the requesters are kids

I don’t see why this is getting so much hate. Warhorse is not going to implement MP, so don’t worry about requests on that front. It’s not going to happen.
Fortunately, the game is moddable, so discussing a potential optional addition to the game, seems quite reasonable to me. Why are people raging over more options?
@Potter Kids are the future consumers. Let them speak up. They’re trying.

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This is the category for the gameplay of the official game.
If you want to talk about mods look in the modding section.

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It makes me said that no one but Mrkrazy understood my point. You all go like “we don’t want MP for the cost of worse SP”. I don’t want this either! Read my post again, please. I am talking about how to make MP here without interfering with SP at all.
I want pure SP as well, but there are players who’d welcome MP and this is the way to make both parties hallyp.

[quote=“TOBiAS, post:18, topic:8935, full:true”]
It makes me said that no one but Mrkrazy understood my point. You all go like “we don’t want MP for the cost of worse SP”. I don’t want this either! Read my post again, please. I am talking about how to make MP here without interfering with SP at all. I want pure SP as well, but there are players who’d welcome MP and this is the way to make both parties hallyp.
[/quote] I said that was the short version. I have posted the longer version in multiple co-op/multiplayer/horde mode threads.

Why did you make yet another topic though? Could you not have used one that someone else had already started?

I think, that there could be a MP but only if it is in a tournament mod. It should have nothing to do with the actual story line, because it might ruin the whole game. In addition i think, if you do a MP you should do it at the end of the game. Because if you spend too much time on the MP the actual game suffers.

I invested in a Single Player RPG I hope that is exactly what I get.
I do not need a Multiplayer game I have Paradox Entertainments War of the Roses for that.

I see this game very much like Skyrim (I would imagine everyone else does as well) through the popularity of that game there was an online version developed and soon to be released. I would imagine that after all 3 Acts of KC:D that we may see a multiplayer of sorts even if it is a product more related to War of the Roses than a persistent online universe I would be happy paying another Kickstarter for that and have Warhorse concentrate on the best ever single player RPG for the moment.