My weapon is suddenly marked as stolen

my weapon is suddenly signed as stolen.

Luckily i have an auto save, just 3 minutes old

Some training with Bernard. Now arrows and dagger are marked as stolen …

my sword is still marked as stolen. Some training with Bernard. mark on sword is gone, now my bow is markes as stolen


This indeed sounds like a typical mod related bug. Are you using mods?
Official Modding tools are not released yet, and at the moment we can´t recommend to use mods yet, as this often causes problems with updates of the game.

no mods here. not even to remove that annoying yellow dot

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Okay, thats odd then. Can you please send us a savegame to

started a new game (1.9.1C). I dont know whether it’s essential: i have a horse from a bandit camp. no stolen items (except the horse from a bandit camp). basic training with Major Bernard (1.9.1S). Now my torch is marked as stolen. No mods

I’ve seen this issue also. Also all my armor became “stolen”. I think this happened after looting Cuman’s and searching for Peter of Kolin’s treasure. However, they returned normal shortly after so doesn’t seem critical.

Yep. This has just happened to me too.
A few weapons, including Hans Capon’s bow - that he gave to me, are suddenly marked stolen.
I think this started after my first few training sessions with Bernard.
And I am not using any mods.

1.9.2 S some training with Bernard, no item got marked as stolen. Fixed? :slight_smile:

i use no mods… just base game. now most items are saying that its stolen. and guards checks me randomly and i dont keep stolen items on hand and yet they say its stolen and takes items i dont know which is it