Nest of Vipers / Sabotage help?


Or maybe player just don’t do the rout as intended :smile: For example I don’t know how to end up House of God properly and save Leshek in the end, so I always do it shotcut.


It’s not broken, it doesn’t stop you from completing the quest. Now you are just looking for any reason to say that the game is broken.


I don’t want to poison 2 pots and 2 arrows, fail the sabotage, and it not help me in the fight. The reason I’m sabotaging the camp is so that it helps me in the fight. Will it still help me in the fight if the sabotage is failed , even though I poisoned 2 pots and 2 arrows? This is what I asked in the first post.


ITS TELLING ME THAT I COMPLETED THE SABOTAGE. And then later tells me I failed. That is broken.


doesn’t matter at all you still fight the same enemies, you can kill all of them before the fight and they will all respawn.


What??? Then what is the purpose of the sabotage?


Why would you waste your time doing this mission if it doesn’t help you in any way?


Yep, doesn’t matter if i killed each cuman and bandit in the camp before the fight. The’re all alive and well when cavalry arrives :smile:


If you hit and run, you can destroy ALL the local bandits (mercs) and Cumans. Works in normal and HC mode. Poison all pots; burn all arrow barrels.


I don’t know, they may have changed their minds on the idea as it may have been too easy, but just left in the optional part.


This game never ceases to amaze me… Unbelievable. Here I’m thinking if I sabotage the camp, it’s actually going to help me in the next fight. You know, like an actual sabotage. Radzig wants to know how many men to bring to the bandit camp , and I thought sabotaging the camp would allow me to bring less men into battle. I thought this all made sense. I had no idea it literally meant nothing, and the sabotage was more or less “symbolic” .


You need to sabotage bandit and Cuman sides


I think everyone thought that, I did.


It’s supposed to reduce number of bad guys in baptism. But, I kill everyone and sabotage everything so can’t verify


They probaily did it for lulz to see how how many players would try it lol, then find out it was for nothing.


Thanks frelmedieval, but these guys are now telling me it doesn’t matter if I sabotage the camp or not, it wont help me in the fight. I can’t say I’m very enthusiastic about this side quest if it’s not actually going to matter. No wonder so many people get confused when I become focused on a mission, or want to finish something. Apparently you can just skip a bunch of stuff and it doesn’t matter either way


It’s not as impactful as FONV. Wish it were. I just can’t get over that snuffing everyone out doesn’t have a large impact on baptism irrespective of sabotaging arrows and food


I always sabotage so I couldn’t really say if it does do anything, it actually might, but from the enemies you fight it doesn’t seem like it.
Well thats the thing about this game you can skip things if you want, on the other hand you can find whole other ways to complete quests.


I’m so mad now lol


I do this quest full, always bring the half talmberg men to fight, so who knows - maybe there is some impact.