Nest of Vipers / Sabotage help?


Well whatever… I’ll just skip it then!! I thought this game was smarter than that. Am I crazy for thinking the sabotage was actually going to matter? Why am I still surprised by this. I thought I was going to run through there, poison a bunch of cumans and bandits, and then have an easier fight. Especially because Radzig says something about not wanting to pull too many soldiers off their post which leaves other forts vulnerable. I thought all of this meant something. Everybody always tells me to pay attention to the dialogue. Now I’m going to have to start ignoring it.


It even asked me how many soldiers were at the camp. I thought my response was going to determine whether or not we had enough to win the fight, or , if I brought too many soldiers, they would attack one of our other camps.


I think if you don’t bring enough soldiers you can fail the quest as they may all die, I can’t confirm it.


You know what would be really cool? If when you sabotaged a camp, it actually mattered later on. Is there an idea’s column on the forum? That’s a good one. I bet nobody thought of that one yet. okok , i’m done. But srsly though, that would be cool.



I look at it as they send reinforcements when they realize people took them out. But, it does seem unrealistic that I can kill all of them. I’m playing this game much different (And I just did the Baptism of Fire quest and I killed everyone to poison all the pots and burn all the arrows - why ? Because I like to that’s why). than the firs time. I’m using a high stab and have been stabbing people. And it has worked like a charm. People come running up and go down in two stabs. I used “Stinger” stab 79.

I just killed Runt with 4 hits. The 2nd hit really hurt him and the clinch and knock him in the head worked well, too.


You know. Honestly. Almost none of the sidequests really have helped me. Oh I know, the ones where you kill bandits, then Cumans, then Bandits again gets you armor, skill ups in combat, and you get money, but I can get that just fast traveling back and forth.


It’s what’s fundamentally flawed about KCD combat. The call to arms at Pribyslavitz and Vranik should leave Henry with a simple choice, retreat or die. And by retreat I don’t mean travel 50-100m beyond the bridge at Pribyslavitz or down the path at Vranik.

I horse archered all but about 3-4 guys in HC. Loved the challenge and satisfaction of winning but it shouldn’t be possible in a game that intends to be realistic. That the NPCs exhibit some semblance of fechtbuch misses the whole point. Squad tactics range from underwhelming (battle spawn points) to deplorable (inside enemy stronghold).

Stinger (jabbing) stabbing is the most lethal and lowest risk strike in KCD. Get on an uneven level with Runt and you can one strike kill him in the face in HC. (Surprised as heck when I did it.)


So two things,

First, the sabotage DOES have an effect and honestly I don’t know why people would tell you that it doesn’t. I have done the Baptism mission twice; once without the sabotage and once with fully completed sabotage. Destroying the arrows reduces the number of bowmen that appear on the walls and poisoning the stews reduces the number of enemies overall as well as spawning some with “Poison” debuffs which make them weaker.

Secondly, it’s generally counter-productive to rant at people who are trying to help you when you ask a question. While I understand that you are frustrated (and we all get frustrated) it is a waste of your time and others to approach a forum asking for assistance with what can be perceived as an impatient or even aggressive tone. In future I would recommend waiting until you are in a less aggravated state before taking to the forum.


I didn’t have an issue when i was playing it. I burned all arrows and posoned 6 pots . I did everything, i did even go as far to kill 20 Cumans with my Bow 20 Skill. Looted them, packed everything in the chest waited 3 days and re did that so the chest was full of stuff xD But coming to the gameplay: I did everything i should do and when i talked to radzig the quest was successfully completed


Don’t know where you found a 2 extra pots, there are only 4 in whole camp.
Anyway, just finished it the proper (my opinion) way - dressed as cuman, scouted the area, watched the cutscene with Runt etc. Then waited till night while sitting in the unobservable part of bandids camp, when I was able to sneaky poison 4 pots and burn 4 arrows barrels.


Yeah I completed it as well. The confusion came from the game giving me a green checkmark , indicating that the sabotage was complete after only poisoning and burning arrow’s on the Cuman side. The game should not indicate the mission is complete, until it’s complete… Now that I know what’s required to actually complete it, I was able to finish it. Unfortunately it didn’t matter either way, as the sabotage is just metaphorical. It doesn’t actually amount to anything that helps you in the fight that follows.


Apparently not. Someone on these forums said they will spawn less archers on the wall if you burn the arrows, and some enemy soldier will have weakened health during the battle.


Even with sabotage they still have about 5-6 archers on the walls and nobody can really confirm that it weakens enemy health.


I myself didn’t do any sabotage at all. I tried to, but I’m no good at sneaking and didn’t figure out to dress like a Cuman. So after some tries of getting into the camp and some fights and retreats I just gave up and reported to Sir Radzig.
I also couldn’t actually see many of the forces there, so I picked a middle option in dialog about their amount.
And so I got the hardest mission of all I’ve played! I mean, I’m no hardcore player and play on normal level and also not very good at fencing, though I did plenty of training with Sir Bernar, and also I don’t wear any plate armor, cause I’m playing more of an alchemist/diplomat than a soldier.
Anyway, I don’t know how many times I replayed the culmination part (from Cuman camp to storming the castle). Sometimes I died from a pair of unlucky shots or just missing too many hits and unable to heal myself in time. Most of the times I just got “too many men died” end.
Every time I rushed at enemies fencing with my allies. I attacked without shield and without much attention to defence - to make max damage in min time. I ran to a Cuman leader and tried hard to beat him. Then I rushed to the archers to kill some before they reach their spot and to kill others before either they switch to a sword or put too many arrows in me. Then I was shooting the archers on the wall, hiding by fortifications and step out to shoot while they reload. Then I tried to find a spot where the battle icon disappeared so I could recover my health with potions - to rush to the higher camp, where I fought another pack of bandits from the side and shot more archers, which weren’t handicapped by enough fortifications and shot so much better than me.
I actually thought I could not make it - especially after googling a walkthrough hints and realizing, I don’t have even nearly enogh preparation, nor do I have proper armor for the mission. I was pretty sure I’ll have to reload to an earlier save and do a proper sabotage or at least change my armor.
But then I decided to try one last time. I drank my potions, becoming pretty much a berserker - after all, I don’t have a witcher perk for nothing, do I? I used all the experience for the mission. I knew where and when to run, where and when to hide, where and when to recover and drink even more potions.
And eventually it all went well. Maybe it was a poor luck and I wasn’t controlling the situation, but there I was - facing my horrifying enemy. Then I beat the bastard on the first try. Cannot say it was easy - but pretty confident win.
And it was soooo good! Like if all that was for real. And it was so natural that Henry killed Runt trying to get the info from him - after all the combat rush and drugs he’d been under.
So after all it is now the most memorable mission in the game and one of the most memorable experience from all the games I’ve played. And I just love KCD for this: “You see! You did it all wrong, you moron! But you know what? I’ll let you proceed. It’s life, you know: first you make mistakes, then you pay for them and go on. Enjoy your stupidity!”


I did most of the poisoning using sneaking, at night when nobody was eating. (If someone eats it while you are at camp it will raise the alarm).

You can use Cuman outfit for that. Also its up to you if you use normal Poison, Bane Poison, Lullaby potion. The last one does not cause trouble with alarm.

There are 3 or 4 arrow barrels. If you torch them, it will always raise the alarm. In that case i used my sneaking set and run away from the camp.

Depending on how many these goals you finished, the less reinforcements you need to call from Talmberg.