New outfits, any wishes?


Hey guys, i have started adding some new content to the game, weapons and such. Planning a templar outfit soon. Altough if anyone has some good ideas or wishes for some new outfits i would like to hear them!


If it is possible, I think it would be a good idea to make differnt variations of the zoul cuirass with diffrent heraldry on them, e.g, talmberg, skalitz etc…


That should not be too much work, i will have a look at it


I have one wish but it’s not really a wish for a particular thing:

Please dont mod any outfits into the game that were not present in early 15th century/early 1400s in Bohemia/Czechslovakia. In other words, if they werent present historically during the game time period/geographical setting then they should be left out.


Yea as mods are optional i dont feel a need to restrict it more than medieval time period.


Long waffenrock:
–alt Skalitz waffenrock (eg split front w colors; long crenulated can be looted from Skalitz guard so doesn’t need to be created just needs to be added to tailor inventories)
–Talmberg (eg add Talmberg crest on chest like long Skalitz waffenrock Janek wears)
–Sigimund invaders (colors present in cutscene used as my avatar)
–(Pribyslavitz) boarback shield colors

Heavy heater and bouche shields (esp twisted vine versions):
–Skalitz (incl one w crest on long Skalitz waffenrock Janek wears)
–Sigimund invaders (colors present in cutscene used as my avatar)
–Bernard’s relative’s heraldry/colors

Quartered combat jacket (keep dark/black panels but add alt colors):

Kaftan in Talmberg (eg red w white sash), Skalitz, Sasau, Zoul colors

Alt Cuman shields
–Sun burst and ring - (a) bronze/gold instead of steel color, (b) reverse steel and dark/black colors (make black sun and ring)
–Ornate - make dark/black instead of brown

Caparison in Sasau colors


I would also add a caparison with Zoul’s heraldry.


What about the outfits from the bastards? Can you make them useable for Henry? They have an unik look.


Well its not really an outfit-wish, but is there an easy possibility to make the dagger equipable, not to fight with it, just make it visible on the belt.
And so that I do not longer have to watch out that I don‘t sell mine all the time :sweat_smile:


Nice catch

Aachen dark gambeson
Arching bascinet w gold accents
Bell-shaped kettle hat w gold trim
House of Zoul cuirass in Sasau, Talmberg, Leipa versions (substituting heraldry and colors)
Knight’s waffenrock in Sasau, Leipa, Zoul colors
Long black waffenrock (non crenulated version)
Pourpoint (Like Lords of Leipa one but in Talmberg, Skalitz versions)
Saxon dyed gambeson with top in Sasau, Zoul, Skalitz (orange) color (keeping dark/black bottom)
Brocade outer jacket in Talmberg, Sasau, Zoul colors
Brigandine pauldrons (dark/black leather instead of red)
Milanese brigandine in Leipa yellow
Chequered red-blue hood in Talmberg, Sasau, Zoul colors
Cuman brigandine and Cuman vambraces in dark/black
Bandit’s reinforced jack in dark/black

Speculative stuff:
Augsburg cuirass (using other Augsburg armor as inspiration)
Brigandine chausses (using pauldrons as inspiration)
Meissen cuirass (using Meissen chausses and pauldrons as inspiration)
Vitus’ chausses, pauldrons, gauntlets (using Vitus’ cuirass as inspiration)


Milanese plate chausse is already in the game here.


Historically accurate cuman armor?..


Thx. Edited request accordingly. Trying to do this in 5min rush before heading out


in that case armor and stuff (potentially) off in time/place:
cuirass of Serbian auxiliary (in pic)


Gorget or bevor would be a best addition to current existing armor no doubt.


If you can edit existing models, smaller eyeslits would be great.
Some of the Bascinets have huge oculars.


+1 to @flowbro about the dagger suggestion. But I would like to go a step further, for it to be visible not only during executions, but also as an equippable item. You should also be able to see Henry carrying it during play. Dual-wield would also be cool, but that’s probably going a bit too far, a bit too Elder Scrolls/AssCreed-ish. Not sure how much of this would be possible to implement with mods, I’m sure there’s a hard limit on what’s possible, due to the game’s coding/engine.


This was talked about shortly after release. Would be nice. Personally, think there’s more to knives than as a stealth kill weapon. ERs around the world get visited by victims of knifings.


I’d like fancy, light leather gloves. Low in protection and high in charisma.

Also, medium protection (4-6 armour) gambesons, that doesn’t weigh as much as those currently in the game. Light weight and of high quality.


I would like to use a kettle hat with a bevor