New outfits, any wishes?


Part of the HRE or not, the prevalence of goods originating quite a distance from Henry’s neighborhood surprised me. So much so not sure whether what the ‘natural’ or plausible boundary should be.

Distance from Sasau monastery to these armor/weaponry places of origin (per Google):
Aachen +800km
Augsburg +450km
Magdeburg +400km
Milan +900km
Nicopolis (Nikopol) +1200km
Silesia (Wrocław) +250km

Via Regia is said to have covered a considerable distance (click on ‘square’ link for wiki map)

If sabres in KCD can derive from Nicopolis, why not (merc) Serbian armor for example?


The German towns were noted as munitions and ‘custom’ armourers around Europe. As were the Milanese workshops.

As for the Nicopolis sabres, they have come by way of the Cumans from Hungary… and Sigismund was present at the disastrous campaign to retake it in 1396.


Yes, thanks. Understand that but that doesn’t really set the expectation for the boundary of what’s plausible or not within our slice of Bohemia, does it?

Toth was there and no reason to suspect he was the only non-Cuman NPC.


Is it possible that you add scabbards to the swords that are missing them?


Yes it is, tho it would take a bit of time


I’d also suggest a quaterstaff and a war pick.


Staff is a reasonable addition, but there are already numerous hammers mostly in one hand but including a pollax.


More variants of full face helmets, I feel like there are lots of options for soldiers, but as for knights I feel quite limited in choice. I know there are already about 6 (not including gold trim or decorated versions, but please correct if I am wrong) in game, but I would love a few more.


I would like the nose guard helmet with way less nose guard, the big triangle think looks weird, I want it a straight guard down the the bridge of the nose. With the chain neck protection on it just like it is.(sorry not at home to look up the correct name)


If you can mod it, it would be awesome if all the bascinets in the game could be redrawn as suggested in the first post of this thread.

I could easily think of some « more better helmet » mod :smiley:



Sallets might be a little later in time but would be interesting


I’d say one of the most desired after scabbards would be movable visors with a hotkey.


Would love to see bow scabbards (and quivers) too. Don’t know if apocryphal or not but seen pics with Cumans, etc with them

Definitely, and stretching things further… crossbows


Quartered Combat Jacket with heraldic colours
Gorgets/bevors added to some cuirasses
Great Helm but make it clear to be a vintage item, maybe less defense and higher charisma and durability
More dagger models, giving them different stats would be cool too
Salet Helms
Maybe add SOME polearms to the longsword category so they are more usable eg lucerne hammer and halberd (because they are both relatively short)
buff sir radzig’s hood, give it higher charisma
would it be possible to make Theresa wear the clothes you give her?


Her and the Pribyslavitz guards :pray:t4:


fkn ungrateful bitch lol
also belts would be cool too


I would love to see sallets, but only in a mod that sets it a few years forward in time. I think almost everyone wishes to see a sallet, but unfortunately everyone also knows they are inaccurate (even if it is only by a few years). But there are plenty of other variants of helmets to try!

Edit: I would love to see an increase in the number of coat of arms. I know there are only a few noble families in the area, but it would be cool to have more of a selection of hoods and waffenrocks in different colours and patterns.


Great seeing alot of good ideas, i read them all even if i dont answare to them. Will definitely add some more waffenrok variations, maybe shields as well. Saw someone asking for a great helm, that is actually in the works for an teutonic order armor set.

Keep the ideas coming


More Skalitz stuff would be awesome (for example smth. with the new zoul gear or a skalitz horse armour).
Maybe also a personal armour for Henry, leaning towards Radzig.


Long story short - It’d be great to have any whole faction-based kit sets such as you’re doing with Teutonic order.

Even as lesser nobles such as Kuno and Zoul did morally ambiguous things, they flew their colors. Aside from filling in gaps with Skalitz, Sigimund invaders, etc, any ‘inspired’ heraldry and colors would be really appreciated. (Rather than generic bandits at battle spawn points, it’s be more interesting to have bandit groups wearing faction kit sets.)

Don’t know how true, but read not all armor was shiny steel. Reheating, treating with linseed oil, etc are said (by some) to give black/bluish color to armor. It’d be really nice to have darkened armor kit set as option. fwiw, 5 decades later there were the Fekete sereg (black army of Hungary, pic below) possibly named after armor